Willy Wonka News– Week 9

Greetings Wonka parents! 

There are less than 2 weeks til performances! Woo! PLEASE READ TO THE END. This edition is packed with new info. And remember, these emails are archived on the school play website here along with a lot of other useful play info. Bookmark it for easy access!

Rehearsal Reminders:  

Regular rehearsals this week on Monday and Thursday, as well as Dress Rehearsal for the both casts on Saturday. See below for more details. 

Saturday, March 16

     Oompa – 12:45-2:45p

     Loompa – 3:00-5:00p

Monday, March 18 

     Loompa – 6:00–7:15p

     Oompa – 7:30-8:45p

Wednesday, March 20*   

     Oompa – 6:00–7:15p

     Loompa – 7:30-8:45p

*We are highly encouraging the opposite cast/crew to come (or stay) and watch the other’s run through that night. It is a great opportunity for the kids to run the show in front of an audience before they have to do it for real. This is not mandatory, but encouraged. We do ask that if you allow your kiddo to watch their fellow thespians, that they are there for the whole run through. In other words, Loompas would need to be there by 6:00 to watch, and Oompas would need to stay until 8:45. A lot of movement in and out will be disruptive to the rehearsing cast/crew. 


This Thursday, March 14 your kids need to bring their costume boxes with all their costume pieces inside to rehearsal. Please make sure the outside of their box (with lid!) is clearly labeled with their name, their character(s) name(s), and their cast name.

If your child has a costume/costume piece that has not been seen/approved by their director, please take a photo of them in the costume piece and email to bryantschoolplay@gmail.com  I know that some kids have been bringing their pieces that still need approval to rehearsals, but things get so busy the directors often don’t have a chance to take a look. We will forward the photo to their directors for feedback.

For Dress Rehearsal this Saturday, please send your cast and crew members in their base layer blacks (black pants/leggings and black t-shirt). 

Volunteer Opportunities: 

First, I want to send a HUGE THANK YOU to all of you who have made this exciting adventure possible so far. Y’all are truly awesome! Aaaaaand, we have more to ask.

We have brand new sign ups for Performance Week! Please click on this Performance Week Sign Up Genius to sign up for volunteer opportunities. We still can’t do this without you!

ALSO— check out the Bake Sale Sign Up Genius so that theater goers can delight in scrumptious sweets while they enjoy Willy Wonka. 

Bubbles! Calling all bubble blowing devices! If you have bubble wands or (silent) bubble guns to share for the performances, please send them with your kids to the next rehearsal. We have bubble liquid, but need bubble wands/blowers and bottles to hold the liquid.

Email with questions, bryantschoolplay@gmail.com 

Stay tuned for next week’s installment of Willy Wonka News.