Thank You from the Annual Campaign!

The two weeks are up and we’ve had an outstanding response to the Bryant PTSA’s annual campaign.

Our participation rate as a school was 94%!!!

Together we raised $168,000, which will go to support arts, science, technology, healthy kids, and more. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

If you are curious about the class totals, the 3rd grade is the winner with a 98% participation rate. Wow and Congratulations to all the third graders!!

It was a very close contest, however, and parents, kids, and teachers from all of the grade levels should be commended for getting the cards out and back again. Here are the final results:

K – 90%
1st – 91%
2nd – 96%
3rd – 98%
4th – 97%
5th – 93 %

In addition to thanking the Bryant community as a whole, because this really was a group effort, the Annual Campaign Co-Chairs would like to give special thanks to our fabulous AC treasurer, Lauren Abraham, and our terrific Matching Funds Coordinator Cristy Magill. We would like to also thank Trudy Springer and Hannah Lack, as well as the folks at the Bryant Weekly and the Big List for their invaluable assistance throughout. In addition, we would like to thank this year’s room parents and the teachers for their continued support with special announcements helping to make the campaign a success.

Thank you all!!
Kim Larsen and Rachel Gleeson

Orange cards due Friday!!


Don’t keep us in suspense. The Bryant PTSA’s Annual Campaign has just a few days left.

Our once-blazing progress towards our goal of 100% participation has cooled down quite a bit.

As of our 6th day of counting, we are at 59% participation with only 4 days left. You do the math.

The grade level with the highest percentage has 67% and the grade level with the lowest has 48%, so everybody is doing their part, but all grade levels need to pick up the pace! (please).

There are still lots of orange cards out there. We need your help in getting them back to the school to sustain the programs already in place.

Just in case anyone wants a reminder of all the good things that the PTSA does at Bryant School, let’s think about recess for a minute. Did you know that the PTSA helps fund recess supervision?  Recess is lots of fun, of course, and it has been demonstrated to help cognitive, emotional, physical, and social well-being.  What’s not to like about that?

We are keeping our message short today in the hopes that anybody who still has their card at home can find the time to fill it out and return them to Bryant.

As a reminder, there are extra orange cards in the front lobby of Bryant, with the other forms and fliers, as well as available online. Also, don’t forget to check with your employer on matching funds.

Questions? Comments? Please contact the PTSA Fundraising Co-chairs, Rachel Gleeson and Kim Larsen.


Annual Campaign is halfway there!

After a 5th day of counting, the good news is that we have just slightly more than half our cards back. We have just 5 more days to go and as you’ll recall, we want 100% of the cards back.

Right now we have a 53% overall participation rate. That’s terrific, because it means that we have already heard back from half of the school, but we can’t rest on our laurels.

No doubt you are wondering: “Why does the Annual Campaign keep bugging us about the orange cards?” It is no secret — we want the whole Bryant community involved. Just by sending your child’s orange card in, you are helping us reach this goal.

Of course, it would be terrific if every card came back with our “ask” of $325 per kid, or even something above or below that, because your contributions make it possible for the PTSA to continue to do the good work it does at Bryant. Our over-riding goal, however, is 100% participation, which means we get every card back, with a donation or not. This has not ever happened in Annual Campaign history but, as any Cubs fan will tell you, 2016 is already a magical year, so this might be our best shot.

If your child’s card has gone missing, please let us, or your teacher, know. We will get you a new one. Or, you can pick one up at school, or download a form today.

Just in case you are curious about what grade is getting closest to translating “participation” into “party”, the third grade has taken over the lead as the grade with the highest level of participation. Way to go 3rd graders!

K – 60%
1st – 48%
2nd – 50%
3rd – 62%
4th – 56%
5th – 38%

Here are some thoughts on how parents can help the annual campaign:

1. If you sent your card to school with your child already, thank you.

It might be worth double-checking with them that they gave their card to their teacher. Oddly, the older the child, the harder it sometimes is for them to remember to extract an orange card from their backpack.

2. If you have multiple kids at the school and you sent in a check for all of them, thank you.

Please make sure that you sent an orange pledge card back with each and every child, though. That way we can make certain that your family’s participation is registered at each grade level.

3. If you have been meaning to send back your card, but have been too busy, or preoccupied with football, or soccer, or baseball, or politics, or opera, your darling children, or what have you, no problem, there is still time.

However, please don’t delay! Friday is our deadline for accepting cards that can count towards our participation goal. We will, of course, be happy to accept PTSA donations after that, but we won’t be sending out any more gentle reminders. Much better to get it done now.

Questions? Concerns?
Please contact Rachel Gleeson or Kim Larsen, PTSA Fundraising Co-chairs

Annual Campaign is humming along!

Keep Up the Good Work!

As of the 4th day of the Campaign we have 45% of the orange cards returned, which is terrific. Friday, October 21st, is our half-way mark — this is a great day to get the card in the backpack and off to school.

Can’t find your orange card? There are more at the school, or you can download a copy.

No doubt you are probably just as eager as your kids to find out the participation percentage by grade level. Our Kindergartners are in the lead for most cards returned so far. Way to go Kindergarten kids, parents, and teachers (we know this is a group effort)!

K – 56%
1st – 39%
2nd – 46%
3rd – 53%
4th – 45%
5th – 35%

With the non-Bryant campaigns and elections hogging all of the limelight these days, it is nice to reflect on the brevity of the Annual Campaign (just two weeks!). Also the friendliness of the campaign. And, most importantly, we don’t make robocalls.

Rather than being distracted by polls and projections, let’s dwell for a moment on how the Bryant PTSA supports SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY.

For instance, did you know that the PTSA supports Bryant’s technology manager, who helps our kids begin to see technology as a tool for learning and communicating (not just pokemon go)?

The PTSA’s support of Science Fair materials and the Science Fair coordinator gives our kids experience with science experiments, and different ways to convey results. Likewise, the PTSA’s support of Math Champs helps Bryant kids compete as mathletes.

Hands-on science is also supported by the PTSA. Sometimes through classroom projects, like the “Salmon in the Schools” program, other times through class field trips that take kids to exciting places like the Burke Museum, Mercer Slough, and the Washington Park Arboretum. There is even everyday biology happening on our own school grounds through our Garden Buddies group.

Of course the very best Bryant field trip is the 5th grade trip to Islandwood, where the kids learn about environmental science. PTSA funds, along with funds raised separately by the 4th grade class, help keep this memorable experience affordable for families.

Questions? Please feel free to contact our Fundraising Co-Chairs Rachel Gleeson and Kim Larsen.

Bryant is the best!

As of day 2 of our 2016 Annual Campaign, we are happy to report that we already have a participation rate of 30%.  This is exciting because if we keep up this pace, we’ll be at 150% participation by the end of the campaign (just kidding!).  Thank you to everyone who has turned in their card!  Please give a shout out to your children as well for their help in the process.

A special “Hooray!” goes out to the Kindergarteners and 3rd Graders – right now those two grade levels lead our grade-level competition in % of cards returned by grade with 40% each .

Any way you look at it however, all grade levels are very much into the spirit of the campaign.  Here is where everyone stands:

K – 40%
1st – 22%
2nd – 35%
3rd – 40%
4th – 27%
5th – 20%

To underscore how important your contributions are to Bryant, we thought we would take a quick moment to talk about how the PTSA is helping support THE ARTS at school.

For starters, the PTSA sponsors an Arts enrichment program that works with each grade-level to bring meaningful arts instruction into the classrooms.  Depending on your child’s grade level this can include two-dimensional art projects as well as more sculptural art forms, such as ceramics (fun fact: Bryant has its own kiln).

The PTSA also funds supplies for our Art Docents, who are parent volunteers in each classroom sharing famous artworks with the kids and then instructing them in a project based on that artwork.

The middle schools of the Northeast all have excellent music programs for band, jazz band and orchestras, and things are even better at the high school level.  The PTSA helps get Bryant kids ready for these programs through support of instrumental music instruction, helping to cut down the costs to parents.

The PTSA also gives financial support to Arts Night, and to the Reflections Arts Program, both of which give kids different ways to explore the arts.

Whether fiction or nonfiction, good writing is an art form in its own right.  The PTSA supports Writer’s Celebration and the Global Reading Challenge to help support a love of writing and a love of reading.

Turn in  your pledge cards now to keep these wonderful traditions of enrichment at our school!

The PTSA’s Annual Campaign is Happening Now!

Annual Campaign – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What do I do if I never received or can’t find the orange pledge card?
A: Extras can be found in the front hall of the school. Your pledge card is also available to download and print. It’s OK if it’s not orange!

Q: I have two kids at Bryant but only want to write one check, what do I do?
A. Include the donation in one check, and put it in one envelope but please turn in both orange cards. There is a box on the form to check to indicate that your donation is being sent in with a different card.

Q: Why is the Annual Campaign our major fundraiser?
A: The Annual Campaign has shown itself to be a sustainable fundraising model with high returns, a very low cost to the PTSA, relatively low volunteer hours, and a chance for the entire Bryant Community to be involved.

Q: Why only two weeks?
A: The two week focus is to keep everyone engaged, and get it done! Honestly, we would make it just one week if we thought we could get the cards back in that time. We have learned in past years that, beyond two weeks, more time does not equal higher returns. You are, of course, welcome to contribute money at other times of the year, but it works best for the PTSA if you can make your commitment now. Monthly installments are a provided option as well. Just check the appropriate box on the back of the pledge card.

Q: What is the overall goal?
A: For the Annual Campaign our goal is 100% response – we want to hear from everyone in the Bryant community, even if that doesn’t include a contribution. From a monetary perspective the goal is to raise enough money to cover current PTSA spending while also taking into account Seattle wage increases.

Have your own questions? Please feel free to send them to the Fundraising Co-chairs:
Rachel Gleeson and Kim Larsen.

The Annual Campaign has begun!

Please participate by returning your orange pledge card.

One of the great things about Bryant is that there are so many different ways to participate in the life of the school. We already know that we have 100% participation from the Bryant community on so many levels.  It would be great if that can be translated into 100% participation in this year’s Annual Campaign!

It is a source of tremendous Bryant pride that so many people support the school through volunteer work.  This includes classroom support as a Room Parent, school support such as Library Volunteer, or one-time obligations, such as helping out at the Blast, or baking cookies for Teacher Appreciation Week.

We all help the Bryant community when we speak up about issues that are important for our kids.  Whether this has to do with state and local school funding, finding the right school start times, or reinforcing the importance of art, math, science, music, recess, and technology, we show our kids what it means to be good citizens by the way we participate in advocacy for our school.

By participating in the Bryant PTSA Annual Campaign, and giving what we can, we all support numerous important initiatives that we, as a community, have identified as being important to us.  These include:

  • Field Trip Supplies
  • Classroom Supplies
  • Reading A-Z Materials for Classrooms
  • Library Materials
  • Writer’s Celebration
  • Field Day
  • Art Supplies
  • Science Fair
  • Garden Buddies

Our priorities as a PTSA are also reflected in the funding of several part-time staff positions that help Bryant be a better place every day of the year through enrichment, safety and academic excellence.  These include:

  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Recess Supervisor
  • Technology Lab Manager
  • Instructional Support
  • Tutoring/Academic Support
  • Arts Educators
  • Instrumental Music
  • Substitutes to help Teachers during Student Assessments

Please contact us with any questions.
Rachel Gleeson and Kim Larsen



2016-17 Bryant PTSA Fundraising Co-Chairs