Bryant Elementary Presents Willy Wonka Kids

Bryant’s 4th and 5th graders have been memorizing, singing, lighting, set-painting, rehearsing, and creating a magical musical for our community to enjoy! Tickets are $5 per person and can be purchased at the door on the night of the play or on the playground after school March 21-22. 
Play times are:

  • Thursday, March 21 at 7pm
  • Friday, March 22 at 7pm
  • Saturday, March 23 at 2pm or 7pm

Baked goods will be offered for sale before the show and at intermission; bring cash if you want to purchase delicious treats.

We look forward to seeing you at the play!

Willy Wonka News– Week 10 PERFORMANCE WEEK!

Greetings Wonka parents! 

It’s Performance Week!!!! This email will cover final dress rehearsals, show and call times, volunteer/bake sale needs, show promotion, and the cast party. PLESAE READ TO THE END. 

Rehearsal Reminders:

The remaining rehearsals are dress rehearsals. Please send your cast & crew in their base blacks. Please be there on time and ready– no absences. Each and every child plays an important role and their cast-mates are depending on them!

Monday, March 18 

     Loompa – 6:00–7:15p

     Oompa – 7:30-8:45p

Wednesday, March 20*   

     Oompa – 6:00–7:15p

     Loompa – 7:30-8:45p

*We are highly encouraging the opposite cast/crew to come (or stay) and watch the other’s run through that night. It is a great opportunity for the kids to run the show in front of an audience before they have to do it for real. This is not mandatory, but encouraged. We do ask that if you allow your kiddo to watch their fellow thespians, that they are there for the whole run through. In other words, Loompas would need to be there by 6:00 to watch, and Oompas would need to stay until 8:45. A lot of movement in and out will be disruptive to the rehearsing cast/crew. 


Please send your children in their base blacks on their performance days/times. Call (which means the time cast and crew are supposed to be at the school, ready to roll) is 45 minutes before the performance start time. Please see below for exact times and mark your calendars. 

Oompa Cast/Crew: 

Friday, March 22. Showtime 7:00pm. Call 6:15pm

Saturday March, 23. Showtime 2:00pm. Call 1:15pm

Loompa Cast/Crew:

Thursday, March 21. Showtime 7:00pm. Call 6:15pm 

Saturday, March 23. Showtime 7:00pm. Call 6:15pm

Volunteer Opportunities: 

Y’all have truly been awesome. Liza and Traci have been thrilled to have your support in pulling this off! You’ve done so much, and we need just a little more. We are almost to the finish line! 

We still have empty slots that are crucial to fill for Performance Week. Please click on this Performance Week Sign Up Genius and sign up. I’m a broken record, but we still can’t do this without you!

ALSO there are still plenty of slots available on the the Bake Sale Sign Up Genius.  Please sign up so that theater goers can delight in scrumptious sweets while they enjoy Willy Wonka. It’s a candy-heavy theme this year so you might not even have to turn on the oven. Funds generated from the bake sale cover some play costs. Please take a look and sign up to donate!

Play Promotion: 

We are planning to promote ticket sales this week and are still coordinating with the administration about the details. The plan is for cast and crew to wear their tie-dye Wonka shirts and green beanies to school on Wednesday to create buzz and get kids excited about the play. There will be postcards distributed to each teacher for kid mail and Wonka cast and crew will have some to hand out as well. We also hope to have announcements over the intercom about it, delivered by a couple of cast members. 

Your kids should bring their Wonka shirt and beanie home from rehearsal on Monday to have them for Wednesday. If you think that your child will lose their green beanie or Wonka shirt, then they should not participate in promotion day. The most important thing is that everyone shows up to Wednesday’s rehearsal will all their costume pieces. Talk about this with your kiddos. Stay tuned for more info.

Cast Party! 

The cast party for all Wonka cast & crew will happen directly after the final performance on Saturday evening, which will be around 8:00/8:15. There will be pizza, snacks, sweets, music, and general fun. Parents, please consider staying and partying with us (maybe after you’ve helped take down the set– the more the merrier)! We could use your help making sure the party is fun for all.  We will wrap it up at 9:30 at which point all of our children may be adorable monsters jacked up on cake and adrenaline. Good times, indeed.  

These emails are archived on the school play website here along with a lot of other useful play info. 

Email with questions,  

Loompa Rehearsal NEEDS VOLUNTEERS tomorrow night!

Greetings Loompa Crew Parents! 
Because we are splitting cast rehearsal times for tomorrow’s rehearsal we are also splitting volunteer chaperone shifts, so you don’t have to chaperone while your child doesn’t need to be there. Currently we have zero volunteers for the Loompa’s rehearsal from 6:00-7:15. Please hop to the Sign Up Genius as soon as possible to sign up for a shift! We can’t have this rehearsal unless we fill those slots. We want your kids to feel confident and prepared, and they can’t do it without you!

PLEASE READ– we still need performance week volunteers!

Greetings Wonka Parents!

Your child will be bringing home a note from rehearsal tonight with a totally-not-panicking-yet-well-maybe-a-tiny-bit plea to please fill the slots in our Performance Week Sign Up Genius 

We seriously can’t make it work without you and we are in the home stretch! And when I say Performance Week I mean NEXT WEEK! I’m not yelling, just excited. 

We will be even more excited to see that performance week Sign Up Genius fill up. Thank you!!! 

Traci & Liza

Large Wonka T-Shirt Mixup

If your child received a Large T-shirt tonight and is just swimming in it, I believe they got an Adult Large instead of a Youth Large.  Please look at the tag.  The Youth Larges say Youth Large and the Adults just say Large.

If you child received an Adult Large, please have them bring it back and I will exchange them.  I have identified 2, possibly 3 of them so there should be another one out there.

Thanks for checking and I apologize for the confusion.

Bryant Blast – Save the Date!

The Bryant Blast will be held on Saturday, May 4th from noon to 4 pm.  Plan for pony rides, fun games and activities, sno-cones, tasty food and much, much more! 

Wanna help plan the Blast? We’ll be sending a sign-up for volunteer shifts right after Spring Break.  If you have a favorite job at the Blast, you can sign up early! Contact the Blast Committee if you’re interested in helping.