Bryant PTSA Board Meeting Minutes – September 2019

  • Welcome and PTSA Goals for 2019-2020
    • Overview of meeting schedule
    • Highlighting goals for the year, Whitney Griesbach / Ann Sonnen
      • How can we make PTSA more approachable and accessible
      • How we can improve the transitioning of roles: creating more of a process to transition roles, onboarding materials, etc. in order to alleviate fears of joining
      • More of a partnership with the building
      • Increased transparency of board
  • Approval of Last Meeting’s Minutes, Whitney Griesbach
    • Minutes approved
  • PTSA Insurance Review, Nick Barrett
    • Reviewed existing insurance certificate
    • We can renew October 1st (Chess club has an event the first week in December, and they need insurance certificate)
    • Can we have an insurance certificate that goes longer than 12 months (e.g. 15?) so it ends at the end of the school year?
      • This will be looked in to
    • PTSA can’t sponsor ongoing sporting events offsite due to insurance coverage
  • Treasurer’s Annual Re-cap Report, Nick Barrett
    • Annual recap
      • Generated $211k (primary sources are annual campaign, auction, and blast)
      • $219k available for 2019-2020
      • 2/3 supplements curriculum at Bryant (grants to SPS) + additional programs and reserve
  • Presentation of 2019-2020 Budget
    • $315k, $193k for curriculum based activities/grant positions (64% of budget)
      • Most of the increases due to now having to pay benefits for instructional support (actual hours have decreased in some cases)
      • Bumped unallocated funds to $10k, as it was in previous years
      • Added a new line item for previous years’ expenses to handle late reimbursements
    • Changes between this year’s and last year’s budgets
      • Decreased funding for field trips and classroom needs from $26 to $22. Decreased substitute time from 2.5 to 2 days
      • Reduced Community Volunteer Coordinator role to 17 hrs/week and reduced stipend
      • Increased instructional support by contract rate and added .5 FTE math support
    • Will vote on budget at next meeting
  • School Supplies Review 2018, Whitney Griesbach (Sara Fenzl not present)
    • Supplies cost $19k, raised $22k, also raised $5,500 for school in need. 88% of parents have paid (518 students).
    • Overall a big success—one teacher said “It’s awesome”
    • If we have excess, it will roll into next year’s school supplies or additional supplies during the year
  • Principal’s Update, Charmaine Marshall
    • School off to a great start
    • Numbers continue to look good, higher than projections: 583 total.
      • District undercounted enrollment going into the year
      • Once this new number becomes official, we will optimistically be able to add support
        • Add .5 PE hours. For example, currently .5 PE, and optimistic we’ll move it to 1
        • Add 1 new teacher. Will hopefully allow us to support other classes (but not add a new 1st or 2nd grade class)
    • Slow rollout of Schoology across the school
      • Teacher newsletters will all be sent via new tool
      • This use will hopefully increase over time
    • Goal is to make Bryant a welcoming environment
      • Multicultural event that will replace Winterfest this winter
      • Thanksgiving-time family feast event
      • Informational session for second-language parents this fall and spring
      • Considering adding a second curriculum night in the spring
      • Adding additional country flags for the gym—if you don’t see countries you want to be represented, reach out
      • Added welcome signs to all the doors to help make it more inclusive
    • Asks:
      • $2000 budget request from art teacher
        • Discussion of role of PTSA to fund programs
        • Would have liked to have this ask in budget process at end of last year
        • This is a district supported role, which traditionally have supplies supplied by district
          • We do provide supplies for artist in residence
        • Whitney: let’s see the final numbers for supplies, and if we do have additional funds we could use them to support this.
        • In the future this should be added up front
      • $2000 Principal line item: provide additional opportunities (e.g. a student that needs additional attention, or teacher conferences)
        • Partial increase for literacy teacher. $1280.
  • Committee Reports
    • Fundraising
      • Spring survey about what families were interested in
        • 15% response rate
        • 3/4 satisfied with fundraising
        • 1/2 want more visibility into use of funds
        • Teaching support ranked #1, tutoring and academic support #2, social and emotional support #3, and then #4 arts and culture (distant 4th)
        • 3/4 said they would contribute to playground but wanted improvements to the field
        • 1/2 wanted us to do more for other schools, 1/2 wanted more done for their kids
          • We should continue to provide opportunities to give to other schools
          • These conversations mirror those on the PTSA
      • Annual campaign
        • Discussion over what to do for prizes
    • Membership
      • New system, and some PTSA board members need to update their membership (board members must be members, anyone who handles cash must also be a member for insurance purposes)
      • 215 paid members, 87 student members
    • Volunteers
      • 54 responses to volunteer interest survey. Will send to different category chairs
      • Looking for mentors, Reflections the only one without volunteers
        • Bryant Blast position also open
      • New family orientation on 10/1, one in morning and one in evening
    • Legislative
      • Olivia, youth organizing for Global Climate Strike, presented information about the student-led strike on Friday 9/20
      • Detailed information about legislative updates will be on FB
        • Needs a separate page on the site
    • Teacher Representative
      • No update
    • Communications
      • Working on simplifying communications

New Business

  • Art Docent Program, Nicholas Eve
    • Volunteer program where Bryant parents come into class 1x month and teach about art
    • Program is making some changes this year
      • Goals: increasing consistency of content and its delivery
      • New curriculum, with same programs across the school
      • New trainings for each unit (in person and online trainings being developed)
      • Improve coverage across all the classes (previously a wide range of involvement across the classes)
      • Changing from hero model of art history to studio model, with an emphasis on fundamental art lessons
      • Increased amount of activity and discussion
      • Will collect lots of feedback and data to understand what is/isn’t working
      • Phase 1 of a 2 phase project. Phase 1 every student gets some education. Phase 2 (next year) will focus on different pathways per grade
    • PTSA can help in the following ways:
    • Fund artist notebooks (unlined): ~$0.89/unit
    • Mirrors (for self portraits—approx 1 class worth in art docent closet)
    • Battery operated lights (~$50)
    • Viewfinder (helps frame drawing). $40 for transparencies
    • We already have $1000 in art docent budget
  • Additional new business, Whitney Griesbach
    • There was a vote over email to approve funding new soccer goals
  • Presentation of New Standing Rules, Whitney Griesbach
    • Will vote in October

Adjourn 9:25pm

2019-20 Meeting Schedule

Meetings are Tuesdays at 7pm in the Library unless otherwise noted.
(General Meetings are in bold)

September 17, 2019
Minutes | Budget |Treasurer Overview

October 15, 2019
Minutes | Budget

November 12, 2019
Minutes | Budget

December 10, 2019
Minutes | Budget

January 14, 2020 Postponed to January 21 due to snow
Minutes | Budget

February 11, 2020
Minutes | Budget

March 11, 2020 (Wed)
Minutes | Budget

April 7, 2020
Minutes | Budget

May 12, 2020
Minutes | Financials | Proposed 2020-2021 Budget

June 9, 2020
Minutes | Financials | Approved 2020-2021 Budget

Bryant PTSA General Meeting Minutes – June 2019

Welcome and Introductions

Volunteer Awards

Approve March General Meeting Minutes

Officer/Standing Committee Reports

  1. Treasurer’s Recap Report (7:10-7:15) Brita Willis & Lorraine Sawicki
    • Review of the May Report- net 15k from Blast
    • Reminder to submit receipts before June 20th for reimbursement    
  2. Legislative Chairs Report Jean Charette, Yvonne  Roberts & Diana Fryc    
    • Sam Fogg: Cards to thank our legislators for helping to lift levies
    • Primary August 6th– 10 candidates running for City Council, 3 School Board candidates
    • Forum for learning about candidates on June 24th at Roosevelt, more forums to come
  3. Bryant Leadership Team Kim Love
    • Finalized CSIP at last BLT meeting. Main change is the two focuses: ELA and Math
  4. Principal’s Report Charmaine Marshall
    • Recognized and appreciated PTSA Exec Board- “phenomenal year” at Bryant due to volunteerism and staff/parent support
    • Enrollment is projected to be higher than this past year- will know definitively about staffing adjustments by the end of this school year
    • Thanks to Melissa who will be leaving this year to become a principal in Edmonds
    • Melissa said her goodbyes

New Business

  • Allison Broadgate: Stewardship and Messaging around where different funding goes, will be sending out a message about future dollars and where they will be spent. Big question is whether or not to launch a capital campaign forplayground/what this would cost- survey to families to find out and how much families would be willing to donate or time they would be willing to give. Will be sent to Exec team first.
  • General Membership Vote 19-20 Budget Brita Willis and Lorraine Sawicki
    • Review budget for approval, will be presented again in the fall after books are closed (see document), General Membership will vote on it again in October.
    • Ann Sonnen makes motion to approve budget/ Nelly G seconds. All approve.
  • General Membership Vote on 19-20 Board Tammy Shorr
    • Exec Board:
      • Ann Sonnen and Whitney G (presidents)
      • VP- Brita Willis
      • Treasurer: Nick Barrett and Kelli Hessler
      • Co-Sec: Brenda Mullins, David Holmberg
    • Board voted on and approved

Bryant PTSA Board Meeting Minutes – May 2019

May 22nd at 7 pm

Welcome and Introductions,Kim Love & Whitney Griesbach

Approve April Board Meeting Minutes (to be approved next meeting)

Officer/Standing Committee Reports

  1. Treasurer’s Recap Report (7:10-7:15) Brita Willis & Lorraine Sawicki
    • 12k from Blast
    • PTSA staffing grants = 72K
    • Budget Committee Meetings came up with preliminary budget
    • Fiscal sponsor for other clubs, total we hold for others = 109k
    • Lorraine is leaving to move to San Francisco, in need of co-treasurer for next year
  2. Legislative Chairs Report,Jean Charette, Yvonne  Roberts & Diana Fryc    
    • Levy lifted end of last legislative session=collect additional 3k per student
    • List of bills WA State/PTSA supported provided: 28 total passed
    • Feedback from leg that they were hearing from Bryant specifically!
  3. Bryant Leadership Team, Kim Love
    • Wrapping up school improvement plan
    • Trying to determine whether or not to have math goals, decided to leave it up to grade levels to make goals that are grade appropriate
    • 5th grade curriculum night held in spring, positive feedback and great turnout
    • Information sent out to second language parents, coordinated with ELL teacher
    • ELL dinner being held on May 23rd for ELL parents/teachers/ELL teacher
  4. Principal’s Report, Charmaine Marshall
    • Restoration of Anne (librarian) to full time
    • Assistant Principal restored to full time
    • Census numbers looking better for next year than they currently are-this will help restore PCP- should be able to be back to 2 PE teachers, 1 FTE Art, .5 Music
    • This isn’t set in stone until census numbers are set
    • No counselor still, Bryant has not been ever designated a counselor, these are designated for high ACES schools, and free and reduced lunch
    • Student and teacher surveys have come back- reviewed in meeting
      • Student Report:
        • Areas of concern: adults care about me/students in my class are focused on learning/
        • Focusing on more support for students that originally anticipated, drilling down to provide those supports based on what this report indicates
        • Increased incidents of bullying/defiance from students
        • Working to equip teachers with tools to work with kids in the midst of bullying
        • Also looking to train playground staff as this is an area where bullying occurs
        • Encouraging kids to report incidents immediately
        • Increase communication to parents around incidents and how to provide more support
        • Looking to increase SEL books in library and in collaboration with other schools
        • Anne is creating an SEL library, first focus on 3rd grade, working to make this available to all grade levels along with SEL lessons during library time
        • Staff climate survey: overall very positive!
        • Principal had very positive remarks about the culture at Bryant and how fantastic it is!
  5. LASER Report, Eric Noble
    • Summer camp opens, starting to fill up!
    • Fall registration opened in early May
    • Working to shift room usage at LASER to provide more space for more kids
    • LASER is having a family event on June 6th! 5:30-7pm
    • LASER Board positions are open soon
    • Board meetings are open to all, 2nd Thursday of every month usually at Bryant

New Business

  1. Drafted PTSA Budget for Approva, Brita Willis
    • (Please see Prelim Budget document)
    • Highlights:
      • Annual Campaign increased by 26k, however expenses also increased by basically same amount
      • Will not use reserve to pay for staff positions
      • Discussion around affording to pay for a counselor, determined that PTSA does not have current funds for that position
      • Anne Sonnen made motion/Motion passed
      • 68% of budget is for staffing positions already, determined we did not have capacity at this time for another fundraising effort to fund additional staff (including counselor)
      • 68% of staff funding for next years budget includes:
        • Artist in Residence
        • Subs for Teacher Assessments
        • Volunteer Coordinator (hours cut this coming year)
        • Instructional Support (increased hours this coming year from .4 to .5, with idea that some of time will go towards math as well)
        • Tutoring
        • Lab Tech Manager
        • Instrumental Music
        • Recess Supervision
        • Moving pieces on this budget include enrollment and amount of carryover may fluctuate
        • Also school supply ask will fluctuate depending on enrollment
        • Discussion around increasing communication around what families fund with their donations to the PTSA. Treasury to work with Communications to increase transparency and education around what is being funded and why
  2. Bryant Blast Recap (7:50-7:55) Ann Sonnen
    • Great day! 12k earned. Tried a few new things including pre-pay on line and credit cards, asked teachers to join more overtly this year
    • New Blast leaders this year, thank you and great job!
  3. Nomination Committee’s Slated Candidates, Tammy Shorr
    • Nominations approved!                                             
  4. Playground Update:
    • Consensus amongst kids is to add more age-appropriate structures
    • Parent interest in turf field (which is not allowed by district)
    • Sought quotes, around 175K for what is being asked
    • Other option is wait for district to replace structures, but won’t happen until structure is 40 or more years old (!!!)
    • Most popular grants sought for this project has fallen to 25k
    • We do have strong support from the community and willingness to donate time and money
    • We have a great and dynamic playground committee, and we have the desire!
    • Other grants available through King County Parks and some national grants
    • More research is needed before we can approve this project
    • Will put another survey to see what people want from PTSA

Bryant PTSA Board Meeting Minutes – April 2019

April 2nd at 7 pm

Welcome and Introductions

4.23 Screen Time Speaker- Emily Cherkin 7 pm                                                  Kim Love & Whitney Griesbach

Approve February Board Meeting Minutes

Officer/Standing Committee Reports

  1. Treasurer’s Recap Report
    • Collected $ for annual; $164K now – silent at $30K (will use next school year); $71K went to Seattle school board
    • Had budget meeting; will have to pull from reserve and want to carve out an equitable and sustainable plan
    • Unallocated: $14K approved this year; $10K unallocated               
  2. Legislative Chairs Report
    • 4 Bryant students testified at State Ways and Means 4/1/19
    • SPS is short $40M for next calendar year
    • $70M shortfall; $235M shortfall in special ed
    • State is increasing special ed funding
    • Email someone in state leg. about getting funding (Sam will draft email and contact info)
    • Check the Bryant Facebook Page as lots of info is on there
  3. Principal’s Report, Charmaine Marshall
    • Bryant is only school with a resource model
    • PCP vote: instead of 1.0 PE, we would have .5 PE, .5 music and 1.0 art
    • PE Teacher has classroom certification and would replace a classroom teacher
  4. LASER Report
    • They are fully enrolled at LASER.  They are packed for Spring Break.  They have hired 5 people and have 3 positions to go.

New Business

  1. Discussion for Funding Guiding Principles, Whitney Griesbach    
    • This will be a guiding principle for the 2020-2021 school year; want a sustainable funding model ; don’t want to fund things that should be paid for the state; this mean “certificated” positions; we looked at funding models from other schools- John Rodgers doesn’t fund any teachers; others fund much more in support; have seen the Seattle Council funding model; PTAs were established as advocacy groups for students; have become fundraising heavy; this is a conversation that we face about every 2 years; historically Bryant PTSA has taken a stance about not paying for teaching positions but it hasn’t been formalized
    • Our neighborhood is changing and we are seeing two sides: families really struggling and others who are doing well; how do we maintain inclusion so all can participate but also raise enough money to continue to make Bryant great; wanting to streamlining fundraising efforts more; 2nd grade auction item where all kids were included is a great model; should we have a hard line as it might push families away?  If we pay instructors it creates a employer/employee relationship; we used to fund 0.25 but now as a board we are funding 0.4- essentially we don’t cut back what we start funding; We should have the school make the request to the board for certain positions; the building should manage that decision and process; If we help pay for the counselor the cost will be unsustainable and are we prepared for it; anyone in public education understands that when they are hired its only for one year
    • Charmaine thinks it is risky if we cover a certificated position as it would include insurance and benefits.  Also how do you make it equitable in determining what positions/staff should stay?; What attracts parents to Bryant is the quality of instruction; With the counselor position we tried to create depth in the classroom; The teachers have been learning to incorporate SEL strategies and solutions in the classroom; PBIS has been integrated; in a sustainable world we have to utilize those tools in the classroom; at a tier 4 school we are not going to get a counselor paid for us; She and Amy are still working on finalizing their ‘ask’
    • We will have a bullet list in Bryant Weekly of what parents funded so they have a better idea
  2. New Board Positions Proposal
    • New Board Positions:
      • Community Engagement (speaker series, different community building opportunities, possibly an EID advocate)—we will continue to grow this position
      • Communications: streamline all communications of social media, Bryant weekly
      • EID (Equity, Inclusion and Diversity) -this position exists at Wedgwood and Thornton Creek; We should look at including this role with a current board position
  3. Playground Committee – Mary Strazer                                          
    • Great turn out on Saturday for helping improve the playground.  In talks with parks about the field.  They can’t irrigate but will reseed.  In the last cycle they added irrigation but the district won’t let us use them.  They will not water anything unless it’s a brand new install.  If we water it ourselves it goes against their water conservation policy.
    • Sounders has a non-profit group (The Right Foundation) trying to provide turf for Seattle public schools.  Would cost @$300K to get turf here (Allison Broadgate’s husband researched this).  Sounders will do it for lower socio-economic schools so possibly we can partner in fundraising efforts