Join (or renew) with the Bryant PTSA today!

We’d like to invite you to join us as members of the Bryant PTSA. Membership is a great way to support the largest volunteer association dedicated to child advocacy and programs benefitting children in Seattle and nationwide.

Top Five Reasons to Join the PTSA:

  1. Build a partnership between our school and our families.
    Vote on the Bryant PTSA budget, on resolutions, and for the Bryant PTSA Executive Board.
  2. Help fund PTSA scholarships and grants.
  3. Provide a legislative voice for our children in Olympia and in Washington, D.C.
  4. Get exclusive member discounts at businesses like Great Wolf Lodge, Barnes & Noble, and Kinko’s/Fedex

Your PTSA membership needs to be renewed every year. Hit the ground running this year. Download your membership form today and join one of the strongest PTSA’s in our region. For more information contact the Membership Co-Chairs Ann Sonnen and Mary-Britt Love.

LASER is looking for a counselor

LASER is currently looking for energetic, reliable, and creative candidates to work part-time in their after-school program with potential of full-time during day camps at Bryant and Laurelhurst. Salary Range is $15+/hr DOE. Candidates must be at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma or equivalent. Prior childcare experience and Associate/Bachelor Degrees are a plus.

If you are interested, please send your resume and cover letter to:

Bryant PTSA General Meeting Minutes – June

Attendees: Amy Shanafelt, Julie Ohrazda, Kim Love, Nelly Goodnoe, Jennifer Mahlum, Whitney Griesbach, Kim Larsen, Kate Speizer, Janie Booth, Shelley Prosise, Jean Charette, Mary-Britt Love, Ann Sonnen, Michelle Ireton, Lauren Abraham, Katie Salisbury, Dan Sanger, Julie Pearson, Same Fogg, Brita Willis, Leeann Huntington, Jen McCormick, Rachel Gleeson, Rachel Projansky, Tammy Shore, Kevin Orr

7:02 Welcome: Amy Shanafelt & Julie Ohrazda

7:07  March General Meeting minutes approved by General Memembership

7:08 Officer Standing Committee Reports

  • Treasurer’s Report : Jennifer Mahlum (7:08 – 7:10) – Blast came in above target.  YE will be presented in Fall.
  • Legislative Chair Report: Shelley Prosise (7:10 – 7:13)  – update on SPS moving to 2 tier bell time for 2017/18.  Sam Fogg gave update on Education funding and budget in the Legislature
  • Bryant Leadership Team: Amy Shanafelt (7:13- 7:14) – mtg postone until June 15 due to waiting for updated budget figures from SPS.
  • Principal’s Report: Dan Sanger (7:14 – 7:17) – Master schedule being re-evaluated

7:17 New Business

  • PTSA Budget 2017-18: Jennifer Mahlum (7:17- 7:20) – motion by Jennifer Malhum, second by Sam Fogg.  Approved by General Membership as presented.
  • PTSA Board Slate 2017-18: Michelle Ireton (7:20- 7:24) – Motion by Michelle Ireton, second by Shelley Prosise. Approved by General Membership as presented.
    Co – President Julie Ohrazda
    Co – President Kim Love
    Vice President Liz Arjun
    Co – Treasurer Nelly Goodnoe
    Co – Treasurer Brita Willis
    Co – Secretary Whitney Griesbach
    Co – Secretary Jen McCormick
  • LASER: Manna Ghandi (7:24 -7:28) – update on mission/ vision; communication plan with Bryant community; hiring practices;

7:35 Volunteer Awards

Golden Acorn
Kevin Gallagher
Amy Shanafelt

Volunteer Extraordinaire
Julie Ohrazda
Samantha Fogg

Unsung Hero
Lauren Abraham
Jessica Belzberg
Kristen Rosen

Special Awards: Fundraising Effort
Annual Campaign – Rachel Gleeson, Kim Larson
Online Auction – Sarah Fox, Sharla Wilson
Bryant Blast – Julie Ohrazda, Ann Sonnen, Hilary Peterman, Kim Love

8:23 Meeting adjourned

Send supportive words & donations to our friends at Sand Point Elementary

Card-making and donation station 
7:35-7:55 a.m. Wednesday, June 21
Bryant schoolyard
Accepting donations of Safeway gift cards,
and checks made out to Sand Point Elementary PTA

Undoubtedly, you’ve heard by now about Charleena Lyles’ fatal shooting at her home in Magnuson Park. The Sand Point Elementary (SPE) community is asking for support for their students living at Magnuson Park’s Solid Ground Housing (Brettler), many of whom lived near Charleena’s family and witnessed her violent death as well the traumatic events that followed.

You may have seen a list of supplies circulating to support the SPE community while they recover, and the well-meaning response has the potential to be overwhelming. Chandra Hampson, SPE PTA Community Engagement Chair, is working with the family and the community, and asks that donations of Safeway gift cards and straight monetary donations be made out to Sand Point Elementary PTA so they can determine the best way to support their students and families.

Please join the Bryant community tomorrow, Wednesday, June 21, at morning drop-off to show support for Sand Point Elementary. We’ll be making cards and sending words of love and support. You can also drop off monetary or gift card donations. If you’re unable to join us but would like to help, you can send your donation through kid mail (checks should be made out to Sand Point Elementary PTA) in an envelope marked ‘Bryant PTSA.’

There may also be ways to help support Charleena’s family and community throughout the summer. We’ll keep you posted through the Big List as we get a clearer picture of their needs.

If you’re struggling with ways to help your child deal with community violence, the website Look Through Their Eyes is a thoughtful resource.

Bike Month 2017 by the numbers!

Bike Month has wrapped up, and Bike2Bryant would like to thank all students and their parents who got pedaling in May. Here are some amazing stats on Bryant’s awesome pedal-power:

  • 94 people logged at least 1 bike trip in May
  • In total, they made 1159 roundtrips.
  • This amounted to roughly 2000 miles — which would get you past the Arctic Circle or to the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula.
  • All that bike riding took 392 hours, or 16 days.
  • 2 students each biked 100 miles in May – not even the Bike Fairy is sure she biked that much!
  • Ms. Kearney’s class won the Crank Arm trophy for class with the most trips.
  • 28 students rode their bikes everyday – Congratulations to Tyson A., Sonja A., Sebio A., Naomi B., Walter B., Eleanor B., Maggie B., Milo C., Charlotte C., Gianina D., Rian F., Tristan F., Emma F., Ian F., Jackson H., Evan J., Jojo J., Madeleine M., Olympia L., Murrow L., Nicolas L., Vivienne L., Orli P., Ramona S., Diadora S., Sydney W., Pola Z., and Zoja Z.

We are proud of all of our Bryant bikers, and thank them and their parents for continuing the Bike Month tradition at Bryant. Keep on pedaling in the summer, and we’ll see you in the fall with Walk to School programming!

Field Day volunteers needed

Come join the fun at Bryant Field Day on Friday, June 17th! Volunteers are needed to help with events for K-2nd grade from 8-10 a.m., and 3rd-5th grade from Noon-2 p.m.

If you’re not able to attend Field Day, but would still like to help, we also need families to fill water balloons (provided), donate sidewalk chalk, and loan large plastic tubs.

***Please complete the SPS volunteer requirements if you wish to volunteer for Field Day. Find the volunteer forms and links on-line or pick them up outside the Bryant office. All volunteers receive an email confirmation once they are approved. Questions about volunteer requirements? Please contact Ann Marie Patterson, Volunteer Coordinator.

Please feel free to contact Julie Matz or Erin Johnson for more information or questions regarding Field Day.

Can you make a plant ID chart?

We need a volunteer to make a plant identification chart with photographs of plants and weeds in our Learning Landscape. The chart would need to list common invasive weeds in one section and native plants that need to stay in our Learning Landscape in another section.

Having this chart would make it easier for classes to come out into the Learning Landscape, and for volunteers who would like to work in the Learning Landscape on their own schedule but want clarity about what can stay and what should go.

If this volunteer opportunity is of interest to you please contact Sam Fogg and Pamela Kuhtz.