Are you Bryant’s next Reflections chair?

Looking for an opportunity to interact with students, parents, and staff? This is the role is for you! No background in art or familiarity with the program is needed.

Reflections is an annual PTSA sponsored art competition. The chairperson promotes the program, collects and organizes submissions, arranges judging, and prepares advancing pieces for city-level competition (primarily Oct – Nov). The tasks have been thoroughly documented, and you’ll have the opportunity to review everything with the current chair.

Want more info? Email Janel Schermerhorn or call 619-962-6559.

Congrats to all 2016 Reflections winners & prticipants!

Congratulations to all Bryant students who submitted to Reflections this year. FIFTY entries were received in photography, dance, literature, and visual arts. What a display of creativity, talent and hard work!

The judges’ decision was difficult, but they did select 12 finalists to move on to the city-level competition. Finalists’ work will be on public display at the Seattle Center Armory (balcony), 305 Harrison Street from Dec 4 – Jan 8. Read more

Reflections submissions due Nov 10!

There’s still time to submit one or more entries to Reflections! Kids can create a collage, write a story or poem, paint or draw a picture, choreograph a dance, take a photograph, create a computer-generated image – almost anything that the theme, “What Is Your Story” inspires them to think up. Several Bryant submissions will be selected for entry at City level. ALL entries will be displayed in our hallway for Family Art Night. Make sure to help your kids understand the requirements for each category and for packaging their entries.


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Reflections 2016: What is your story?

Please encourage your kids to submit one or more entries to this year’s Reflections Art Competition! We are so excited to see our students’ creativity in the form of Film, Dance, Literature, Music, Photography and Visual Art. Our students’ participation in this program has grown steadily in recent years and several submissions have won at the City level and gone on to State. ALL entries from this year will be displayed in our hallway for Family Art Night. You can review program details on the WSPTA website.

Theme: What is Your Story?
Entry Form: download it now!
Submission Drop-Off: box in Bryant Library starting October 10th
Deadline: Thursday, November 10th
Program Contact: Janel Schermerhorn