2018 Auction Fast Stats

  • Auction Donation Deadline: February 1
  • Auction Date: March 5-12
  • Online Auction Total Page Views: 24,975
  • Auction Goal: $18,000 (to begin with, then upped to $28,500)
  • Number of auction items/spots: 714
  • Total Auction Participants: 241
  • # of Bids: 1,774
  • Amount Raised (approx.): $34,472
  • Percentage of Goal Raised: 120%
  • Total Fair Market Value of Auction Goods (390 items with FMV): $48,998.04
  • Bids to Fair Market Value Ratio: 5%

Auction Analysis:

  • We continued this year with the stand-alone auction week in early March; it works very well. Beneficial to allow us to promote for the auction with minimal overlap with other events.
  • Auction communications were augmented this year to fully utilize all channels available: Bryant Weekly, Big List, PTSA website, PTSA Facebook, school signage and kid mail. Frequency was increased, and we garnered 37 more auction bidders this year.
  • We were asked not to directly solicit teachers (not including Mr. Sanger and Ms. Pearson) for teacher experiences. In the end, we had seven teacher-sponsored events volunteered entirely on the teachers’ own accord.
  • We worked to make up for a potential short-fall in revenue with the loss of teacher experiences by offering more parent experiences. We had 16 events hosted/sponsored by Bryant parents this year, which was more than last year.
  • Would like to form committee in May or June so that auction committee can meet and get started in September. Some businesses require solicitation in September.
  • Please include Online Auction Committee in first-day packet as a volunteer opportunity.
  • We had eight active committee members this year. That was three more than 2017, but the load is still extremely large. It would be better to have 10-12 people on the committee. We could use help recruiting volunteers for next year.



Bryant PTSA Board Meeting Minutes – April 2018

Bryant PTSA Board Minutes               
April 3, 2018 7:00pm
Bryant Library

Notice of Meeting
Bryant Weekly, Bryant Calendar, School Posters

In Attendance: Kim Love, Julie Ohrazda, Brita Willis, Whitney Griesbach, Leeann Huntington, Sara Fenzl, Tammy Shorr, Shelley Prosise, Jean Charette, Mary-Britt Love, Ann Sonnen, Michelle Ireton, Jennifer Mahlum, Kaie Salisbury, Dan Sanger, Julie Pearson, Anne Vold, Sam Fogg

Welcome and Introductions                                                        

Approved February Meeting Minutes – no changes

Officer/Standing Committee Reports

Treasurer’s Report — Brita Willis & Nelly Goodnoe

  • Have collected $145K toward $150K of the annual campaign donations
  • Collected $32K from the 2018 auction
  • Awarded First Grade Community Builder event grant

Auction Report — Kim Love

  • Original goal was 12K, but ended up doing 34K.  Netted $32K after credit card fees.
  • See Auction Fast Facts

Legislative Chairs  — Shelley Prosise & Jean Charette

  • March 14th and March 24th – Bryant participated in marches against gun violence
  • Bryant Elementary was second school to pass resolution against violence, now in 30 area schools

Bryant Leadership Team — Kim Love

  • No report as the BLT had not yet met

Principal’s Report — Dan Sanger

  • SBAC April 24th – June 1st
  • Full time counselor position has been posted for 2018-19
  • Art Position will be 1 FTE – will help lead Artist in Residence & Art Docent
  • Global Reading group won 1st place

Special Committee Reports — None

Special Orders — None

New Business                                                                                                  

PTSA fiscal sponsor of playground proposal — Kim Love

  • Community group must apply for City of Seattle Neighborhood Matching grant.  PTSA would act as fiscal sponser of project to renovate Bryant’s current playgroup.   Minimal to no risk for PTSA.
  • Motion Approved: PTSA will be the fiscal sponsor for the City of Seattle Neighborhood grant

7:50 Meeting Adjourned

Bryant PTSA Board Meeting Minutes – February 2018

Bryant PTSA Board Meeting Minutes
February 13, 2018 7:00pm
Bryant Library

Attendance: Kim Love, Julie Orazda, Nelly Goodnoe, Brita Willis, Whitney Griesbach, Sara Fenzl, Tammy Shorr, Jean Charette, Mary-Britt Love, Ann Sonnen, Michelle Ireton, Jennifer Mahlum, Kate Salisbury, Anne Alverti, Dan Sanger, Julie Pearson, Kevin Stordahl, McKenna Cowert, Sam Fogg, Ashlee Nelson, Amy Morris, Inge Schulz, Jen Drake, Greg Toledo, Kim Larsen, Sara Dunn, Amy Hughes, Adele Kulisevra, Katie Blanch, Kate Speizer

Welcome and Introductions

Approve January Meeting Minutes
Approved with corrections: December & January minutes reported the incorrect date for the Fundraising committee

Officer/Standing Committee Reports

  • Treasurer’s Report (7:08 – 7:13) Brita Willis
    Completed Mid-Year financial review – addressing improved budget synopsis and improved receipts
  • Auction Report, Jen Kennedy
    8 people on Auction team.  Auction starts March 5th.
    Currently have 244 items @ $37K fair market value.
    If all parent parties sell out, will make $8000.
  • Bryant Leadership Team Kim Love
    CSIP – working through each section
  • Principal’s Report Dan Sanger
    Black Lives Matters Week – teachers met week before to discuss activities/ conversations appropriate to age
    Budgeting for next year is beginning
    Upcoming Principle Search – interviews will be held mid March.  An advisory committee made up of parents, teachers, and staff will have the opportunity to interview candidates and forward selection

Special Committee Reports

Special Orders

New Business

  •  Tech Lab printer cost Nelly Goodnoe
    Motion to move $100 from unallocated funds to support Tech service for printer cost
    Motion by Nelly Goodnoe
    Seconded by Sara Fenzel

Meeting Adjourned (7:29)

7:30 –9:00
Bryant Speaker Series: Kids and Bullying
Kathy Slattengren












Bryant PTSA General Meeting Minutes – June

Attendees: Amy Shanafelt, Julie Ohrazda, Kim Love, Nelly Goodnoe, Jennifer Mahlum, Whitney Griesbach, Kim Larsen, Kate Speizer, Janie Booth, Shelley Prosise, Jean Charette, Mary-Britt Love, Ann Sonnen, Michelle Ireton, Lauren Abraham, Katie Salisbury, Dan Sanger, Julie Pearson, Same Fogg, Brita Willis, Leeann Huntington, Jen McCormick, Rachel Gleeson, Rachel Projansky, Tammy Shore, Kevin Orr

7:02 Welcome: Amy Shanafelt & Julie Ohrazda

7:07  March General Meeting minutes approved by General Memembership

7:08 Officer Standing Committee Reports

  • Treasurer’s Report : Jennifer Mahlum (7:08 – 7:10) – Blast came in above target.  YE will be presented in Fall.
  • Legislative Chair Report: Shelley Prosise (7:10 – 7:13)  – update on SPS moving to 2 tier bell time for 2017/18.  Sam Fogg gave update on Education funding and budget in the Legislature
  • Bryant Leadership Team: Amy Shanafelt (7:13- 7:14) – mtg postone until June 15 due to waiting for updated budget figures from SPS.
  • Principal’s Report: Dan Sanger (7:14 – 7:17) – Master schedule being re-evaluated

7:17 New Business

  • PTSA Budget 2017-18: Jennifer Mahlum (7:17- 7:20) – motion by Jennifer Malhum, second by Sam Fogg.  Approved by General Membership as presented.
  • PTSA Board Slate 2017-18: Michelle Ireton (7:20- 7:24) – Motion by Michelle Ireton, second by Shelley Prosise. Approved by General Membership as presented.
    Co – President Julie Ohrazda
    Co – President Kim Love
    Vice President Liz Arjun
    Co – Treasurer Nelly Goodnoe
    Co – Treasurer Brita Willis
    Co – Secretary Whitney Griesbach
    Co – Secretary Jen McCormick
  • LASER: Manna Ghandi (7:24 -7:28) – update on mission/ vision; communication plan with Bryant community; hiring practices;

7:35 Volunteer Awards

Golden Acorn
Kevin Gallagher
Amy Shanafelt

Volunteer Extraordinaire
Julie Ohrazda
Samantha Fogg

Unsung Hero
Lauren Abraham
Jessica Belzberg
Kristen Rosen

Special Awards: Fundraising Effort
Annual Campaign – Rachel Gleeson, Kim Larson
Online Auction – Sarah Fox, Sharla Wilson
Bryant Blast – Julie Ohrazda, Ann Sonnen, Hilary Peterman, Kim Love

8:23 Meeting adjourned

Bryant PTSA Board Meeting Minutes – April *DRAFT

Approved Feb Board Meeting Minutes


  • Online Auction raised $27,000
  • Update on budgeting proces

Bryant Leadership Team

  • Budget
  • Staffing

Principal Report

  • Funding was restored for:
    • for two teachers
    • Fulltime librarian
    • Vice Principles
  • Still at risk of not be able to fund
    • Math specialist
    • 2 teachers
  • Great that we’re coming out of the dark but this does not mean our budget crisis is resolved. Our work is not done and we need to continue to push for state funding of public education.
  • Expecting an update on enrollment numbers in June which may add more funding

Special committee reports

  • Online Auction
    • Original goal was $12,000 we bumped it up to $18,000. Total raised was $27,000.
    • Worked well to split the workload between 5 or 6 people
    • Suggestions for next year to form the committee May/June
  • Bryant Blast
    • All key volunteers have been recruited
    • No theme, no t-shirts, no crazy hats
    • Blood drive: sign-up @ BryantSchoolLIbrary.org. Donate get free entry!
  • Nominating Committee Open Positions
    • Vice President
    • Co-Secretary
    • Co-fundraiser
    • Co-volunteer coordinator
  • Laser Member Chad Barnes
    • Board is in Mission/Vision statement process
    • Moving towards a paperless systems for parents night out, camps,
    • Sign-up for Laser will be online, look for info in May
    • Still availability in Spring Break and Summer Camps

New Business

  • Ms. Salisbury asked for an additional to fund 4th grade class fieldtrip to the Zoo $650 – Approved
  • Nelly asked for $63 to support 5th grade Book-it – Approved

Bryant PTSA General Meeting Minutes – March

Minutes approved

Treasurer report – no new business (Jennifer Mahlum)

  • Mid-year financial review – we were found in compliance

Legislative Report – Update on Levy cliff (Shelley Prosise & Jean Charrette)

Principals report (Dan Sanger)

  • Low enrollment is having a significant impact Bryant’s funding and as a result the number of teachers and class sizes and new north end schools will continue to draw enrollment away from Bryant
  • Bryant’s approach to differentiated learning has reduced attrition of highly capable students by 75%
  • Critical that we keep the pressure on the state to fund public education

Special Committee Reports (Julie Orhazda)

  • Bryant Blast: May 13th, no special theme, no shirts, Need help with Raffle baskets
  • Bryant Auction: $27,000

Special Order

  • Approved survey monkey vote for additional $150 for Speaker Series (Whitney Criesbach)

New Business

  • Approved Nominating committee: Michelle, Lauren and Jannie
  • Donation for memorial for Jessica Belzberg “Just for kids art fund” Memorial fund to help organize and impact kids and art. Approved motion to donate $250
  • Global Reading request: ask for approval to increase the budget to $125 in the event that additional funds are needed.
  • Call for Budget Committee Members: Looking for volunteers who are interested to know where your money goes (First meeting last week of March)

Bryant PTSA Board Meeting Minutes – January 2017

Tuesday, January 10, 2017
7:05 PM

Attendees: Amy Shanafelt, Nelly Goodnoe, Julie Ohrazda, Jennifer Mahlum, Kim Love, Rachel Schaw, Whitney Griesbach, Kim Larsen, Katie Speizer, Janie Booth, Shelly Prosise, Jean Charrette, Mary-Britt Love, Kate Salisbury, Ann Sonnen, Michelle Ireton, Lauren Abraham, Anne Alverti, Julie Pearson, Dan Sanger, Sam Fogg, Jason Smith, Tiffany Smith, Kevin Orr

Welcome and Introductions Amy Shanafelt & Julie Orhazda

Approve November & December Meeting Minutes -approved with the following correction

  • Potential negative effect if the legislative doesn’t fully fund education would mean loss of positions (teachers, librarians, vice principal, etc.)

7:15-7:25 New Business
Steve Garlid shared feedback from some of the staff about the silent auction. Amy and Julie will schedule a follow-up discussion with Steve & the fundraising chairs to dig in and formulate a recommendation.

7:25 –8:05 Officer/Standing Committee Reports

  1. Treasurer’s Report (7:25 -7:35) Jennifer Mahlum
    No new update
  2. Legislative Report (7:35-7:45) Shelley Prosise & Jean Charette
    • Shelly & Jean will make postcards available before and after school for those who want to send a letter to their state legislature to demand support for funding the levy.
    • Dan Sanger spoke regarding the potential impact to Bryant
    • There was another vote on bell times. Barring any additional funding, there will continue to be a three tiered system.
  3. Bryant Leadership Team (7:45 –7:55) Amy Shanafelt
    Two areas of focus for the next meeting.

    • Improving communication between the building and home
    • Building culture and reducing student anxiety
  4. Principal’s Report (7:55 -8:05) Dan Sanger
    • Thank you to Amy Shanafelt for building and installing the pedestrian flags
    • Thank you Julie for working with the city to improve some of the traffic flow signage and increase drop off space

Meeting adjourned at 8:15