Bryant PTSA Board Meeting Minutes – September 2014 *FINAL*

September 9, 2013

Notice of Meeting
Bryant Calendar & Bryant Weekly

In Attendance:
Dan Sanger, Julie Pearson, Kim Love, Meta Godsell, Carleen Confer, Ann-Marie Spata, Jon Tuttle, Becky Mackle, Joan Crooks, Kathy Hughes, Christine Haas, Lauren Abraham, Amy Shanafelt, Leeann Huntington, Meghan Delaney, Courtney Anguizola, Lorraine Sawicki, Jamie Lynn Kimbrough, Kate Speizer, Will Mitchell, Michelle Ireton, Drew Angeloff, Caitlin Angeloff, Wendy Skyes, Paul McCallick, Lorrie Salinas-Malins, Jennifer Fangman, Scott Cohen, Kim Larson, Laura Larkin, Andrea Peng, Liza Caputo, Patricia Parker, Maggie Sweeney

Welcome and Introduction Leeann Huntington & Meghan Delaney

Approve April and May Minutes

Officer/Standing Committee Reports

  1. Treasurer’s Report Lauren Abraham & Amy Shanafelt

Special Committee Reports

Special Orders

Unfinished Business

7:30-9:00 New Business

  1. Conflict of Interest Statement Kim Love & Meta Godsell
    Distributed Conflict of Interest policy to Board Members for signature.
  2. PCI Compliance Documents Kim Love & Meta Godsell
    PCI Compliance Documents must be signed by all Board Members and any committee that processes credit cards.
  3. Standing Rules Review Leeann Huntington & Meghan Delaney
    Amended to include “two Co-Presidents” and will be approved at the General Board Meeting in October
    Joan Crooks moves to amend standing rules to include “two Co-Presidents”. Becky Mackle seconds.
  4. Legislative Update Joan Crooks
    Joan discusses current education issues at the state level and will keep the PTSA up to date as issues as they come up.
  5. PTSA Volunteer Coordinator Liza Caputo
    Recruiting for a new PTSA Volunteer Coordinator for the Board
    This position has three main components: finding the Nominating Committee, Finding the Committee Chairs and Coordinating the Volunteer Recognition Awards. Maggie Sweeney suggests sending the Volunteer Form home in kidmail in paper form. Meta Godsell will coordinate with Liza Caputo and get this paper form out.
  6. Sumac and Technical Coordinator Update Patricia Parker
    Patricia discusses our ‘rough start’ with Sumac and how well the students are doing with the computer programs. Volunteers are needed in the computer lab. Amy motions to fund Constant Contact in the amount of $450 for the 2014-15 school year. Joan Crooks seconds.
  7. Bryant Directory Kim Love for Carrie Pruitt
    Discussion of Bryant Directory and concern of privacy if our directory is created in electronic pdf form. At this time, there is no concern on this documents security if it were created electronically.
  8. ASE Program Fee Amy Shanafelt
    After feedback from parents, the registration fee for After School Enrichment classes will be changed to $15 for first class and $5 for each additional class. This fee is charged for each class, for each student, per session. Parents who have already enrolled for this session and paid the older increased fees will get a credit for next session or can request a refund. The fee for Early Release classes will be $2.


  • Motion #1
    Joan Crooks moves to amend Standing Rules to include “two Co-Presidents” and Becky Mackle seconds.
  • Motion #2
    Amy Shanafelt moves to fund Constant Contact in the amount of $450 for the 2014-15 school year. Joan Crooks seconds.

Meeting Adjourned at 9:02 pm