Peter Pan costumes for Bryant Play: 2018

Mr. Darling — a dark suit with white collared shirt and dark tie. A bowler Hat
[BRYANT PLAY HAS: several suit jackets, white button-down, ties; black hat; dark green bowler hat]

Mrs. Darling — Floor length, long sleeved, light colored dress with a sash around the waist, light colored shoes or slippers. Hair in a fancy bun. Clip-on earrings
[BRYANT PLAY HAS: long white fitted dress, 2 brown hats that would fit with this character, fabric for sash]

Liza (household maid) — knee length black dress, lace trimmed apron, lace trimmed white cap, black stockings, sensible black shoes
[BRYANT PLAY HAS: white bonnets]

Nana — white leggings and white long-sleeved shirt with brown patches on the back and legs. Brown stocking cap with dark brown ears attached. Knee pads.

Wendy — Blue nightgown (with white leggings on underneath) and a pocket, blue ribbons in hair, blue or white canvas shoes.  If no pocket available in nightgown, can wear a dressing gown with a pocket instead of nightgown.

Michael — Yellow PJ shirt/pants set and canvas shoes

John — Pajama shirt & pants, canvas shoes

The Lost Boys — actor’s choice of a combination of the following:

  • Brown, or navy blue pants, worn with holes and perhaps pockets ripped or legs different lengths
  • Solid color long sleeved button up shirt also distressed like the pants
  • Undershirt, dirty, with a men’s vest or jacket over it
  • Knee length shorts in brown or navy blue (not athletic shorts)
  • Knee length socks
  • Home-made looking hat or something used for a hat that wouldn’t normally be use like that
  • Brown or blue canvas shoes
    [BRYANT PLAY HAS: some brown fabric]

Peter Pan — Green leggings, a green tunic, green shoes (canvas shoes painted green would work great
[BRYANT PLAY HAS: 2 dark green vests and 2 sparkly green vests]


  • Green tank top
  • Green skirt
  • Green or clear butterfly wings
  • Green slippers
  • Necklace or ribbon choker
    [BRYANT PLAY HAS: 2 dark green vests and 2 sparkly green vests]

Captain Hook

  • Red or black trench coat or Naval Officer’s coat
  • brown or black leather belt
  • Pirate hat with feather
  • Man bun (optional hair)
  • Black Boots
    [BRYANT PLAY HAS: a hook! And lots of belts. And black combat boots, size 6]

Hook’s Pirates — actors’ choice of a combination of the following:

  • Black or brown pants in varying lengths from the knees to the ankles, distressed or ripped on the bottom of each leg.
  • White, brown, or gray long-sleeved button up shirt with wide collar, black or brown vest
  • Bandana for head in red or black
  • Stripped t-shirt in red and white stripes
  • Belt or sash upon which to hang a sword (can be made of rope)
  • Eye patch
  • Bare legs or white stockings and black shoes
    [BRYANT PLAY HAS: small red/white striped shirt; plenty of rope for sashes; 1 pair brown boots]


  • Blue/green hair wigs, or clip in extensions
  • Seashell necklace
  • Shiny blue, green, or purple tank top
  • Blue and green flowy skirt
  • Black leggings/ tights
  • Black flats
    [BRYANT PLAY HAS: 4 wigs in various colors, sparkly fabric, 1 pair black leggings

Tiger Lily

  • Dress (brown) (May be damaged slightly) (slightly above knees)
  • Tights (Black) (May be damaged slightly)
  • Boots (lace up combat boots)
  • Headband (preferably metallic) (If not we may paint it)
  • Belt (Silver or metallic)
  • Scarf: Red, in a light fabric
    [BRYANT PLAY HAS: red scarf, brown fabric, 1 pair of tall brown boots]


  • Dress (brown) (may be damaged) (slightly above knees)
  • Tights (really dark green) (may be damaged slightly)
  • Boots (lace up combat boots)
  • Belt (black)
  • Scarfs: each Amazon should find a solid color scarf in a light fabric (no two Amazons should have the same signature color). Scarfs can be worn in different ways, depending upon actor’s preference
    [BRYANT PLAY HAS: fabric to make scarves, belts]