Rehearsal Schedule Change– PLEASE READ

Greetings Wonka Parents!  

The Boy Scouts have moved their meeting to the gym only, which give us access to the lunchroom and stage on Wednesday, March 20. So we are moving rehearsal back to the originally proposed times, which are now firm. Please change your calendars.

Wednesday, March 20     

Oompa – 6:00–7:15p     

Loompa – 7:30-8:45p

We are highly encouraging the opposite cast/crew to come (or stay) and watch the other’s run through that night. It is a great opportunity for the kids to run the show in front of an audience before they have to do it for real. This is not mandatory, but encouraged. We do ask that if you allow your kiddo to watch their fellow thespians, that they are there for the whole run through. In other words, Loompas would need to be there by 6:00 to watch, and Oompas would need to stay until 8:45. A lot of movement in and out will be disruptive to the rehearsing cast/crew. 

Please let me know if you have questions!