Get ready for K-3 Science Night with this week’s experiment

Calling all young scientists! If your child asks a lot of questions, likes to take things apart, enjoys building, or is constantly observing the world around them, then sign them up for K-3 Science Night. K-3 Science Night will be held on Thursday, March 30th in the Bryant gym/cafeteria from 6:30-7:30pm. The total number of presentations/demonstrations is limited to 95 due to space constraints, so sign up early to reserve a spot for your child or group. Parents of young scientists should reserve a spot for their child by emailing me the child’s name and grade. The deadline for sign ups is Monday, March 27th.

For more information on K-3 Science Night or to find links to great resources for experiments, please visit the K-3 Science Night webpage.

With all the rain and snow coming down outside, this week’s experiment will let you have some fun inside figuring out how rockets work. But you won’t need any fancy rockets or rocket fuel — just a balloon, string, and a straw. Using these simple tools, you’ll learn how air creates thrust and how the shape of the rocket can affect it’s speed. For all the details on the experiment plus many others, visit the Science Bob website.

Volunteer Alert! I’m still looking for someone to co-lead this year’s event in preparation for taking the lead next year. I’ve heard from many parents that this is their favorite event of the year. So, step up to continue Bryant’s strong tradition of hands on science learning next year.

Natalka Yudkovsky, K-3 Science Night Organizer