Crew Lists & note about footwear

Greetings Crew Parents!

I think there has been a little confusion about who’s doing what in each crew. Here are the lists of crew positions for each cast.

Also, I forgot to include in the what-to-wear email that crew must wear black or brown shoes, with little or no white. So sneakers with big white soles or toes like converse won’t work. Please let me know if you have questions. If you would like to either ask if someone has a pair to borrow or offer a pair for borrowing, you can use the costume google sheet here

Crew show listing corrected below


  • Claire – Stage Manager
  • Jasper – Light Board Op Show #1
  • Vivienne – Light Board Op Show #2
  • Lekha – Sound Board Op Show #1
  • Naomi – Sound Board Op Show #1
  • Stella – Stage Crew
  • Carolyn – Stage Crew
  • Hayden – Stage Crew


  • Elyse – Stage Manager
  • Cate – Light Board Op Show #1
  • Oscar – Light Board Op Show #2
  • Andrew – Sound Board Op Show #1
  • Sarah – Sound Board Op Show #1
  • Genevieve – Stage Crew
  • Zoe – Stage Crew
  • Fiona – Stage Crew