Bryant PTSA Board Meeting Minutes – April *DRAFT

Approved Feb Board Meeting Minutes


  • Online Auction raised $27,000
  • Update on budgeting proces

Bryant Leadership Team

  • Budget
  • Staffing

Principal Report

  • Funding was restored for:
    • for two teachers
    • Fulltime librarian
    • Vice Principles
  • Still at risk of not be able to fund
    • Math specialist
    • 2 teachers
  • Great that we’re coming out of the dark but this does not mean our budget crisis is resolved. Our work is not done and we need to continue to push for state funding of public education.
  • Expecting an update on enrollment numbers in June which may add more funding

Special committee reports

  • Online Auction
    • Original goal was $12,000 we bumped it up to $18,000. Total raised was $27,000.
    • Worked well to split the workload between 5 or 6 people
    • Suggestions for next year to form the committee May/June
  • Bryant Blast
    • All key volunteers have been recruited
    • No theme, no t-shirts, no crazy hats
    • Blood drive: sign-up @ Donate get free entry!
  • Nominating Committee Open Positions
    • Vice President
    • Co-Secretary
    • Co-fundraiser
    • Co-volunteer coordinator
  • Laser Member Chad Barnes
    • Board is in Mission/Vision statement process
    • Moving towards a paperless systems for parents night out, camps,
    • Sign-up for Laser will be online, look for info in May
    • Still availability in Spring Break and Summer Camps

New Business

  • Ms. Salisbury asked for an additional to fund 4th grade class fieldtrip to the Zoo $650 – Approved
  • Nelly asked for $63 to support 5th grade Book-it – Approved

Bryant PTSA General Meeting Minutes – March

Minutes approved

Treasurer report – no new business (Jennifer Mahlum)

  • Mid-year financial review – we were found in compliance

Legislative Report – Update on Levy cliff (Shelley Prosise & Jean Charrette)

Principals report (Dan Sanger)

  • Low enrollment is having a significant impact Bryant’s funding and as a result the number of teachers and class sizes and new north end schools will continue to draw enrollment away from Bryant
  • Bryant’s approach to differentiated learning has reduced attrition of highly capable students by 75%
  • Critical that we keep the pressure on the state to fund public education

Special Committee Reports (Julie Orhazda)

  • Bryant Blast: May 13th, no special theme, no shirts, Need help with Raffle baskets
  • Bryant Auction: $27,000

Special Order

  • Approved survey monkey vote for additional $150 for Speaker Series (Whitney Criesbach)

New Business

  • Approved Nominating committee: Michelle, Lauren and Jannie
  • Donation for memorial for Jessica Belzberg “Just for kids art fund” Memorial fund to help organize and impact kids and art. Approved motion to donate $250
  • Global Reading request: ask for approval to increase the budget to $125 in the event that additional funds are needed.
  • Call for Budget Committee Members: Looking for volunteers who are interested to know where your money goes (First meeting last week of March)

Bryant PTSA Board Meeting Minutes – January 2017

Tuesday, January 10, 2017
7:05 PM

Attendees: Amy Shanafelt, Nelly Goodnoe, Julie Ohrazda, Jennifer Mahlum, Kim Love, Rachel Schaw, Whitney Griesbach, Kim Larsen, Katie Speizer, Janie Booth, Shelly Prosise, Jean Charrette, Mary-Britt Love, Kate Salisbury, Ann Sonnen, Michelle Ireton, Lauren Abraham, Anne Alverti, Julie Pearson, Dan Sanger, Sam Fogg, Jason Smith, Tiffany Smith, Kevin Orr

Welcome and Introductions Amy Shanafelt & Julie Orhazda

Approve November & December Meeting Minutes -approved with the following correction

  • Potential negative effect if the legislative doesn’t fully fund education would mean loss of positions (teachers, librarians, vice principal, etc.)

7:15-7:25 New Business
Steve Garlid shared feedback from some of the staff about the silent auction. Amy and Julie will schedule a follow-up discussion with Steve & the fundraising chairs to dig in and formulate a recommendation.

7:25 –8:05 Officer/Standing Committee Reports

  1. Treasurer’s Report (7:25 -7:35) Jennifer Mahlum
    No new update
  2. Legislative Report (7:35-7:45) Shelley Prosise & Jean Charette
    • Shelly & Jean will make postcards available before and after school for those who want to send a letter to their state legislature to demand support for funding the levy.
    • Dan Sanger spoke regarding the potential impact to Bryant
    • There was another vote on bell times. Barring any additional funding, there will continue to be a three tiered system.
  3. Bryant Leadership Team (7:45 –7:55) Amy Shanafelt
    Two areas of focus for the next meeting.

    • Improving communication between the building and home
    • Building culture and reducing student anxiety
  4. Principal’s Report (7:55 -8:05) Dan Sanger
    • Thank you to Amy Shanafelt for building and installing the pedestrian flags
    • Thank you Julie for working with the city to improve some of the traffic flow signage and increase drop off space

Meeting adjourned at 8:15

Bryant PTSA Board Meeting Minutes – December 2016

Monday, December 12, 2016
8:18 PM

Attendees: Leann Huntington, Maura Wixey, Joan Crooks, Angela Kirk, Sally Shi, Amy Shanafelt, Nelly Goodnoe, Julie Ohrazda, Jennifer Mahlum, Kim Love, Rachel Schaw, Whitney Griesbach, Kim Larsen, Shelly Prosise, Jan Charrette, Ann Sonnen, Michelle Ireton, Lauren Abraham, Anne Aliverti, Julie Pearson, Dan Sanger, Katie Salisbury

7:00 -8:00 Bryant PTSA Speaker Series
Download speaker Emily Cherkin’s Powerpoint presentation and handout on Raising Kids and Finding Balance in a Digitally Connected World

Officer/Standing Committee Reports

  1. Treasurer’s Report (Jennifer Mahlum)
  2. Legislative Report (Shelly Prosise & Jean Charrette)
    • Paramount Duty: Motion to support the Seattle PTSA motion to demand that the State Legislation to fully fund education. -Approved
    • Bell times
      • SeattlePTSA advocacy google group coordinating @ next Board meeting on Jan 4th, 2017 4:15 -8:00 @ John Sandford Center.
      • To provide extra feedback to Seattle School Board please email and voice your opinion.
  3. Bryant Leadership Team (BLT) Update (Kim Love)
    • Catastrophic Even Protocol: Working on proposal for pick/up drop off in the event of a catastrophe. This will be communicated to parents once the proposal is final.
    • Multi-tiered system of reports: Committee is looking how we create structures that support students of concern who have reading/writing/math within the school or classroom
  4. Principal Report (Dan Sanger)
    • Potential negative effect if the legislative doesn’t fully fund education would mean loss of positions (teachers, librarians, vice principals, etc.)
    • Encourage us all to get involved to affect the decisions that are made in Olympia.

Special Committee Reports

  1. Blood Drive (Kim Love)
    • Looking to get 25 committed blood donors. Email Kim Love (

New Business

  1. Global Reading request (Anne Aliverti)
    • Approved request to fund an additional bus for competition

Meeting Adjourned 9:10pm

Bryant PTSA Board Meeting Minutes – November 2016

7:08 Start

  1. Welcome and Introduction: Amy Shanafelt & Julie Ohrazda
  2. Treasurer’s Report, Jennifer Mahlum
  3. Fundraising Chair Report, Kim Larsen & Rachel Gleeson
    • 2015 had a$50.00 less ask per child resulting in a 93% participation rateand an average pledgeof $252.00 per child
    • 2016 had a$50.00 more ask per child resulting in a 94% participation rate and an average pledge of $284.00 per child
    • 2016 had an increase pledge amountof roughly$30.00 coincidingwith a $50.00 increase in the ask
  4. Approved 5th Grade Request to Substitute Living Voice Funds, Amy Shanafelt

Bryant PTSA General Meeting Minutes – October 2016 *DRAFT

Monday, November 7, 2016

Attendees: Anne Vold, Maura Wixey, Kathy Weinman, Lynn Masunaga-Fahselt, Leeann Huntington, Katie Boyes, Jason Smith, Tiffany Morgan, Peter Sonnar, Sara Fenzel, Aaron Marburg, Sam Fogg, Eric Noble, Xiangyi Shi, Karen Cui, Kevin Orr, Peter Schaw, Rachel Gleeson, Kim Larson

June minutes -approved

RULER Presentation – (Julie Pearson, Chara Johnson, Lynn Fahselt, Katie Salisbury, Elizabeth Day)

Officer/ Standing committee Reports

  • Treasurer Report–Jennifer Mahlum
    • Reviewed last month’s budget, noted that classroom supply checks has been distributed
    • Additional matching funds from LY annual campaign came in, giving us more in TY’s budget
  • Volunteer Co-coordinator report–Janie Booth
    Needs for volunteers:

    • Lunch and recess continue to need volunteers
    • One person for pictures on Oct. 18th
    • Math Club
    • Bryant Blast
    • Online Auction
    • Family Arts Night
  • Fundraising Report–Kim Larsen and Rachel Gleeson
    • Annual Campaign starts Oct. 17thand runs through Oct 28th
    • Largest fundraiser of the year
    • Direct ask of parents of $325 per student
    • Ask is based on the current PTSA budget
    • Reviewed procedure for the campaign and how to return pledge cards
  • Bryant Leadership Team Report –Amy Shanafelt
    • Goal to close the communication loop between parents and building.
    • Amy read the minutes from the BLT Sept meeting.
  • Principal Report –Dan Sanger
    • Reviewed Early Start/ Dismissal –going well for teachers and students
    • Laser enrollment is at 145 spots
    • Hired 9 new teachers/ staff this year
    • Instrumental music to Oct
    • Bell Choir for 5th grade is Tues / Friday this year
    • Choir –still working on hiring a teacher for this position
    • No Safety Patrol in the mornings so far for the year
  • Legislative Report–Jean Charette and Shelley Prosise
    • McCleary design from the supreme court on Friday, Oct. 7th. –state will continue to be fined for not funding schools adequately
    • Homeless encampment legislation from Seattle City Council –reviewed possible impacts to schools and public spaces impacts to schools and public spaces

New Business –motions made:

  • Standing Bylaws –motion to approve made by Michelle Ireton, seconded by Rachel Gleeson
  • Raz Kids Funding Request to pay for budet shortfall due to increase in classes -$156.63 –motion to approve made by Nelly Goodnoe, seconded by Michelle Ireton
  • Raz Kids Funding Request to pay for additional subscription for 4 Learning Interventist -$438.18 – presented by Julie Pearson -motion by Katie Salisbury, seconded by Nelly Goodnoe

New Business

  • Rainy Day Recess concerns presented by Mark Batho
    • Mark was concern there are too many rainy day recesses and that children need to go outside to burn off energy.
    • Dan and Julie were able to explain how the decision is made to stay indoors (extreme cold or rain). Additional Building concerns from teachers are wet students don’t learn well. Suggestion made to put in the Bryant Weekly to remind parents to bring coats and boots for students.


Bryant PTSA Board Meeting Minutes – September 2016

Wednesday, September 14, 2016
6:45 PM

Attendees: Amy Shanafelt, Kim Love, Nelly Goodnoe, Jennifer Mahlum, Rachel Schaw, Whitney Griesbach, Kim Larsen, Rachel Gleeson, Kate Speizer, Shelley Prosise, Jean Charette, Mary-Britt Love, Ann Sonnen, Michelle Ireton, Katie Salisbury, Dan Sanger, Julie Pearson, Emily Chencin, Sam Fogg, Jason Smith, Tiffany Morgan, Anna Marbury, Heidi Hager, Talia Fulgham, Nicole Hasheminejad

Welcome and Introductions

May 2016 Board Meeting Minutes-Approved

Officer/Standing Committee Reports

  1. Treasurer’s Recap Report Jennifer Mahlum & Nelly Goodnoe
  2. Volunteer Coordinators Report Kate Speizer & Janie Booth
    • Chairs still needed
      • Bryant directory
      • Online Auction
    • Please fill out your watch forms
  3. Fundraising Chair Report (Rachel Gleeson & Kim Larsen)
    • Summary of what the PTSA funds from the annual campaign
      • Annual Campaign starts in mid-October

Special Committee Reports -None

Special Orders -None

New Business

  1. Conflict of Interest Statement -Rachel Schaw
    • Needs to be signed by all Board Members
    • Please see Nelly to sign the conflict
  2. Compliance Documents -Nelly Goodnoe
    • Needs to be signed by all Exec Board members & anyone processing money
    • Nelly will follow-up to ensure
  3. Review addendums to the standing rules (Amy Shanafelt)
    • Read the proposed changes to the PTSA Standing Rules
    • These will be up for vote in October’s meeting

Principal Report -Dan Sanger

Teacher Representative Report–PLC Tiffany Bodine

8:30 meetings adjourned