Bryant PTSA General Meeting Minutes – June 2018

Bryant PTSA General Meeting Agenda
June 12th, 2018 7:00pm
Bryant Library

Kim Love, Julie Ohrazda, Brita Willis, Nelly Goodnoe, Shelly Prosise, Whitney Griesbach, Sara Fenzl, Anne Aliverti, Katie Salisbury, Pamela Kuhto, Sam Fogg, Natalya Yudkovsky, Amy Piper, Jean Charette, Michelle Ireton, Liz Arjun, Jennifer Malhum, Mary-Britt Love, Ann Sonnen, Lorainne Sawicki, Janie Booth, Dan Sanger

Welcome, Julie Ohrazda & Kim Love

Volunteer Awards, Janie Booth & Tammy Shorr

Approve March General Meeting Minutes
Approved without corrections

Officer/Standing Committee Reports

  • Treasurer’s Report, Brita Willis
    • Boy Scout donation of $1000 was directed toward locking garden shed approved by PTSA at May meeting
  • Legislative Chairs’ Report, Jean Charette
    • Levies coming up during next election will be very important – Legislative chairs will work on a postcard campaign at the beginning of the school year
  • Bryant Leadership Team, Kim Love
    • Staff still working on approved CSIP; BLT is working to reimagine the First Day Welcome Tea
  • Principal’s Report, Dan Sanger
    • Last report for Principle Sanger.  Asst. principal and full time counselor will be announced shortly.  Leadership support system through the district to help the transition of our new principal and asst. principal

New Business                                                                           

  • General Membership Vote on Budget for 2018-19, Brita Willis & Nelly Goodnoe
    • Approved
  • General Membership Vote on Board slate for 2018-19, Nominating Committee
    • Approved
  • Music instrument – repair/ tuning, Kim Love
    • Approved
    • Approved PTSA funding tuning of 3 pianos at $255 and repairing percussion instruments up to $1075
  • Art suppliers for Kristen Wipple, Nelly Goodnoe
    • Approved
    • Approved additional art supply funding up to $185
  • Remove Nelly Goodnoe from Home Street Banking as a signer, Nelly Goodnoe
    • Approved
    • Effective July 1st , 2018, we agree that Nelly Goodnoe is coming off accounts at HomeStreet Bank.  We agree that besides Kim Love and Brita Willis, we will add Lorraine Sawicki to be signers for Bryant Elementary PTSA accounts at HomeStreet Bank.

Meeting Adjourned 8:43

Bryant PTSA Board Meeting Minutes – May 2018

Bryant PTSA Board Meeting
May 8th 2018 7pm

Welcome and Introductions Kim Love and Julie Orhazda

Approve April Meeting Minutes

Officer/Standing Committee Report

  1. Treasurer’s Report (Brita Willis and Nelly Goodnoe)
    • Brita reviewed April and Early May highlights (see attached paperwork)
    • Spent time putting together budget for next year.
    • Faculty and staff went to CPR training funded by PTSA
    • 4 out of 6 grade levels are planning to use Community Building Grant (4th and 5th grade have not yet submitted plans)
    • Likely coming in under budget for the year
  2. Legislative Chairs Report (Shelley Prosisi & Jean Charette)
    • Two Levees due to expire- we cannot function without these levees.
      • Operations Levy
      • Building Excellence Capitol Levy
      • Please please vote on these essential levees
      • Mayor is introducing her own levy which may complicate things
      • Postcard campaigns coming
    • State Level: survey being sent out in Bryant Weekly next week about what is important to parents for k12 education
    • Voter registration for HS seniors
    • Changing credit requirements potentially from 19-20 to 24 for HS graduation
    • Gun Safety inquiry: impetus for this tied into voter registration efforts to make changes on state level
    • National PTA and Seattle Council PTA passed resolutions around reducing gun violence. Anticipation that more resolution will be proposed in the fall and the PTSA will have a voice in these matters
  3. Volunteer Coordinators Report (Tammy Shorr)
    Volunteer Awards coming out soon- please send along names and why they are deserving of volunteer awards. We have set awards but can also be creative and can create new awards. Request will go out in Bryant Weekly.
  4. Bryant Leadership Team (Kim Love)
    • Finalized Continuous School Improvement Plan in last BLT meeting
    • Take a look at last CSIP (Google Bryant CSIP)
    • This year’s, coming out in spring will work to include ALL Bryant families
    • Next area of focus is orientation to the entire school community/families
    • CSIP that is being created now is a revision of the one that is currently accessible. Current one to be submitted by June 15th 2018.
    • Teachers currently have CSIP and are giving edits/suggestions
  5. Principal’s report (Dan Sanger)
    • How does the transition work to a new principal?
      • Dan Sanger really wants Ms. Marshall to meet many students/teachers/PTSA
      • He will spend a lot of time with her to create as smooth a transition as possible
      • Ms. Marshall will be attending New Family Night
      • She will be getting extra support from the district as well, and Dan will connect her with the right people moving forward
  6. Nominating Committee (Tammy Shorr, Ann Sonnen, Yvonne Roberts, Brita Willis, Nelly Goodnoe)
    The nominating committee places nominations for the following:

    • Co-presidents: Kim Love and Whitney Griesbach
    • Vice President: Ann Sonnen
    • Co-secretaries: Clare Kealy and Jen McCormick
    • Co-treasurers: Brita Willis and Lorraine Sawicki
    • Co-fundraising chairs: Leann Huntington, Sara Fenzi, Mary Britt-Love
    • Co-volunteer coordinators: Janie Booth and Tammy Shorr
    • Co-Membership Chairs: Kelli Hessler and Brenda Mullins
    • Co-legislative chairs: Jean Charette, Yvonne Roberts, and Diana Fryc
    • Members at Large: Nelly Goodnoe and Sam Fogg
    • Teacher Representative: Anne Aliverti and Jessica James
  7. 2018-2019 Budget Committee (Brita Willis and Nelly Goodnoe)
    Budget presented to board for vote tonight: Vote taken and approved by board.

    • Raise 237k, expenses 243k, will have to pull 6k from reserve
    • Current reserves = $82,500
    • Question raised about cut in art budget- there will be a full-time (1.0 FTE) Art  Specialist/plenty of supplies still in place from District shipment last year
    • General membership to vote on it next meeting –General Membership meeting in June
  8. Special Orders
  9. New Business
    • Garden Committee request for shed (Sam Fogg)
      Presentation: Gardening at Bryant provides 2 focuses:

      • Going into classrooms and getting kids out in the garden- this is our messy science laboratory
      • Maintain landscape at Bryant. SPS mows lawn and does heavy pruning, every other gardening thing is done by parent volunteers
    • Professional Landscapers hired in early 2000s and this was a 400k project that MUST be maintained or we will lose it
    • What is the future of our garden?
      • The garden is struggling. We need more volunteers and also we keep our stuff behind the dumpster, not secured. It has therefore been stolen twice this year…everything is gone. The hands-on garden has been trashed and vandalized many times. We do not see the point of purchasing new tools if we have no secure place to put them.
      • District has told us we can no longer keep tools where they are currently stored due to potential harm to heating/cooling system.
      • A locking shed would work to mitigate all of the above problems.
      • Proposed ask: up to 2500k. This does not include current garden budget.
      • Working to find vendors for shed purchase and placement. Shed would be stored near hands-on garden.
      • Vision is to have a white board and a teaching area out of the shed.
      • Question about graffiti: research says the closer the shed is to the school building, the less likely that graffiti would occur.
      • Community Ask is not possible because of the specific requirements of sheds for Landmark Buildings imposed by the District.
      • Hoping to file insurance claim to replace tools that were stolen. SPD report is next task at hand.
      • Playground remodel is a separate project.
      • Hope to have a bigger conversation at the beginning of the next school year to talk about the involvement of the school and student body in the maintenance of the garden.
      • Vote on action item: 2500k for new shed.
      • Security of shed can be considered later.
      • Motion made to approve up to 2500k to be used for a garden shed.
      • Motion approved.



Check the lost and found!

Warm weather has finally arrived  in Seattle and students are shedding their coats, and they all ended up in the Bryant Lost and Found! We have over 300 coats in the lost and found. Please come by and claim lost property. All unclaimed items will be donated on June 14th

Keep on tracking your trips!

We are off and pedaling for Bike Month 2018! We had a spirited Bike to School Day meet up at Top Pot, which involved 120 donuts, 3 coffee boxes, lots of bike decorations, and plenty of cheer. We counted 124 kid bikes parked in the racks in the morning. Thanks for coming out!

Now it is time to track trips for Week 2 (May 7-11) on our online trip tracker here. A new input this year is mileage; it’s optional, but if you choose to enter it, include all bike rides taken during the week. We know many of you bike more than the prescribed school days, and we are curious about the distance accumulated.

Ride on, right on!

Questions? Michele Solis or Will Mitchell.

2018 Auction Fast Stats

  • Auction Donation Deadline: February 1
  • Auction Date: March 5-12
  • Online Auction Total Page Views: 24,975
  • Auction Goal: $18,000 (to begin with, then upped to $28,500)
  • Number of auction items/spots: 714
  • Total Auction Participants: 241
  • # of Bids: 1,774
  • Amount Raised (approx.): $34,472
  • Percentage of Goal Raised: 120%
  • Total Fair Market Value of Auction Goods (390 items with FMV): $48,998.04
  • Bids to Fair Market Value Ratio: 5%

Auction Analysis:

  • We continued this year with the stand-alone auction week in early March; it works very well. Beneficial to allow us to promote for the auction with minimal overlap with other events.
  • Auction communications were augmented this year to fully utilize all channels available: Bryant Weekly, Big List, PTSA website, PTSA Facebook, school signage and kid mail. Frequency was increased, and we garnered 37 more auction bidders this year.
  • We were asked not to directly solicit teachers (not including Mr. Sanger and Ms. Pearson) for teacher experiences. In the end, we had seven teacher-sponsored events volunteered entirely on the teachers’ own accord.
  • We worked to make up for a potential short-fall in revenue with the loss of teacher experiences by offering more parent experiences. We had 16 events hosted/sponsored by Bryant parents this year, which was more than last year.
  • Would like to form committee in May or June so that auction committee can meet and get started in September. Some businesses require solicitation in September.
  • Please include Online Auction Committee in first-day packet as a volunteer opportunity.
  • We had eight active committee members this year. That was three more than 2017, but the load is still extremely large. It would be better to have 10-12 people on the committee. We could use help recruiting volunteers for next year.



Bryant PTSA Board Meeting Minutes – April 2018

Bryant PTSA Board Minutes               
April 3, 2018 7:00pm
Bryant Library

Notice of Meeting
Bryant Weekly, Bryant Calendar, School Posters

In Attendance: Kim Love, Julie Ohrazda, Brita Willis, Whitney Griesbach, Leeann Huntington, Sara Fenzl, Tammy Shorr, Shelley Prosise, Jean Charette, Mary-Britt Love, Ann Sonnen, Michelle Ireton, Jennifer Mahlum, Kaie Salisbury, Dan Sanger, Julie Pearson, Anne Vold, Sam Fogg

Welcome and Introductions                                                        

Approved February Meeting Minutes – no changes

Officer/Standing Committee Reports

Treasurer’s Report — Brita Willis & Nelly Goodnoe

  • Have collected $145K toward $150K of the annual campaign donations
  • Collected $32K from the 2018 auction
  • Awarded First Grade Community Builder event grant

Auction Report — Kim Love

  • Original goal was 12K, but ended up doing 34K.  Netted $32K after credit card fees.
  • See Auction Fast Facts

Legislative Chairs  — Shelley Prosise & Jean Charette

  • March 14th and March 24th – Bryant participated in marches against gun violence
  • Bryant Elementary was second school to pass resolution against violence, now in 30 area schools

Bryant Leadership Team — Kim Love

  • No report as the BLT had not yet met

Principal’s Report — Dan Sanger

  • SBAC April 24th – June 1st
  • Full time counselor position has been posted for 2018-19
  • Art Position will be 1 FTE – will help lead Artist in Residence & Art Docent
  • Global Reading group won 1st place

Special Committee Reports — None

Special Orders — None

New Business                                                                                                  

PTSA fiscal sponsor of playground proposal — Kim Love

  • Community group must apply for City of Seattle Neighborhood Matching grant.  PTSA would act as fiscal sponser of project to renovate Bryant’s current playgroup.   Minimal to no risk for PTSA.
  • Motion Approved: PTSA will be the fiscal sponsor for the City of Seattle Neighborhood grant

7:50 Meeting Adjourned

Time to track your bike trips in May!

The neighborhood is lively with kid bikers, which means that it’s time to track trips for Week 1 of Bike Month! Please go to our online trip tracker and tell us how many times you biked this week. There will be prizes this year for students who bike the most trips in May, for the classroom that has the most trips, and other categories. Remember, if your child is not able to bike to school, you may count other biking trips such as to the library, grocery store, sports practice, etc, and of course, simple pleasure cruises count as well!

Also, remember to make plans to get up early next Wednesday, May 9, for our annual Bike to School Day celebration. Meet at Top Pot in Wedgwood (6855 35th Ave. NE) after 7am for free donuts and coffee, then head to school with your friends and parents. ** This year the Bike Fairy will not lead a parade; instead she will see you off at Top Pot before she heads to another school to spread more Bike to School magic.

Today the Bryant Bike Fairy counted 83 bikes in all (including 2 unicycles!), and caught 7 students riding to school. Way to go!

Questions? Michele Solis or Will Mitchell