Willy Wonka News– Week 4

Greetings Wonka parents! 

PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE EMAIL. And remember, these emails are archived on the school play website here along with a lot of other useful play info. Bookmark it for easy access!

Rehearsal Reminders:  

This week we have regular rehearsals on Monday and Thursday.

However, we are aware of the Eckstein open house on Thursday evening. We will assume that if you have a 5th grader, we will not see them at rehearsal on Thursday. Please email bryantschoolplay@gmail.com if your 5th grader WILL be at rehearsal and not at the open house. Also, if you finish with the open house before rehearsal is over, please consider dropping off your 5th grader late. Some of rehearsal is better than none! 

Also, remind your kids that they are to be off-book (meaning their lines are memorized) this week! 

More Volunteer Opportunities: 

We have more volunteer opportunities on the Sign Up Genius! Our most pressing needs are for volunteers for flat painting tomorrow and next week, but there are also other opportunities including rehearsal chaperones and costume parade monitors. See the Sign Up Genius for more info.


Stay tuned for costume suggestions for your child coming soon. The Costume Parade will be during rehearsal on February 25, which is the deadline for students to have their costumes. Remember– there is a $25 maximum spending limit per student.

Ads for the Program: 

Each student gets one quarter page ad in the play program included with the play fee. You also have the option of purchasing more ad space. Please see the attachment for all the details. Deadline is March 1st.

Rehearsal Chaperones:  

Remember to be in the lunch room at 6:00pm. Check in with Sadie with Seattle’s Performers. She will be near the steps of the stage. Plan to stay until all students have been picked up. Hopefully this will be shortly after 8:00pm. Seattle’s Performers staff are not responsible for the kids after 8:00pm and will not be staying on site after that. 

  • Absent students— Please come to rehearsal with your cell phone (if you don’t have one, email us and we can problem solve). After Seattle Performers staff call role they will give you the names of those who are absent. Please text these names to Liza on Mondays 206.240.4818 and Traci on Thursdays 206.816.2362. That’s all! We will text you back only if there is follow up. 

Email with questions, bryantschoolplay@gmail.com
Stay tuned for next week’s installment of Willy Wonka News.