Support our 4th Graders as they Run for Islandwood!

RunforIslandwood-logoFriday, April 1 at 6pm

Bryant 4th Graders will be running one mile around the Bryant Track to raise money to subsidize the cost of next year’s Islandwood trip. Come cheer them on as they put in some sweat equity to ensure all 4th Graders can participate in this memorable team-building camp experience. 4th Graders, sign up now to get your fundraising link. It takes 5 minutes and is free!

If you’d like to contribute to this campaign and send all of next year’s 5th Graders to Islandwood, please visit our Run for Islandwood website. Questions? Email Kim Love.

Bryant PTSA General Meeting Minutes – March 2016 *Draft*


Tuesday, March 8, 2016
Bryant Library


Attendees: Leann Huntington, Julie Ohrazda, Lauren, Abraham, Jennifer Mahlum, Rachel Schaw, Kim Love, Janie Booth, Amy Shanafelt, Meghan Delaney, Carleen Confer, Katie Boyes, Sam Fogg, Ann Sonner, Heather Kokorowski, Rose Campagnola, Anna Marbury, Patricia Parker, Sara Fenzel, , S. Shelly, Tiffany Morgan, Jason Smith, Michelle Ireton, Whitney Griesbach

October General Meeting Minutes -Approved

Office / Standing Committee Reports

  1. Treasurer’s report -(Lauren Abraham & Jennifer Mahlum)
    • General update
    • Budget Committee meets 3/16
  2. Update from bell times task force -(Leann Huntington)
    Task for made up of parents and representatives from ASE, Bryant Play, Chess Club & Laser

    • Survey gathering parent feedback on how space should be allocated before and after school given the new start/end
    • Early results indicate that the community is prioritizing the space in this year Child care, ASE, Bryant Clubs for Art and Music
  3. Emergency preparedness update -(Heather Kokorowski)
    Purchased Emergency Kits for the classroom

    • New Chairperson and additional members. Contact

New Business

  1. Nominating Committee: Approved by General Membership
    Committee names the slate for 2016-2017 PTSA Exec Board @ June General Meeting

    • Nominating Committee is Janie Booth, Megan Delaney, Katie Speizer. If you know someone who is interested in
  2. Discussion of building budget and Letter of Intent (Leeann Huntington)
    • The Building Budget needs to be locked in advance of the PTSA budgeting committee and June meeting. A Letter of Intent is signed by the PTSA to indicate the intent to fund a Building position/initiative.
      • These are used when there is a prior precedent has been set based on what the PTSA voted to approve in previous years and at what amount.
      • Final approval is pending approval by the General Meeting in June.
    • Planning to sign the following LOI
      • Funding the reading specialist
      • Funding instrumental music instructor
  3. Review progress of PLC and Interventions/Extensions model (Bryant Staff)
    • Dedicated time for collaboration between Grade Teacher teams for content planning, assessments, student/teacher goal setting and planning for differentiation (extend or intervene) for all students.
    • The PLC meets regularly to calibrate expectations and best practices across grade levels

PTSA Nominiating Committee elected

Thank you to the PTSA members who attended the Mid-Year General Membership meeting last week and elected our Nominating Committee: Janie Booth, Meghan Delaney and Kate Speizer. These PTSA members are responsible for shaping the PTSA board by presenting the general membership with a slate of candidates to fill 2016-17 board positions to be voted on at the Spring General Membership meeting in June. If you, or someone you know, want to get more involved in the Bryant community, please email Nominating Committee chair Meghan Delaney.

Gold, Silver, Blast!

Save the Date! Inspired by the Summer Olympics, this year’s Blast theme will honor athleticism and our very active students.

The Bryant Blast will be held on Saturday, May 14th from 12 pm – 4 pm. Plan for pony rides, fun games and activities, sno-cones, tasty food and much, much more!

Wanna help plan the Blast? We still have the following lead position available!
Outdoor Activities Lead — Plan and organize outdoor activities, entertainment, ponies, and more. Past Blast leaders will be available to lend extensive guidance!