Bryant PTSA Board Meeting Minutes – November 2015

Monday, November 9, 2015

Attendees: April Wright, Dorey Rue, Patricia Parker, Craig Arango, Steve Garlid, Sam Fogy, Kim Love, JulieOhrazda, Ellen Gryj, Laura Cr, Kate Speizer, Lauren Abraham, Daniel Griesbach, Rachel Schaw, Michelle Ireton, Lean Pu, Kim Larsen, Kimberly Latwesen, Rachel Gleeson, Tiffany Morgan, Jason Smith, Mary-Britt Love, Charise Randell, Jennifer Mahlum, AmyShanafelt, Amy Alphin, Dan Sanger

September Board Meeting Minutes-Approved

Officer/Standing Committee Reports

  1. Treasurer Report
    Nothing too notable
  2. Annual campaign – did very well
  3. ASE
    265 paid slots. Down ~100 slots this session from the Spring.
    Winter sessions sign-ups start December 3rd -14th
    Having the ASE providers write the checks directly has saved hours in coordination

Q&A about Interventions and Extensions

  • Principal Sanger answered some questions
  • Craig Arango discussed why Math Champs was taken out of the curriculum in favor of walk to Math

Hunger Intervention Program (Leann Huntington & Kim Love)

  • Bryant is looking at teaming up with the Hunger Intervention Program
  • Program fills “weekend food packs” for kids in NE Seattle in need
  • Goal is to try to provide 50 backpacks a month, looking for community volunteers to help out

Arts Committee make a request to fund limited ceramics program (Juliana Batho)
Arts committee has 2 questions to increase funding.

  • Item #1: Asking for an additional $332 to cover a deficit in the existing budget -Approved by the board
  • Item #2: Asking for an additional $950 to fund ceramics for either the 4th or 5th grade -On Hold
    Survey the teachers and provide schedule
    Bring it back for a vote

Unallocated playground funds (Amy)
Request from the building to use unallocated playground funds to install a fence

  • Request approval to spend up to $2000 -Approved by the board

Paramount Duty
Motion to adopt the resolution to align with Paramount Duty requesting that our state officials comply with Supreme Court and McCleary

  • Motion to approve that we adopt this resolution -Approved by the general memebership

Meeting Adjourned 8:34

Check the lost & found!

Coming in for your parent-teacher conference? Please remember to check the Lost and Found racks located in the main hallway, for any of your student’s lost items. There are many sweaters, coats, lunchboxes, water bottles and miscellaneous items that would love to be reunited with their owners! All unclaimed items will be donated to charity. Thank you!

Paramount Duty Resolution adopted by Bryant PTSA

The attached Paramount Duty Resolution was adopted and signed by the general membership at the PTSA Board meeting on November 10th.  It sends a message to our legislators that as parents, citizens and voters, we request they uphold the Washington State Constitution that mandates the State amply fund education for all children.

We are sending the signed Paramount Duty Resolution to our 46th District Legislators, Gov Jay Inslee and the Senate and House Education Committee Members. Read more

Join the Lunch Recess Parent Team!

We have immediate openings for lunch recess volunteers weekly (or alternating weeks) from 12 – 1:30 pm.

Our playground volunteers help make Bryant a safe and fun place to be by helping kids in small ways like tying shoes & giving out band-aids, to bigger ways like giving gentle reminders of school policy, reporting incidents to playground staff and building social skills. This is a great way to get to know our school and Bryant students of all ages! Read more

Ask the PTSA: How are my membership dues used?

Your membership in the Bryant PTSA lets you affect advocacy for our students at the school, regional and national levels. Your annual membership dues are only $12 per person or $20 for a household of two, the majority of your dues fund our dues in the larger PTSA/PTA organizations.

The PTSA and PTA, as powerful regional and national voting blocs, advocate for students and provide legislative voice for children in Olympia and Washington, D.C. This year, the state PTA and city PTSA are working to pressure the legislature to honor the McCleary decision to properly fund and prioritize education in the state. The Seattle Council PTSA has outlined steps to advocate for funding McCleary in its Paramount Duty campaign, which we’ll be discussing at our November PTSA meeting. Read more