Crazy Hats! Be Creative and Have Fun!

Hat bases are being delivered to the classrooms now. Let the creativity begin! This is an opportunity for you and your family to be imaginative. Your creation will be sold at the Blast! The crazier, the better – although elegant hats are fun too.

Turn them back in by Friday, May 6th. Collection bins will be available in the hallways starting on May 4th. Submit your hat flat to your teachers. Please do not staple the hats. They will be stapled by Blast volunteers.

Here are a few ideas to help get you started:
* Glitter * Paint * Stickers * Flowers * Feathers * Beads * Small Toys * Trading Cards * Small Candies * Coins *

Be Creative…Have Fun! Your creation will be sold at the Blast! Kids and grown-ups look great wearing them.

This is an optional activity – if you don’t want to participate, please give the hat base back to your teacher so the Blast can use it next year. If you have any questions, please contact Jen McCormick