Bryant online auction an amazing success

The final numbers are in…and the Bryant online auction raised $34,472! That’s a huge win for our school, and it will make a big difference in funding the important programs sponsored by the PTSA.

We want to thank each and every person who participated in the auction. Together, we built our community and made a difference for our students.

On behalf of the entire auction committee, thank you for making this auction such a success. We sure had fun putting it together for you! If you’re interested in helping us assemble next year’s auction we’d really love to hear from you at! The auction is a big undertaking, and having a larger team would help spread the load. And of course, it’s a ton of fun and very rewarding. Please join us!

Experience Peter Pan

The 4th and 5th Grade actors and techies have been hard at work rehearsing and putting together this year’s spring play, Peter Pan. Come support our two casts at this annual tradition!

  • Thursday, March 23 at 7 pm (cast A)
  • Friday, March 24 at 7 pm (cast B)
  • Saturday, March 25 matinee at 2 pm (cast B)
  • Saturday, March 25 evening at 7 pm (cast A)

Remember to come with cash! We’ll have plenty of bake sale goodies available to get you through the performances!

We’ll be pre-selling tickets for $5 each after school on the playground starting Fri, March 16 going through performance nights. Get your tickets early and beat the rush on the performance days.

Here’s the Bryant auction link!

The Bryant online auction is now OPEN! It will be open all week and close at 10 p.m. on Monday, March 12. That gives you plenty of time to check out all of our offerings and bid, bid, bid. Remember, it’s all in support of Bryant’s PTSA. So get in there and have some fun! You can also share this link with your friends and family, even if they’re not Bryant families. Everyone is welcome to participate!

Peter Pan costumes for Bryant Play: 2018

Mr. Darling — a dark suit with white collared shirt and dark tie. A bowler Hat
[BRYANT PLAY HAS: several suit jackets, white button-down, ties; black hat; dark green bowler hat]

Mrs. Darling — Floor length, long sleeved, light colored dress with a sash around the waist, light colored shoes or slippers. Hair in a fancy bun. Clip-on earrings
[BRYANT PLAY HAS: long white fitted dress, 2 brown hats that would fit with this character, fabric for sash]

Liza (household maid) — knee length black dress, lace trimmed apron, lace trimmed white cap, black stockings, sensible black shoes
[BRYANT PLAY HAS: white bonnets]

Nana — white leggings and white long-sleeved shirt with brown patches on the back and legs. Brown stocking cap with dark brown ears attached. Knee pads.

Wendy — Blue nightgown (with white leggings on underneath) and a pocket, blue ribbons in hair, blue or white canvas shoes.  If no pocket available in nightgown, can wear a dressing gown with a pocket instead of nightgown.

Michael — Yellow PJ shirt/pants set and canvas shoes

John — Pajama shirt & pants, canvas shoes

The Lost Boys — actor’s choice of a combination of the following:

  • Brown, or navy blue pants, worn with holes and perhaps pockets ripped or legs different lengths
  • Solid color long sleeved button up shirt also distressed like the pants
  • Undershirt, dirty, with a men’s vest or jacket over it
  • Knee length shorts in brown or navy blue (not athletic shorts)
  • Knee length socks
  • Home-made looking hat or something used for a hat that wouldn’t normally be use like that
  • Brown or blue canvas shoes
    [BRYANT PLAY HAS: some brown fabric]

Peter Pan — Green leggings, a green tunic, green shoes (canvas shoes painted green would work great
[BRYANT PLAY HAS: 2 dark green vests and 2 sparkly green vests]


  • Green tank top
  • Green skirt
  • Green or clear butterfly wings
  • Green slippers
  • Necklace or ribbon choker
    [BRYANT PLAY HAS: 2 dark green vests and 2 sparkly green vests]

Captain Hook

  • Red or black trench coat or Naval Officer’s coat
  • brown or black leather belt
  • Pirate hat with feather
  • Man bun (optional hair)
  • Black Boots
    [BRYANT PLAY HAS: a hook! And lots of belts. And black combat boots, size 6]

Hook’s Pirates — actors’ choice of a combination of the following:

  • Black or brown pants in varying lengths from the knees to the ankles, distressed or ripped on the bottom of each leg.
  • White, brown, or gray long-sleeved button up shirt with wide collar, black or brown vest
  • Bandana for head in red or black
  • Stripped t-shirt in red and white stripes
  • Belt or sash upon which to hang a sword (can be made of rope)
  • Eye patch
  • Bare legs or white stockings and black shoes
    [BRYANT PLAY HAS: small red/white striped shirt; plenty of rope for sashes; 1 pair brown boots]


  • Blue/green hair wigs, or clip in extensions
  • Seashell necklace
  • Shiny blue, green, or purple tank top
  • Blue and green flowy skirt
  • Black leggings/ tights
  • Black flats
    [BRYANT PLAY HAS: 4 wigs in various colors, sparkly fabric, 1 pair black leggings

Tiger Lily

  • Dress (brown) (May be damaged slightly) (slightly above knees)
  • Tights (Black) (May be damaged slightly)
  • Boots (lace up combat boots)
  • Headband (preferably metallic) (If not we may paint it)
  • Belt (Silver or metallic)
  • Scarf: Red, in a light fabric
    [BRYANT PLAY HAS: red scarf, brown fabric, 1 pair of tall brown boots]


  • Dress (brown) (may be damaged) (slightly above knees)
  • Tights (really dark green) (may be damaged slightly)
  • Boots (lace up combat boots)
  • Belt (black)
  • Scarfs: each Amazon should find a solid color scarf in a light fabric (no two Amazons should have the same signature color). Scarfs can be worn in different ways, depending upon actor’s preference
    [BRYANT PLAY HAS: fabric to make scarves, belts]


Get those auction donations in!

Do you love to host a party? Do you have season tickets to one of the local sports teams or theaters? How about connections with local restaurants, yoga studios, stores, pubs, salons, kids’ party places, coffee shops, vacation rentals, unique experiences?

WE’RE LOOKING FOR AUCTION DONATIONS! There’s still time to get them in by the Feb. 1 deadline. Bryant’s online auction will be March 5–12, 2018, as its own stand-alone event.

Ready to donate? Fill out an auction form with your donation and contact information and mail it with the item to the school (or drop it off in the front office). Questions? Get in touch with us at Thank you!

Bryant Online Auction 2018

We need cool stuff for our online auction!

Bryant’s online auction will be March 5-12, 2018, as a stand-alone event. The auction committee is gearing up, and we’re starting by asking our Bryant parent community for any awesome items you might be able to donate.

What could you give? Do you know anyone who could give something cool? Here are examples of things we’d love to receive:

  • Seahawks, Sounders or Mariners tickets
  • Gift cards to local restaurants, bars and pubs
  • Vacation rentals
  • Unique experiences for kids and/or adults (tour a TV station, create and name a burger at a local cafe, etc.)
  • Parent parties (wine tasting, family street party, etc.) The sky’s the limit with this one! Be creative and bring us any/all of your ideas!
  • Shopping and retail gift cards
  • Movie and theater tickets

The list goes on! We’re asking you to be creative and help us fill the auction with things from our local community – all in support of our amazing school. The deadline for auction item submissions is Feb. 1, 2018.

Ready to donate? Fill out an auction form with your donation and contact information and mail it with the item to the school (or drop it off in the front office).

Questions? Get in touch with us at

Thank you!

Save up and shop the Winterfest Book Fair

The Winterfest Book Fair will open for business in the Bryant Library starting Friday, December 8. There will be a broad selection of children’s books as well as adult titles. The library receives 25% of all sales! Stop by after school or your ASE classes, with extended hours Thursday during the Winterfest festivities! And be sure to check the teacher wish list shelves for great classroom gifts.

  • Fri, Dec 8, 6-8pm during Movie Night
    Mon, Dec 11, 2:25-4pm
    Tues, Dec 12, 2:25-4pm
    Wed, Dec 13, 1:10-4pm
    Thurs, Dec 14, 2:25-4pm & 6-8pm during Winterfest!

Can’t make it to the Book Fair at school? Shop at the University Bookstore in the U district, or shop online any time for their extended selection of books, art supplies and Husky gear. Use the code BES to benefit Bryant year-round!

Questions? Contact Elizabeth GeistKirsten AndersonJudy Haley or Kim Love