Bryant PTSA Board Meeting Minutes – September 2013 *FINAL*

September 10, 2013

Notice of Meeting
Bryant Calendar & Bryant Weekly

In Attendance:
Maggie Sweeney, Kathy Gerke, Robin Metcalf, Amy Shanafelt, Meta Godsell, Meghan Delaney, Kathy Hughes*, Liza Caputo, Joan Crooks, Laura Larkin, Carleen Confer, Ann-Marie Spata, Dan Sanger, Rachel Friesen, Gavin Watson, Patricia Parker, Amy Wagner, Balika Haakunsun, Jocelyne Scott, Ellen Gryj, Jonathan Tuttle, Steve Owens, Layla Taylor, Elida Moran, Caroline King, Bryan Fung, Lisa Horowitz, Ami Tsuchiya, Mitzi Lim, Angela Mack, April Wright and Andy Carothers. *Attended but did not sign

7:06 pm Welcome and Introductions (Maggie Sweeney)

Approved April 9 and June 11, 2013 Board Meeting Minutes (Meghan Delaney)

Officer/Standing Committee Reports

  1. Treasurer’s Report (Robin Metcalf/Amy Shanafelt) Presented Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, 2013-14 Budget and 2012-13 Overview

Special Committee Reports

Special Orders

Unfinished Business

New Business

  1. Conflict of Interest Statement Meghan Delaney/Meta Godsell Distributed Conflict of Interest policy to Board Members for signature.
  2. Standing Rules Review Maggie Sweeney/Kathy Gerke Approved as amended with changes to Membership Fee and new Members at Large. See Motion #1.
  3. Nominating Committee Maggie Sweeney/Kathy Gerke The Nominated Committee recruits Board Members for 2-Year Terms and Liza Caputo is looking for a Co-Nominating Committee Member.
  4. PTSA Code of Ethics Review Maggie Sweeney/Kathy Gerke Presented by Kathy Gerke.
  5. PCI Compliance Documents Maggie Sweeney/Kathy Gerke PCI Compliance Documents must be signed by all Board Members and any committee that processes credit cards.
  6. Unallocated Funds Maggie Sweeney Discussion of Unallocated Funds and the current carryover, which is $51,832.31 as of 6/30/13.
  7. Annual campaign Kathy Hughes The Annual Campaign will keep the same amount asked per student: $250.
  8. Fingerprinting Maggie Sweeney Seattle school district is now requiring fingerprinting for any volunteers for overnight trips, like Islandwood. The cost is $43.50 per person and the Islandwood Fund can cover this.
  9. SPS Building Use Information for PTAs and PTSAs Maggie Sweeney/M Delaney Layla Taylor after school enrichment coordinator. After school enrichment programs will not have to pay rent to SPS as long as teachers/vendors carry liability waivers.
  10. ASE Coordinator position Kathy Gerke Layla Taylor’s hours were underestimated for setting up this program. $585 is needed for an additional 89 hours.
  11. Living Voices Budget Increase Craig Arango $1800 was approved for the increase in program size. See Motion #2.


  • Motion #1 made to approve the PTSA Standing Rules. Motioned by Joan Crooks and seconded by Laura Larkin.
  • Motion #2 made to fund additional $1800 for the Living Voices from the Allocated Fund and seconded by Laura Larkin.

Meeting Adjourned at 9:09 pm.