Bryant PTSA General Meeting Minutes – March 2015 *FINAL*

March 10, 2015

Notice of Meeting
Bryant Calendar & Bryant Weekly

In Attendance: Jon Tuttle, Meghan Delaney, Leann Huntington, Kim Love, Carleen Confer, Heather Kokorowski, Patricia Parker, Kim Blakeley, Elida Moran, Ann-Marie Spata, Julie Pearson, Dan Sanger, Meta Godsell, Amy Shanafelt, Joan Crooks, Pamela Kuhte, Andrea Pang, Michelle Ireton, Susan Roden, Julie Ohrazda, William Mitchell, Natalya Yudkovsky, Mikhaila Reudink, Michele Solis, Debbie Chateunphonk, Angela Mack, Layla Taylor, Liza Caputo, Tara Hanoch, Samantha Fogg, Ann Sonnen, Anne Conklin, Shelley Prosise, Mark Batho, Kim Speizer


Welcome and Introduction  Leeann Huntington & Meghan Delaney

Approve October General Meeting Minutes

Officer/Standing Committee Reports

  1. Legislative Report                         Joan Crooks
  1. Treasurer’s Report                         Amy Shanafelt
    Amy Shanafelt summarizes the status of the PTSA budget. Monday, March 30th at 7pm will be the first Budget Planning Meeting.

Special Committee Reports

  1. Financial Review Committee    Amy Shanafelt
    Annually PTSA members outside of the Executive Committee conduct a financial review and to date the board is compliant with current regulations.

Special Orders

New Business

  1. Request to Fund Emergency Supplies Heather Kokorowski & Julie Pearson
    Heather reviews what is currently in the classroom emergency bins and has created a plan of what is needed in the event of a major disaster.

Meet the Committees                                                             Committee Chairs
Committee leads introduce themselves and connect with other parents and groups.

Elizabeth Geist – Book Fair
Mikhaila Reudink and Pamela Kuhte – Garden Buddies
Julie Ohrazda – Bryant Blast
Layla Taylor – Arts Committee
Susan Roden – 4th Grade Math Club
Angela Mack – Yearbook Editor
Mark Batho – Math Champs
Michelle Ireton – Bryant Buddies and Scrip Program
Tara Hanoch– Lost and Found
Michele Solis and Will Mitchell– Bike to Bryant
Kim Blakeley – The Bryant Weekly
Liza Caputo – 4th Grade Fundraising for Islandwood and Room Parent Coordinator
Elida Moran – The Bryant Play
Debbie Chateunphonk – PTSA Membership
Natalya Yudkovsky – K-3 Science Night
Kim Love – Bryant Website
Kim Speizer – Writers Celebration
Patricia Parker – – Tech Coordinator


Coffee Mixer with Committees