Bryant PTSA Board Meeting Minutes – February 2015 *FINAL*

February 10, 2015

Notice of Meeting
Bryant Calendar & Bryant Weekly 

In Attendance:
Leann Huntington, Meghan Delaney, Kim Love, Amy Shanafelt, Lauren Abraham, Jon Tuttle, Meta Godsell, Dan Sanger, Ann-Marie Spata, Ellen Gryj, Patricia Parker, Yvonne Roberts, Pamela Kuhtz, Julie Ohrazda, Ben Shorr, Carleen Confer, Joan Crooks, Becky Mackle, Samantha Fogg, Maggie Sweeney, Trudy, Charise Randell, Layla Taylor

Welcome and Introduction Leeann Huntington & Meghan Delaney

Regarding the recent investigation into an incident between a faculty member and a student, the Bryant PTSA bylaws cede the responsibility regarding district employee matters to the school administration and District. This is outlined in the bylaws of the Washington State PTSA (see, of which the Bryant PTSA is a member.) The Bryant PTSA board is satisfied that the school administration and the District are taking the appropriate measures to address the issue, and has no basis to intervene.

Principal Dan Sanger read a brief statement iterating the confidential nature of employee matters and directed concerned families to contact SPS Superintendent Dr. Larry Nyland ( or SPS Executive Director of Schools of the Northeast Region Kim Whitworth (

Approve January Minutes

Officer/Standing Committee Reports

  1. Treasurer’s Report Lauren Abraham & Amy Shanafelt
  1. Legislative Report Joan Crooks
  1. Blast Update Julie Ohrazda
    The annual Bryant Blast will have a carnival theme and will be called “Blastival”. All teams are now fully staffed and all activities are expected to be finalized by the end of February.

Special Committee Reports

Special Orders

New Business

  1. Overview of PTSA Budget process Amy Shanafelt
    Looking at previous years’ budgets and expected expenses from Committees are two ways the budget is determined. Budget Meetings dates will be announced shortly. The budget is presented at the May Board Meeting and will be voted on in the June Meeting.
  1. Committee Review Leeann Huntington
    Before the March General Meeting at 6:30pm there will be a 30 minute mixer for the committees, PTSA members and parents. The committees will also be introduced at the Board Meeting.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:20 pm