The Annual Campaign has begun!

Please participate by returning your orange pledge card.

One of the great things about Bryant is that there are so many different ways to participate in the life of the school. We already know that we have 100% participation from the Bryant community on so many levels.  It would be great if that can be translated into 100% participation in this year’s Annual Campaign!

It is a source of tremendous Bryant pride that so many people support the school through volunteer work.  This includes classroom support as a Room Parent, school support such as Library Volunteer, or one-time obligations, such as helping out at the Blast, or baking cookies for Teacher Appreciation Week.

We all help the Bryant community when we speak up about issues that are important for our kids.  Whether this has to do with state and local school funding, finding the right school start times, or reinforcing the importance of art, math, science, music, recess, and technology, we show our kids what it means to be good citizens by the way we participate in advocacy for our school.

By participating in the Bryant PTSA Annual Campaign, and giving what we can, we all support numerous important initiatives that we, as a community, have identified as being important to us.  These include:

  • Field Trip Supplies
  • Classroom Supplies
  • Reading A-Z Materials for Classrooms
  • Library Materials
  • Writer’s Celebration
  • Field Day
  • Art Supplies
  • Science Fair
  • Garden Buddies

Our priorities as a PTSA are also reflected in the funding of several part-time staff positions that help Bryant be a better place every day of the year through enrichment, safety and academic excellence.  These include:

  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Recess Supervisor
  • Technology Lab Manager
  • Instructional Support
  • Tutoring/Academic Support
  • Arts Educators
  • Instrumental Music
  • Substitutes to help Teachers during Student Assessments

Please contact us with any questions.
Leeann Huntington & Sara Fenzl
2017-18 Bryant PTSA Fundraising Co-Chairs