Willy Wonka News– Week 1

Greetings Wonka parents!

This is your first installment of our weekly newsletter. Please read all of it. This is how we will communicate important news for the coming week.
Rehearsal Check In: Thank you all for rolling with the chaos of the first rehearsal. You will not need to check-in your kids for future rehearsals. Please have them in the lunch room by 6:15. Seattle Performers staff will take roll at the start of rehearsal and names of those absent will be given to parent chaperones. We will call you if we didn’t hear from you about your student being out. Please remember to email  bryantschoolplay@gmail.com as soon as you know that your student will miss a rehearsal.

Rehearsal Check Out: If you indicated on the registration paperwork that a parent/adult must check out your student from rehearsal, you will find them and a sign out sheet on the steps of the stage in the lunch room. If you didn’t hear from me last week that you chose parent check out on the form, then you chose the option that allows your students to check themselves out. These students will be allowed to leave once rehearsal is done. Please make sure your kiddos know where to meet you/ who is picking them up/ what they are supposed to do after rehearsal. THANK YOU PARENTS!  All current slots for rehearsal chaperones are filled. Who’s the best? You are. Don’t worry, if you didn’t get to sign up, we will have more opportunities coming up. 

Rehearsal Chaperones: 

  • Timing is everything—  Please be in the lunch room at 6:00pm. Check in with Sadie with Seattle’s Performers. She will be near the steps of the stage. Plan to stay until all students have been picked up. Hopefully this will be shortly after 8:00pm (PLEASE BE ON TIME TO PICK UP YOUR KIDS). Seattle’s Performers staff are not responsible for the kids after 8:00pm and will not be staying on site after that. 
  • Absent students— Please come to rehearsal with your cell phone (if you don’t have one, email us and we can problem solve). After Seattle Performers staff call role they will give you the names of those who are absent. Please text these names to Liza on Mondays 206.240.4818 and Traci on Thursdays 206.816.2362. That’s all! We will text you back only if there is follow up. 

Log Your Volunteer Hours: Please log all you volunteer hours on this simple google form. Enter your first and last name, date, number of hours, and what you did. There are handy drop down menus to help. You can bookmark the form and enter data each time you volunteer. This will make it super easy for us to let the school know the total volunteer hours it takes to put on this show. 

Volunteer Leads: We still have a few volunteer positions available to head up a specific pieces of the show. We have one parent who is interested in taking a lead on Props, but would really like a co-lead to share the load. We also need someone to lead on Costumes and Back-of-the-House (coordinating volunteers for backsatge, lighting, set up and take down). We are not asking for a person to do all the tasks associated with these, but someone to take the lead on coordination. 

Email with questions, bryantschoolplay@gmail.com Stay tuned for next week’s installment of Willy Wonka News. 

First Willy Wonka Rehearsal Thursday!

Greetings Wonka Parents!

Our first rehearsal for Willy Wonka will be this Thursday, January 10 from 6:15-8:00. Please have your kids there on time and ready to rehearse. It’s best to use the back door entrance closest to the playground for drop off and pick up. They will be getting their scripts Thursday and hopefully you’ve all been singing along to the music download Liza sent over the break. Fun times ahead!
Also, we are still in need of parent volunteer to take a lead role in sets, costumes and props. Please let us know if you are interested in any of these roles. Please let me know if you have any other questions as well. If you signed up to chaperone rehearsal, you should be getting a reminder from sign-up genius. Please remember that we cannot have rehearsal unless everyone who signs up to chaperone actually shows up. Thank you!

Music for Willy Wonka

I have uploaded the music for Willy Wonka and put it onto our Bryant Play Drive.  The link below should get you there.

There is an instrumental only version and a version with kids singing for each song. I recommend having the kids listen to the versions with the singing – once they get their scripts and have worked with the artistic team they can start practicing with the instrumental.

More Volunteer Opportunities for Willy Wonka

Greetings parents of performers and crew!

We are ready to hear from all y’all who are interested/excited by/ have the needed skills to fill these volunteer lead roles. Please see the below descriptions and let us know which one you are interested in. Each of these is a lead role and will be coordinating a smaller group of volunteers to complete the tasks– the lead is not expected to do all of it yourselves! Please let me know if you have any questions. Looking forward to hearing from you about what you’d like to be a part of. There will be a sign up genius eventually, but right now we are just looking for 5-7 individuals who want  to coordinate/co-coordinate these jobs.

Rehearsal Lead— January-March

Ensure all rehearsals have parent volunteers (3) present at rehearsals, ensure Saturday dress rehearsal has at least 6 parent volunteers, manage snack for dress rehearsal, work with the Co-Producers on rehearsal related needs.


Back of the House Lead— March

Manage & coordinate volunteers for setting up and striking theater & stage, manage set up and strike (including final performance), work with SLP staff backstage as needed.


Costume Lead—February-March

Coordinates costume support. Works with Director to determine costume needs. Then coordinates with costume support volunteers. Oversees Costume parade and communicates requirements to families.


Prop Lead—February-March

Coordinates prop support. Works with Director to determine prop needs then works with Crew and parent volunteers to find or build.


Set Design/Build Lead—January-March

Works with students and Directors to plan stage set including back drop and major stage set elements. Coordinate volunteers to build/create set and stage elements.

Traci & Liza

Willy Wonka Rehearsal Supervision 2019

There are many other support roles needed. Stay tuned for more info about additional volunteer opportunities

Each family is asked to provide 5 or more hours of volunteer time for the play.

Signing Up to Volunteer for Rehearsals: 

We need three parents per rehearsal. One to help supervise the crew and help them with projects, and two to help theater staff manage the actors, run lines as needed, and work with small groups. All will check kids in and out for the day.


NOTE: No rehearsals on the following dates –  1/21 (MLK Day), 2/18-22 (Mid-Winter Break).

All volunteers who have direct contact with Bryant students must complete the SPS online volunteer application for the 2018-2019 school year

Information about volunteer requirements and the online volunteer application are available at: www.seattleschools.org/volunteerBefore you volunteer, please complete the online volunteer application. You’ll receive a confirmation when your application is approved.

Please contact Volunteer Coordinator, Ann Marie Patterson, if you have any questions about the requirements or the online application ampatterson@seattleschools.org

Location: Bryant Lunchroom/Stage

Welcome to Willy Wonka! Important info included for participation

Greetings parents of budding performers, artists, and crew!

Thank you and your kiddos for getting play packet forms turned in on time. We have decreased the amount of paperwork this year in hopes that online forms will be easier for all of us. So these are your next key steps for your student to be able to participate in the play.
Please fill out one information form per student: https://goo.gl/forms/tScpOLmQqQYzdl7H3
Also, we have an option to pay online this year. If you haven’t already sent a check with your forms, you can pay here, (one form per student, apologies to parents with participating siblings for the extra step): https://bryantptsa.givingfuel.com/bryant-play
You can reply to this email with questions. Thank you!
Traci Underwood & Liza Comtois
Co-producers & 4th grade moms