Bryant PTSA Board Meeting Minutes – February 2018

Bryant PTSA Board Meeting Minutes
February 13, 2018 7:00pm
Bryant Library

Attendance: Kim Love, Julie Orazda, Nelly Goodnoe, Brita Willis, Whitney Griesbach, Sara Fenzl, Tammy Shorr, Jean Charette, Mary-Britt Love, Ann Sonnen, Michelle Ireton, Jennifer Mahlum, Kate Salisbury, Anne Alverti, Dan Sanger, Julie Pearson, Kevin Stordahl, McKenna Cowert, Sam Fogg, Ashlee Nelson, Amy Morris, Inge Schulz, Jen Drake, Greg Toledo, Kim Larsen, Sara Dunn, Amy Hughes, Adele Kulisevra, Katie Blanch, Kate Speizer

Welcome and Introductions

Approve January Meeting Minutes
Approved with corrections: December & January minutes reported the incorrect date for the Fundraising committee

Officer/Standing Committee Reports

  • Treasurer’s Report (7:08 – 7:13) Brita Willis
    Completed Mid-Year financial review – addressing improved budget synopsis and improved receipts
  • Auction Report, Jen Kennedy
    8 people on Auction team.  Auction starts March 5th.
    Currently have 244 items @ $37K fair market value.
    If all parent parties sell out, will make $8000.
  • Bryant Leadership Team Kim Love
    CSIP – working through each section
  • Principal’s Report Dan Sanger
    Black Lives Matters Week – teachers met week before to discuss activities/ conversations appropriate to age
    Budgeting for next year is beginning
    Upcoming Principle Search – interviews will be held mid March.  An advisory committee made up of parents, teachers, and staff will have the opportunity to interview candidates and forward selection

Special Committee Reports

Special Orders

New Business

  •  Tech Lab printer cost Nelly Goodnoe
    Motion to move $100 from unallocated funds to support Tech service for printer cost
    Motion by Nelly Goodnoe
    Seconded by Sara Fenzel

Meeting Adjourned (7:29)

7:30 –9:00
Bryant Speaker Series: Kids and Bullying
Kathy Slattengren












Here’s the Bryant auction link!

The Bryant online auction is now OPEN! It will be open all week and close at 10 p.m. on Monday, March 12. That gives you plenty of time to check out all of our offerings and bid, bid, bid. Remember, it’s all in support of Bryant’s PTSA. So get in there and have some fun! You can also share this link with your friends and family, even if they’re not Bryant families. Everyone is welcome to participate!

Peter Pan costumes for Bryant Play: 2018

Mr. Darling — a dark suit with white collared shirt and dark tie. A bowler Hat
[BRYANT PLAY HAS: several suit jackets, white button-down, ties; black hat; dark green bowler hat]

Mrs. Darling — Floor length, long sleeved, light colored dress with a sash around the waist, light colored shoes or slippers. Hair in a fancy bun. Clip-on earrings
[BRYANT PLAY HAS: long white fitted dress, 2 brown hats that would fit with this character, fabric for sash]

Liza (household maid) — knee length black dress, lace trimmed apron, lace trimmed white cap, black stockings, sensible black shoes
[BRYANT PLAY HAS: white bonnets]

Nana — white leggings and white long-sleeved shirt with brown patches on the back and legs. Brown stocking cap with dark brown ears attached. Knee pads.

Wendy — Blue nightgown (with white leggings on underneath) and a pocket, blue ribbons in hair, blue or white canvas shoes.  If no pocket available in nightgown, can wear a dressing gown with a pocket instead of nightgown.

Michael — Yellow PJ shirt/pants set and canvas shoes

John — Pajama shirt & pants, canvas shoes

The Lost Boys — actor’s choice of a combination of the following:

  • Brown, or navy blue pants, worn with holes and perhaps pockets ripped or legs different lengths
  • Solid color long sleeved button up shirt also distressed like the pants
  • Undershirt, dirty, with a men’s vest or jacket over it
  • Knee length shorts in brown or navy blue (not athletic shorts)
  • Knee length socks
  • Home-made looking hat or something used for a hat that wouldn’t normally be use like that
  • Brown or blue canvas shoes
    [BRYANT PLAY HAS: some brown fabric]

Peter Pan — Green leggings, a green tunic, green shoes (canvas shoes painted green would work great
[BRYANT PLAY HAS: 2 dark green vests and 2 sparkly green vests]


  • Green tank top
  • Green skirt
  • Green or clear butterfly wings
  • Green slippers
  • Necklace or ribbon choker
    [BRYANT PLAY HAS: 2 dark green vests and 2 sparkly green vests]

Captain Hook

  • Red or black trench coat or Naval Officer’s coat
  • brown or black leather belt
  • Pirate hat with feather
  • Man bun (optional hair)
  • Black Boots
    [BRYANT PLAY HAS: a hook! And lots of belts. And black combat boots, size 6]

Hook’s Pirates — actors’ choice of a combination of the following:

  • Black or brown pants in varying lengths from the knees to the ankles, distressed or ripped on the bottom of each leg.
  • White, brown, or gray long-sleeved button up shirt with wide collar, black or brown vest
  • Bandana for head in red or black
  • Stripped t-shirt in red and white stripes
  • Belt or sash upon which to hang a sword (can be made of rope)
  • Eye patch
  • Bare legs or white stockings and black shoes
    [BRYANT PLAY HAS: small red/white striped shirt; plenty of rope for sashes; 1 pair brown boots]


  • Blue/green hair wigs, or clip in extensions
  • Seashell necklace
  • Shiny blue, green, or purple tank top
  • Blue and green flowy skirt
  • Black leggings/ tights
  • Black flats
    [BRYANT PLAY HAS: 4 wigs in various colors, sparkly fabric, 1 pair black leggings

Tiger Lily

  • Dress (brown) (May be damaged slightly) (slightly above knees)
  • Tights (Black) (May be damaged slightly)
  • Boots (lace up combat boots)
  • Headband (preferably metallic) (If not we may paint it)
  • Belt (Silver or metallic)
  • Scarf: Red, in a light fabric
    [BRYANT PLAY HAS: red scarf, brown fabric, 1 pair of tall brown boots]


  • Dress (brown) (may be damaged) (slightly above knees)
  • Tights (really dark green) (may be damaged slightly)
  • Boots (lace up combat boots)
  • Belt (black)
  • Scarfs: each Amazon should find a solid color scarf in a light fabric (no two Amazons should have the same signature color). Scarfs can be worn in different ways, depending upon actor’s preference
    [BRYANT PLAY HAS: fabric to make scarves, belts]


Calling all K-3 Scientists!

Do you like to figure out how things work? Are you interested in plants and animals? Do you ask your parents a lot of questions about the world around you? Do you like to mix things together, touch things, and perform experiments at home? Then, get ready to be a scientist at K-3 Science Night!

K-3 Science Night is an opportunity for children (not their parents) in kindergarten through 3rd grade to present science experiments or demonstrations to their peers.

K-3 Science Night will be held on Thursday, March 29th in the Bryant gym/cafeteria from 6:30-7:30PM. Parents of young scientists should reserve a spot for their child by emailing with their child’s name and grade.  Due to space constraints, we have to limit the total number of presentations/demonstrations to 95, so sign up early to reserve a spot for your child or group. The deadline for sign ups is Monday, March 22nd.

If your child doesn’t want to present an experiment, that’s no problem — everyone is welcome to attend K-3 Science Night to see what all the fun is about, and you don’t have to sign up to attend!

Stay tuned to the Bryant Weekly for weekly suggestions for fun experiments to try at home with your child. I hope to see as many young scientists as possible, and look forward to an evening of science excitement!

Thanks and look forward to seeing all the young scientists on March 29th.

The K-3rd Science Night Team



Bryant PTSA Board Meeting Minutes – January 2018

January 9, 2018 7:00pm
Bryant Library

Welcome and Introductions,Kim Love & Julie Orhazda

Approve December Meeting Minutes
Correction needs to be made to list the last Wednesday for the monthly fundraising meeting.

Officer/Standing Committee Reports

  1. Treasurer’s Report, Brita Willis
    • Not much spending this month, a lot of self-starting clubs (Chess, Drama)
    • Looking for two volunteers to help with mid-year financial review coming up in Feb.
      Tammy will contact potential volunteers with a blurb written about volunteer help needed.
  2. Legislative Report, Shelley Prosise & Jean Charette
    • Nothing to report today- new resolutions are being worked on and should have more info next month.
    • Seattle Council is having general meeting Feb. 5th, will have PTSA reps there. District Budget Director will be present at that meeting.
  3. Fundraising Team Report, Leeann Huntington & Sara Fenzl
    • Continued with monthly meetings, finalized format of Google doc that includes events and communication around events. Idea is to stagger messaging of different events. Ideas welcome about how to promote usage of Google doc. This is to be used by committees that are selling things/asking for volunteers/etc. Board drop-box may be best suppository or use dropbox.
  4. Bryant Leadership Team, Kim Love
    • Discussed family engagement and were asked to narrow focus on two projects. Ideas include:
      • Day before school starts school-wide initiative for informal meet and greet to build relationships and assuage nerves about school starting. Focus on new families. This would be a joint PTSA/Building event and could replace 1st Day Tea, but as a more casual and fun way to engage families. This is still in early planning stages and yet to be discussed with staff. Idea to minimize time on teachers. Next steps are to form a small group to talk in more detail with teachers about what this would look like.
      • Another idea is to entrust students in helping and supporting each other
      • Training Video concept, with possible student involvement.
  5. Principal’s Report, Dan Sanger
    • Receieved early budget report today at District Office that was quite positive!
    • Budget will be used to channel into high poverty schools/free and reduced lunch, as well as literacy support and PTA’s help in maintaining Reading Specialist position. Talk of reducing student-teacher ratio.
    • Enrollment will still use conservative formula in providing staffing, however above news makes this prospect much more bearable.
    • Article in NYT sited Seattle School District as 3rd highest in student growth in K-3 in the USA.
    • CSIP (comprehensive site improvement plan) will be looked a the end of this year for the following year, which is a difference from previous years when this plan was looked at in the beginning of current school year.

Special Committee Reports

Special Orders

New Business                                                                          

  1. Teacher Assessment Days, Connie Bernard, Amy Alphin
    • Collaborative Literacy Leaders Ms. Bernard and Ms. Alphin reported on the new comprehensive literature program. District also adopted a K-5reading assessment, which is significant for equity in the district. This year’s assessment is new and much longer than previous years…
    • Takes bout 20-25 minutes per student per book for assessment.  Each kids needs to read 3-5 books most likely. Ms. Bernard walked us through what an assessment is like and why it takes a long time to conduct each assessment.
    • Assessment takes longer, but benefits are many. Wonderful to work with a kid 1:1. Assessments occur 2-3x/year to show growth, more so for students of concern, and in-depth assessments allow for a deeper understanding of where a student is.
    • Assessment data is also used for small reading group placements in K-2.
    • Currently teachers have used 20 full sub days for assessments: 4055.25- we have four days left (per treasurer) for the year. Survey sent out asking how much more time teachers feel they need for the year. 9 teachers said 1 year, 10 teachers said 2 more days, 2 teachers said more than 2 days would be needed.
    • Asking for 25 teachers to each have one more sub day. (25 days). =  $5500. For 37 days (1.5days per teacher) =  $8140.
    • Motion to increase sub time to $8200. Seconded and motion passed.
  2. PCC Gift Card, Kim Love
    • Two weeks ago PCC gave us $150. What to do with the money?
      • Table discussion and come back to next PTSA meeting with ideas. Vote on ideas at next meeting
  3. Future of Book Fair, Anne Aliverti
    • Ideal situation would be one new book per year per kid in library each year. (10, 200)
    • We actually get $3500 (3k from PTA/500 from Bryant). Also need to replace classics that are aging out.
    • Book fair profits have decreased dramatically
    • Other funding sources include Donors Choose and Graphic Novels Club – both sources are not necessarily constant and reliable.
    • May need to move away from the book fair. Not worth the money we are making.
    • Request for sub-committee on how we can think about funding in the future.
    • Ideas include read-a-thon/author event at UW Bookstore, etc./Friends of the Library
    • Please let Anne Aliverti know if you are interested in the sub-committee.
    • Book Fair to be cancelled for the future with idea to replace with other ideas.
  4. Bank deposit slips & endorsement stamps (8:05-8:10)   Nelly Goodnoe
    • No need for approval, requesting carbon copy deposit slips.


Kids and Race, 1/22/17 at Wedgwood Elementary

February Board Meeting 2/13/17
7pm meeting, 7:30 Bullying Speaker (order agenda to interest parents)
Request will be put into LASER to cover childcare

Blast: Need Volunteer Coordinator and Raffle Basket Leads












Bryant PTSA Board Meeting Minutes – December 2017

Bryant PTSA Board Meeting
December 5, 2017
Bryant Library

Notice of Meeting
Bryant Weekly, Bryant Calendar, School Posters

In Attendance: Julie Ohrazda, Kim Love, Liz Arjun, Nelly Goodnoe, Brita Willis, Whitney Griesbach, Leeann Huntington, Tammy Shorr Shelley Prosise, Jean Charette, Ann Sonnen, Michelle Ireton, Jennifer Mahlum, Anne Aliverti, Dan Sanger, Katherine Mackinnon, Eric Noble

Welcome and Introductions  

Approved November Board Meeting Minutes with amendment:
Leeann and Sara will provide doughnuts to teachers (not cards) for Annual Campaign thank you.

Officer/Standing Committee Reports

  1. Treasurer’s Recap Report – Nelly Goodnoe & Brita Willis
    • Still receiving pledge amounts from annual campaign
    • Sprit Wear sales at 6K, down from LY.  Next will include a pink option
  2. Fundraising Chair Report – Leeann Huntington
    • *Fundraising committee will be creating a master fundraising calendar.  Different avenues to be explored.
    • Fundraising committee (Michelle Ireton, Nelly Goodnoe, Anne Sonnen, Sara Fenzel, Leeann Huntington, Mary Catherine Schmitt, Jen Kennedy) will be meeting last Wednesday of each month
  3. Legislative Chairs Report – Shelley Prosise & Jean Charette
    • recap of co-sponsored event “Are Our Schools Fully Funded” held at Eckstein Middle School
    • Idea: Invite Joelyn Berge (from SPS) to talk about budget.  Have breakout sessions to determine action items
  4. Bryant Leadership Team – Kim Love
    • no report
  5. Principal’s Report – Dan Sanger
    • Goal setting has been completed by teachers
    • New choir teach has roughly 30 students

Special Committee Reports – None

Special Orders – None

New Business

  1. Scholastic News Magazine request – Nelly Goodnoe
    Reading specialist requested PTSA pay for 10 subscriptions to Scholastic New Magazine

    • Motion approved: PTSA pay for 10 Scholastic News Magazine Subscription for $70
  2. Speaker Series – Julie Ohrazda
    • First speaker series on Dec 7th.  Second speaker series talk Jan. 22nd.
  3. Blast Recruitment – Julie Ohrazda
    • Blast committee is looking for 2 more parents for Raffle Baskets and a Blast Coordinator to learn from Julie this year

7:47 Meeting adjourned









Build community and have fun!

Now offering grade-level grants!

The Bryant PTSA is offering grants for you to hold an event for families in your grade level. Bryant PTSA will grant up to $500 to each grade level to build engagement among its families. The money is intended to help fund events for families to meet and form connections with each other, in the hopes that stronger social relationships will translate to a stronger school community for our children.

Some ideas for FUN ways to spend your grant:

  • Hold a potluck cookout at a local park where you provide the burgers/hot dogs
  • Host a game night at a community center or at school
  • Host a movie night with free concessions (the PTSA has movie licenses that would cover this!)
  • Put on a talent show
  • Host a summer-time event to get families together outside of the school-year

Download the grade-level grant info sheet, or email for info today.