Bryant PTSA Board Meeting Minutes – April 2018

Bryant PTSA Board Minutes               
April 3, 2018 7:00pm
Bryant Library

Notice of Meeting
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In Attendance: Kim Love, Julie Ohrazda, Brita Willis, Whitney Griesbach, Leeann Huntington, Sara Fenzl, Tammy Shorr, Shelley Prosise, Jean Charette, Mary-Britt Love, Ann Sonnen, Michelle Ireton, Jennifer Mahlum, Kaie Salisbury, Dan Sanger, Julie Pearson, Anne Vold, Sam Fogg

Welcome and Introductions                                                        

Approved February Meeting Minutes – no changes

Officer/Standing Committee Reports

Treasurer’s Report — Brita Willis & Nelly Goodnoe

  • Have collected $145K toward $150K of the annual campaign donations
  • Collected $32K from the 2018 auction
  • Awarded First Grade Community Builder event grant

Auction Report — Kim Love

  • Original goal was 12K, but ended up doing 34K.  Netted $32K after credit card fees.
  • See Auction Fast Facts

Legislative Chairs  — Shelley Prosise & Jean Charette

  • March 14th and March 24th – Bryant participated in marches against gun violence
  • Bryant Elementary was second school to pass resolution against violence, now in 30 area schools

Bryant Leadership Team — Kim Love

  • No report as the BLT had not yet met

Principal’s Report — Dan Sanger

  • SBAC April 24th – June 1st
  • Full time counselor position has been posted for 2018-19
  • Art Position will be 1 FTE – will help lead Artist in Residence & Art Docent
  • Global Reading group won 1st place

Special Committee Reports — None

Special Orders — None

New Business                                                                                                  

PTSA fiscal sponsor of playground proposal — Kim Love

  • Community group must apply for City of Seattle Neighborhood Matching grant.  PTSA would act as fiscal sponser of project to renovate Bryant’s current playgroup.   Minimal to no risk for PTSA.
  • Motion Approved: PTSA will be the fiscal sponsor for the City of Seattle Neighborhood grant

7:50 Meeting Adjourned

Time to track your bike trips in May!

The neighborhood is lively with kid bikers, which means that it’s time to track trips for Week 1 of Bike Month! Please go to our online trip tracker and tell us how many times you biked this week. There will be prizes this year for students who bike the most trips in May, for the classroom that has the most trips, and other categories. Remember, if your child is not able to bike to school, you may count other biking trips such as to the library, grocery store, sports practice, etc, and of course, simple pleasure cruises count as well!

Also, remember to make plans to get up early next Wednesday, May 9, for our annual Bike to School Day celebration. Meet at Top Pot in Wedgwood (6855 35th Ave. NE) after 7am for free donuts and coffee, then head to school with your friends and parents. ** This year the Bike Fairy will not lead a parade; instead she will see you off at Top Pot before she heads to another school to spread more Bike to School magic.

Today the Bryant Bike Fairy counted 83 bikes in all (including 2 unicycles!), and caught 7 students riding to school. Way to go!

Questions? Michele Solis or Will Mitchell

Writers’ Celebration 2018! Thursday, May 24th

What is the Writers’ Celebration?  Every year at Bryant the PTSA celebrates the accomplishments of all our student writers by hosting the Writers’ Celebration, a school-wide event during which each student has the opportunity to share a piece of writing – a book, story or poem he or she has authored — in small, multi-age groups. This is one of the few activities at Bryant that mixes all grade levels, and it is heartwarming to watch the older students help and encourage the younger ones. The students work long and hard on these projects and are very proud to share them with their peers.

Where do you come in?  We will need volunteers to lead a group of six or seven enthusiastic students for 50 minutes.  Each group will be facilitated either by 1-2 volunteer leaders or by a teacher.  Please note that due to space constraints, we will be unable to accommodate any additional parent spectators.

How do you sign up?  

  • Step 1: In order to lead a group, you must complete all SPS volunteer requirements (which include a screening disclosure form, taking a short online course, reviewing online docs, and providing copy of photo ID). Review the 2107-2018 Volunteer Requirements. Please take a moment to complete all volunteer requirements. If you have already done so this year, you do not need to do it again.
  • Step 2: Complete the volunteer request web form or complete and return the paper form that will come home with your child in early May.

Questions? Please contact Volunteer Lead, Brent Aliverti.


The Writers’ Celebration bookmark contest is here!

The 2018 Writers’ Celebration is right around the corner, and that means it’s time for the annual bookmark design contest! Bryant students are invited to design a bookmark based on a book (or related to a book or reading). Two winners from each grade will have their bookmarks copied and distributed during this year’s Writer’s Celebration (May 24th). Download your entry form, or look for it in kid mail.

Entries must be received by Wednesday, May 9th.
Questions? Contact Rachel Gleeson

Time to gear up for Bike Month!

Bike to School Ride 2017

Calling all Bryant bikers — May is Bike Month, and it is Bryant’s tradition to celebrate all month long. First up is Bryant’s Kickoff event on Friday, April 27, on the playground after school. Bring your bike for free bike tuning! Decorate your bike and your helmet! Play the ever popular paper toss game! Sign up to track how many bike trips you make in May.

Read more

Bryant PTSA Board Meeting Minutes – March 2018

March 13, 2018, 7:00pm
Bryant Library

Welcome and Introductions, Kim Love

Approve October Meeting Minutes
One correction/meeting minutes will stand

Officer/Standing Committee Reports

  1. Treasurer’s Report (7:10 – 7:15) Brita Willis & Nelly Goodnoe
    • Collected 140k in Annual Campaign so far, 5k per month roughly
    • Closed Bank of America Certificate of Deposit
    • Silent Auction wrapped up, very successful.
    • Bryant Blast coming up
    • Art Programs coming up
    • Grade Level Community Grants are still happening, need to put tout word to get those up and running
    • Total Cash: 400k
    • Total cash saved to be allocated- 185k in expenses still coming up this year
    • 82k budget reserve
    • 5k holding for clubs
    • Unallocated buffer to be determined
  2. Bryant Leadership Team, Kim Love
    • Building Leadership Team meets first Thursday of each month. This month was staffing numbers. See Dan’s report below for more details.
  3. Legislative Chairs, Jean Charette & Shelley Prosise
    • Advocacy week:
      • Postcard campaign was very successful. Roughly 300 postcards sent out. Will likely do one more push before school year ends. A lot of focus now is on gun violence measures. Also have a few weeks to advocate for the budget for the teacher’s salaries.
      • Resolution for Advocating for Gun Violence Prevention Measures:
      • Put out by SPS; ask for Bryant Elementary to add its name to one of the several schools that have passed this resolution.
      • Two key events are the National Walk Out and March for our Lives. Desire for all students to feel safe and secure in their school environment. This resolution is in following with Washington State National PTA and lists several criteria. (See document distributed in the meeting).
      • Motion made to adopt the resolution above. Motion seconded and passed.
  4. Principal’s Report, Dan Sanger
    • This year our projected numbers are a little lower than currently
    • Most of north end schools are undergoing concerted effort to lower enrollment.
    • This year there will be no displacement, class size down to 20-22 all the way to 3rd grade. Additional state funding was allocated, but may only last for this year. Mr. Sanger’s waiver for this year was approved; so next year there will be a full-time counselor at Bryant.
    • Other highlights:
      • We currently have two student newspapers!
      • Math Champ students came in 3rd place.
      • Bryant Play is about to begin.
      • Global Reading team won semi-finals! Proceeding to finals on Tuesday.

Special Committee Reports

Special Orders

New Business                                                                              

  1. Partnership Award – HIP, Jerry Berger
    • Bryant was the first school that asked to give food instead of takes food. There are now three schools doing this. Presented Bryant with a plaque to honor the Bryant Community for being a part of the Hunger Intervention Program. Presented to Julie and LeAnn.
    • Volunteering opportunities are available through the Hunger Intervention website:
  1. Playground Improvement  – City of Seattle Grant,  Julie Pearson & Kevin Gallagher
    • Plan to revise the playground from a community standpoint. The first phase of several is to look at the play structure, then the “green” space, then playground surface. There are City of Seattle monies available. Looking for a sponsor for this project, namely the PTSA.  Only basics are in place at this point, but sponsor is required to put in a proposal. Looking at forming a steering committee then ancillary support from community and Bryant families. The grant is a matching grant, largest available is 100k.  Another possibility is a sponsored playground by Alaska Air or another airline. Volunteer Coordinator will put out ask to get a few parents on board in these early stages.
    • Likely to wait to get PTA buy-in until next year when the project is already underway.
    • Three meetings have happened so far towards this goal- grant making, steering committee formation, and project management meetings.
    • ADA accessibility is a top priority. Please provide feedback to the committee as it arises about other playgrounds in the city!
  1. Staff First Aid Training, Tate Loftin
    • Ms. Loftin serves as back-up to School RN, involved with safety amongst students and has extensive First Aid/CPR training. This type of training is not required in SPS by anyone but LASER and PE staff, not other staff/teachers. Ms. Loftin feels this is a safety concern: more and more students with serious medical concerns. Many staff would like to be trained; yet time and cost get in the way of this desire. Ms. Loftin has conducted trainings with funding from her own pocket and pockets of participants. She selected a company for this year’s training after many hours of This company combines videos, instruction, and practice time. First Aid and CPR training materials will be led by Ms. Loftin, videos and on-line certification/testing provided by this company. Once paid, certification and access to training materials is available f or two years. Ms. Loftin talked the company into a reduction to $20/per person. Asking for money to pay for staff to do this training- it will be conducted on an early release day to provide greater access to teachers. 28 staff members have signed up, but nine more staff are critical to be at this training, totaling $740. Funding required up front.
    • Idea discussed to have this as a line item in the budget- will discuss this at a later time.
    • Motion to cover up to $800 to cover First Aid/CPR for all staff. Motion passed.
  2. Proposal to move remaining Global Reading funds, Anne Aliverti
    • Typically funds are used for a field trip for Global Readers to downtown SPL, but representative there has retired and filed trip not an option, Suggestion to move those funds to purchase more fiction books and an ice cream party for Global Readers. Motion to take $475 of unallocated funds to Bryant Library funds.
  3. Selection of Nominating Committee, Kim Love
    • Required to nominate members of the nominating committee- three members:
      • Tammy Shorr/Ann Sonin/Yvonne Roberts
      • Motion made to nominate the three members. Motion seconded and approved.
  4. Replacement solution for Sumac/ Chosen Payment, Nelly Goodnoe & Sara Fenzl
    • Sumac is currently being used for Annual Campaign and Island Wood, and it is tied into the credit card payments. Request to change on-line payment software from Sumac/Chosen Payment to Giving Fuel effective immediately, with the first project being Island Wood.  Motion made, seconded, and approved.
  5. Disinfecting School procedure, Sara Fenzl
    • Question about enrollment during January with illnesses, second question about whether or not disinfecting a school is a possibility. School District does a once yearly per budget, over the summer. Idea is to create a Sign-Up genius and volunteer effort to disinfect school. There are only certain types of chemicals that can be used.
    • Will research it and report back.


Bryant online auction an amazing success

The final numbers are in…and the Bryant online auction raised $34,472! That’s a huge win for our school, and it will make a big difference in funding the important programs sponsored by the PTSA.

We want to thank each and every person who participated in the auction. Together, we built our community and made a difference for our students.

On behalf of the entire auction committee, thank you for making this auction such a success. We sure had fun putting it together for you! If you’re interested in helping us assemble next year’s auction we’d really love to hear from you at! The auction is a big undertaking, and having a larger team would help spread the load. And of course, it’s a ton of fun and very rewarding. Please join us!