Where do your dollars go?

THE ARTS: Artist in Residence, Art Docent Supplies, Classroom Projects, Instrumental Music Instruction

TEACHING AND ACADEMIC SUPPORT: Classroom Supplies, Field Trips, Tutors, Science Fair, Math Club, Technology, Library Materials, A-Z Reading/Raz Kids, Writers’ Celebration, Global Reading Challenge, Islandwood

STUDENT HEALTH: PE Supplies, Safety Patrol, Playground Supervision, Nurse Support

BUILDING COMMUNITY: Field Day, Bryant Forums, Volunteer Recognition, Teacher and Staff Recognition, Bryant Weekly, Phone Book

Goals and responsibilities for Bryant PTSA Fundraising

Our fundraising principles represent the values of our community. The basic practices that the Bryant PTSA follows in our fundraising include:

  1. Raise what the PTSA needs, as determined by the community-led budgeting process.
  2. Assume that money raised in one year is spent in the next, so that parents and students experience the direct benefits of their own fundraising.
  3. Encourage the community to participate in budgeting process and setting funding priorities.
  4. Respect the voluntary nature of PTSA contributions and ask people to give generously within their means. Resist the temptation to over-raise.
  5. Optimize the resources that are required for fund-raising (volunteer time and development costs).

Thank you in advance for the support you give to Bryant Elementary! Please contact our Fundraising Co-chairs Leeann Huntington and Sara Fenzl with any questions.