5th Grade Science Fair – Volunteer Support Needed

In just a few short weeks we will be kicking off our 5th Grade Science Fair program! We are looking for volunteers to support this longstanding program. The 5th Grade Science Fair is an in-class program that links small groups of students with UW scientist mentors to develop and conduct an experiment.

Volunteers are needed for the following roles:

  • Photograph experiments and groups
  • Providing in-class support for our UW Scientist Mentors
  • Gathering students from classrooms to participate in experiments. Collect extra supplies from science fair closet.

*Fridays, January 13 thru March 3 from 12:45 to 1:45pm
See link to sign up: 5th Grade Science Fair Support for ANY dates you are available. Read more

Parents, we need cool stuff for our online auction!

Bryant’s online auction, which in the past was held in conjunction with the Bryant Blast, is moving to March this school year. It will be its own stand-alone event (online, of course), and we need your help to make it a success.

Right now, we’re asking for donations of auction items. What could you give? Who do you know who could give something awesome? Here are some examples of things we’re looking for:

  • Seahawks, Sounders or Mariners tickets
  • Gift cards to local restaurants, bars and pubs
  • Ski lift tickets
  • Vacation rentals
  • Unique experiences (tour a TV station, create and name a burger at a local cafe, etc.)
  • Parent parties (wine tasting, family street party, etc.) The sky’s the limit with this one!
  • Shopping and retail gift cards
  • Movie and theater tickets

The list goes on! We’re asking you to be creative and help us fill the auction with things our community will chomp at the bit to bid on — all in support of our amazing school. The deadline for auction item submissions is Feb. 1.

Questions? Ready to donate? Get in touch with us. Thank you!

Introducing Bryant’s PTSA Parent Speaker Series!

As parents we share many of the same concerns. When do we cut off screen time? How do we broach the dreaded sex talk? What can we do we ease our kids’ test taking anxieties? We’re all figuring it out but it would be great to add some tools to our parenting skill sets.

We’re excited to announce the Bryant PTSA 2016-2017 Speaker Series. We will be hosting 3 expert speakers on these parenting topics at PTSA meetings this year to support you! First up, families and technology.

Raising Kids and Finding Balance in a Digitally Connected World
Monday, December 12th at 7 pm
Please welcome our very own Emily Cherkin, a Bryant parent, parent educator and academic coach, to December’s PTSA meeting. Emily will use recent data to help us develop realistic goals for our kids (and ourselves!), and find better balance in our lives when it comes to screens and technology. We’ll discuss:

★ Raising your “Digital Natives” (and what that means)
★ Current research on screen use for kids and teens
★ The impact of screens and technology on brain development
★ The pull of screens and technology for kids AND adults
★ Tools and resources for creating a balanced “tech-positive” family environment

**LASER will be providing babysitting from 6:45 – 9:15pm – $10 per kid**
Sign up for LASER babysitting @ laserchildcare.org.

Congrats to all 2016 Reflections winners & prticipants!

Congratulations to all Bryant students who submitted to Reflections this year. FIFTY entries were received in photography, dance, literature, and visual arts. What a display of creativity, talent and hard work!

The judges’ decision was difficult, but they did select 12 finalists to move on to the city-level competition. Finalists’ work will be on public display at the Seattle Center Armory (balcony), 305 Harrison Street from Dec 4 – Jan 8. Read more

Reflections submissions due Nov 10!

There’s still time to submit one or more entries to Reflections! Kids can create a collage, write a story or poem, paint or draw a picture, choreograph a dance, take a photograph, create a computer-generated image – almost anything that the theme, “What Is Your Story” inspires them to think up. Several Bryant submissions will be selected for entry at City level. ALL entries will be displayed in our hallway for Family Art Night. Make sure to help your kids understand the requirements for each category and for packaging their entries.


Read more

The PTSA’s Annual Campaign is Happening Now!

Annual Campaign – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What do I do if I never received or can’t find the orange pledge card?
A: Extras can be found in the front hall of the school. Your pledge card is also available to download and print. It’s OK if it’s not orange!

Q: I have two kids at Bryant but only want to write one check, what do I do?
A. Include the donation in one check, and put it in one envelope but please turn in both orange cards. There is a box on the form to check to indicate that your donation is being sent in with a different card.

Q: Why is the Annual Campaign our major fundraiser?
A: The Annual Campaign has shown itself to be a sustainable fundraising model with high returns, a very low cost to the PTSA, relatively low volunteer hours, and a chance for the entire Bryant Community to be involved.

Q: Why only two weeks?
A: The two week focus is to keep everyone engaged, and get it done! Honestly, we would make it just one week if we thought we could get the cards back in that time. We have learned in past years that, beyond two weeks, more time does not equal higher returns. You are, of course, welcome to contribute money at other times of the year, but it works best for the PTSA if you can make your commitment now. Monthly installments are a provided option as well. Just check the appropriate box on the back of the pledge card.

Q: What is the overall goal?
A: For the Annual Campaign our goal is 100% response — we want to hear from everyone in the Bryant community, even if that doesn’t include a contribution. From a monetary perspective the goal is to raise enough money to cover current PTSA spending while also taking into account Seattle wage increases.

Have your own questions? Please feel free to send them to the Fundraising Co-chairs Leeann Huntington and Sara Fenzl.

The Annual Campaign has begun!

Please participate by returning your orange pledge card.

One of the great things about Bryant is that there are so many different ways to participate in the life of the school. We already know that we have 100% participation from the Bryant community on so many levels.  It would be great if that can be translated into 100% participation in this year’s Annual Campaign!

It is a source of tremendous Bryant pride that so many people support the school through volunteer work.  This includes classroom support as a Room Parent, school support such as Library Volunteer, or one-time obligations, such as helping out at the Blast, or baking cookies for Teacher Appreciation Week.

We all help the Bryant community when we speak up about issues that are important for our kids.  Whether this has to do with state and local school funding, finding the right school start times, or reinforcing the importance of art, math, science, music, recess, and technology, we show our kids what it means to be good citizens by the way we participate in advocacy for our school.

By participating in the Bryant PTSA Annual Campaign, and giving what we can, we all support numerous important initiatives that we, as a community, have identified as being important to us.  These include:

  • Field Trip Supplies
  • Classroom Supplies
  • Reading A-Z Materials for Classrooms
  • Library Materials
  • Writer’s Celebration
  • Field Day
  • Art Supplies
  • Science Fair
  • Garden Buddies

Our priorities as a PTSA are also reflected in the funding of several part-time staff positions that help Bryant be a better place every day of the year through enrichment, safety and academic excellence.  These include:

  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Recess Supervisor
  • Technology Lab Manager
  • Instructional Support
  • Tutoring/Academic Support
  • Arts Educators
  • Instrumental Music
  • Substitutes to help Teachers during Student Assessments

Please contact us with any questions.
Leeann Huntington & Sara Fenzl
2017-18 Bryant PTSA Fundraising Co-Chairs