Bryant PTSA General Meeting Minutes – October 2013 *FINAL*

October 8, 2013

Notice of Meeting
Bryant Calendar & Bryant Weekly

In Attendance:
Maggie Sweeney, Kathy Gerke, Robin Metcalf, Amy Shanafelt, Meta Godsell, Meghan Delaney, Laura Larkin, Ann-Marie Spata, Dan Sanger, Ellen Gryj, Becky Mackle, Erin Doran, Kim Larsen, Liza Caputo, Jocelyne Scott, Kathy Weinman, Tate Loftin, Carleen Confer, Layla Taylor, Joan Crooks*, Mikhaila Rendink, Patricia Parker, Rachel Friesen, Anne Aliverti, Sarah Adler, Susan Roden, Kristin Lundquist, Andrea Peng, Natalya Yudkovsky, Michelle Ireton, Kerry Carty, Julie Ohnazda, Ed Kromer, Zinta Smidchens, Anne King, Anne Vold, Kim Love, Jennifer Mahlum, Jon Tuttle, Amy Ceriwla, Karen Wren, Debbie Chaleunphonh, Claudine Benmar, Zinta Smidchens, Hillary Nelson, Jianpeng Zhang, Erica Owens, Sasa Zhang, Angela Mack
*Attended but did not sign

7:00 pm Welcome and Introductions Maggie Sweeney

Approve June General Board Meeting Minutes Meta Godsell

Officer/Standing Committee Reports
Treasurer’s Report Robin Metcalf/Amy Shanafelt

Special Committee Reports

Special Orders

Unfinished Business

New Business

  1. Nominating Committee Approval Liza Caputo
    The Bryant PTSA Nominating Committee for 2013-2014 will be Liza Caputo, April Wright and Ellen Gryj. They will serve in 2013-14 to determine slate for 2014-15 Executive Committee for the Board.
  2. Proposal for Release Time Pay Tate Loftin
    PE Teachers Tate Loftin and Kathy Weinman request paid release time for assessing students. Board approved up to $1000 for four days to help teachers assess students.
  3. Proposal for Roots of Empathy Christina Soong
    Christina Soong requests $540 for two classes to participate in the Roots of Empathy program. Tabled until next month.
  4. Library Presentation and Budget Increase Request Anne Aliverti
    Anne Aliverti requests extending the library budget by $10,000.
    Board approves $2000 to start nonfiction subscription program, and Board will consider request for remaining $8000 at next Board Meeting.

General meeting (7:50 pm)

Meet the Committee Chairs Maggie Sweeney
Maggie Sweeney introduces Committee Chairs


  • Motion #1
    Kathy Gerke motions to approve Liza Caputo, April Wright and Ellen Gryj to be the Nominating Committee for 2013-14. Meghan Delaney seconded.
  • Motion #2
    Laura Larkin motions to approve up to $1000 for four days to help PE teachers Tate Loftin and Kathy Weinman assess students. Meghan Delaney seconded.
  • Motion #3
    Meghan Delaney motions to approve $10,000 to increase the library budget. Kathy Gerke wants to table until next month until we see how the last $12K was spent in May. Meghan withdraws motion.
    Joan Crooks motions to approve $2K to start nonfiction subscription program, and the board will consider the request for remaining funds at next Board Meeting. Kathy Gerke seconds.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:57 pm.