Willy Wonka News– Week 6 MID WINTER BREAK

Greetings Wonka parents! PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE EMAIL. And remember, these emails are archived on the school play website here along with a lot of other useful play info. Bookmark it for easy access!

Rehearsal Reminders: 

No Rehearsal this week during Mid-Winter Break. Please have your students continue to listen to the songs online during this break. Encourage them to look ahead in their scrips and start memorizing the lines they know are theirs. 

We also may need to schedule a make up rehearsal closer to the performance, possibly a Friday or Saturday in March. Stay tuned for more info on this. 


The Costume Parade is on Feb. 25, which is our next rehearsal! PLEASE READ THIS THOROUGHLY and let us know if you have any questions about your students’ costume needs or need help finding pieces. Remember– there is a $25 limit per child. No need to go all out. 

We’ve created a Google Sheet to share information about what you might need or what you might have to offer in terms of costumes so we all don’t have to purchase everything. If you need an item, post it on the sheet in the NEED columns. Everyone please look at the sheet to see if you have items to offer those who need them, or if you know you have something from the list that your child doesn’t need, go ahead and post it under the HAVE columns. 

Your students must bring ALL their costume pieces with them for the next rehearsal on February 25th and they need to be in a container with a lid like a bankers box or plastic tub (with a lid).  Their black leggings/pants will go home with them, but the rest of the costume pieces will stay in their box at school until performances are over. 

I know that if you ordered costume pieces online during the snowpocolypse those are possibly delayed. If this is the case, please print out a pic of the piece that’s missing to include in the box with other costume pieces. Once the piece arrives, your child can bring it to rehearsal to be added to their box.

  • Find your child’s name here to make sure you know all the parts they are playing.
  • Then look here to learn more about what kind of costume pieces we are looking for for each character. 
  • Click here to purchase the Oompah Lumpah beanie (see links for more info). Chose the Neon Green option for your Oompah Lumpah. Please do this ASAP to make sure the hat arrives in time. Consider this as part of the $25 maximum for costumes. 

More Volunteer Opportunities: 

We are still in need of 5 more heavy lifters who will help set the stage thrust (stage extension) in the lunchroom on March 1st. Pretty please! The more strong backs we have for this the faster it will go. See the Sign Up Genius for more info. 

Ads for the Program: 

Each student gets one quarter page ad in the play program included with the play fee. You also have the option of purchasing more ad space. Please see the attachment for all the details. Deadline is March 1st.

Email with questions, bryantschoolplay@gmail.com
Stay tuned for next week’s installment of Willy Wonka News.