Walktober grand finale this Friday, Oct 28!

South Station

South Station

North Station

North Station

West Station

West Station

We’ll celebrate our Bryant walkers one last time this Friday, October 28, 7:30-7:40 am. Gather at one of the meeting spots (see map) for a fall treat, enjoy the walker company, then head to school together!

Meeting points (stars on the map):

  • West Station: 30th Ave. NE/NE 60th St.
  • South Station: 33rd Ave. NE/NE 55th St.
  • North Station: 32nd Ave. NE/NE 65th St.
  • East Station: 36th Ave. NE/NE 60th St.

Live NW of Bryant? There will be a walking school bus starting just west of Third Place Books. Details here.

Can’t squeeze in the whole walk to school in the morning? Consider walking part of the way – park the car a few blocks from school, then enjoy the stroll to school. And please stop by one of our walker bus stops!

Veteran’s Day assembly Nov 10

Thursday, November 10th 1:25-1:55
Bryant Lunchroom/Gym

Invite the veterans in your life to this year’s Veteran’s Day assembly at Bryant. During the assembly they will be asked to come up to the front to be acknowledged for their service. They can be veterans of the U.S military or from other nations. They can be currently serving in the military.

Please make sure your guest knows the day and time to be here. They should sign as a guest visitor in at the office, then meet us in the lunchroom. Thank you for your help in making our assembly meaningful.

ASE Assistant job available on-site at Bryant

We are seeking a team member who will be responsible for following-up on student absences, supporting students when needed, and providing classroom management support to an ASE computer class instructor.

Applicants should be reliable, positive, have experience working with children, possess basic classroom management skills, and have knowledge of the computer game “Minecraft”.

This is a 1.5 hr position Monday – Friday at Bryant Elementary School. Pay range $15 – $20 an hour depending on experience. Required to pass background check.

Please email letter of interest and resume to Clive Woodhouse.

November: at a glance

Tuesday, Nov 1: Picture Retakes (Individual)
Friday, Nov 4: 8am Chat with the Principals
Tuesday, Nov 8: 7pm PTSA Board Meeting
Thursday, Nov 10: 1:25-1:55pm Veteran’s Day Assembly
Friday, Nov 11: No School, Veterans Day
Wednesday, Nov 16: 12:05pm 2-hour Early Dismissal
Nov 21 – 25: No School, Teacher Conferences and Thanksgiving Break

The PTSA’s Annual Campaign is Happening Now!

Annual Campaign – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What do I do if I never received or can’t find the orange pledge card?
A: Extras can be found in the front hall of the school. Your pledge card is also available to download and print. It’s OK if it’s not orange!

Q: I have two kids at Bryant but only want to write one check, what do I do?
A. Include the donation in one check, and put it in one envelope but please turn in both orange cards. There is a box on the form to check to indicate that your donation is being sent in with a different card.

Q: Why is the Annual Campaign our major fundraiser?
A: The Annual Campaign has shown itself to be a sustainable fundraising model with high returns, a very low cost to the PTSA, relatively low volunteer hours, and a chance for the entire Bryant Community to be involved.

Q: Why only two weeks?
A: The two week focus is to keep everyone engaged, and get it done! Honestly, we would make it just one week if we thought we could get the cards back in that time. We have learned in past years that, beyond two weeks, more time does not equal higher returns. You are, of course, welcome to contribute money at other times of the year, but it works best for the PTSA if you can make your commitment now. Monthly installments are a provided option as well. Just check the appropriate box on the back of the pledge card.

Q: What is the overall goal?
A: For the Annual Campaign our goal is 100% response — we want to hear from everyone in the Bryant community, even if that doesn’t include a contribution. From a monetary perspective the goal is to raise enough money to cover current PTSA spending while also taking into account Seattle wage increases.

Have your own questions? Please feel free to send them to the Fundraising Co-chairs Leeann Huntington and Sara Fenzl.

The Annual Campaign has begun!

Please participate by returning your orange pledge card.

One of the great things about Bryant is that there are so many different ways to participate in the life of the school. We already know that we have 100% participation from the Bryant community on so many levels.  It would be great if that can be translated into 100% participation in this year’s Annual Campaign!

It is a source of tremendous Bryant pride that so many people support the school through volunteer work.  This includes classroom support as a Room Parent, school support such as Library Volunteer, or one-time obligations, such as helping out at the Blast, or baking cookies for Teacher Appreciation Week.

We all help the Bryant community when we speak up about issues that are important for our kids.  Whether this has to do with state and local school funding, finding the right school start times, or reinforcing the importance of art, math, science, music, recess, and technology, we show our kids what it means to be good citizens by the way we participate in advocacy for our school.

By participating in the Bryant PTSA Annual Campaign, and giving what we can, we all support numerous important initiatives that we, as a community, have identified as being important to us.  These include:

  • Field Trip Supplies
  • Classroom Supplies
  • Reading A-Z Materials for Classrooms
  • Library Materials
  • Writer’s Celebration
  • Field Day
  • Art Supplies
  • Science Fair
  • Garden Buddies

Our priorities as a PTSA are also reflected in the funding of several part-time staff positions that help Bryant be a better place every day of the year through enrichment, safety and academic excellence.  These include:

  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Recess Supervisor
  • Technology Lab Manager
  • Instructional Support
  • Tutoring/Academic Support
  • Arts Educators
  • Instrumental Music
  • Substitutes to help Teachers during Student Assessments

Please contact us with any questions.
Leeann Huntington & Sara Fenzl
2017-18 Bryant PTSA Fundraising Co-Chairs

Walktober is underway!

West Station

West Station

North Station

North Station

Bryant’s walkers were out in full force last Friday, with the beginning of International Walk to School Month: four walking bus stops offered treats and company to families getting to school on foot; a walking school bus picked up passengers in the neighborhood NW of Bryant; and over 130 students were counted as walkers that day. In fact, the kindergartners and 4th graders were tied for having the most walkers that morning – 28 each!

South Station

South Station

East Station

East Station

There will not be any Walktober events this coming Friday, due to no school. We will resume the festivities on Friday, Oct 21.

In the meantime, did you know that every intersection is considered a crosswalk, even if it is not marked? State law requires motorists to yield to a pedestrian at marked or unmarked crosswalks.