Clint Loper, irrepressible bike to school advocate, dies

Clint bikes to school with daughter Berkeley

Clint bikes to school with daughter Berkeley

Bike2Bryant mourns the loss of Clint Loper, who passed away on May 18. One of the parent founders of Bike2Bryant, Clint was instrumental in growing a culture of walking and biking to Bryant. He could often be found by the bike racks before school, hatching plans with other parents and amiably encouraging the kids. To get a sense for how far things have come, read his post about what Bryant was like in 2004, when his eldest started kindergarten.

Clint as the Bryant Bike Wizard

Clint as the Bryant Bike Wizard

Two weeks ago, Clint emailed to say that it had made his day to see all the Bryant students in the neighborhood pedaling toward our Bike to School Day meetup at Top Pot. Bike2Bryant will strive to keep alive his vision of kid-powered transport and people-friendly streets in our little nook of the universe.

Our hearts go out to his wife, Leslie (the first Bryant Bike Fairy), and their two daughters. The Seattle Bike Blog has posted a tribute to Clint.

Bryant Blast Online Auction – Thank you!

The auction ended late Monday night and we raised over $23,000! We surpassed our goal and could not have made it without the support of the Bryant community.

Now what? All winning bidders will receive an email with the total amount of their winning bids. Payment drop off and item pick up will be available on Saturday, May 21st from 8-10:30am and on Sunday, May 22nd from 2pm-4pm. We will be in the small parking lot next to the Bryant Elementary Playground.

Thank you again for the supporting our Bryant students. If you have any questions please email us.

Thank you from the Bryant Blast Auction Committee.

Garden Committee Spring update

The Garden Committee invited Kindergarten classes out to the garden to make chamomile tea. Thank you to Mr. Gallagher, Ms. Kereluck, and Mr. Jones for bringing out your students and letting them get a taste of the Hands On Garden.

Plants are sprouting and flowering and fruiting all over the Hands On Garden. We’d like to remind everyone that this is an outdoor classroom. Please visit often, but do not pick unless invited to do so. The students who have planted plants are excited to see them grow, and to harvest.

Some things you may notice in the garden when you come through:

  • Ms. Bernard and Ms. Bodine’s classes’ radishes, carrots, and lettuce are growing! These students are excited for when it will be time for them to be invited to pick their radishes. It won’t be too much longer!
  • Ms. Spata’s class’s pea plants are growing well!
  • Thursday morning before the bell student garden buddies planted scarlet runner beans! They’ll be climbing up that trellis in no time!
  • Ms. Fahselt and Ms. Eeds’ classes have planted nasturtiums, potatoes, and beans. They also have started seeds under grow lights and are eagerly awaiting the right time to put their zucchini, bell peppers, and tomatoes into the garden.

Join us! Garden volunteers are needed on Thursday mornings! We offer gardening activities for any students who want to participate from 9-the bell. After the kids go in,adults continue working to maintain the learning landscape until 10:30. NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED. We have tools and gloves. Young children are welcome!

WANTED: watering cans. All of our watering cans have been broken. Many students enjoy watering using the rainwater we collect. Contact Samantha Fogg or just leave a watering can in the Hands On Garden by the rain barrel.

Yearbook needs your Blast photos

The yearbook team relies on the families of Bryant students to collect all those amazing photos for the yearbook each year. We can’t do this without you! We have already shipped the 2016 yearbook to the printer, but our tradition is to include photos of each year’s Bryant Blast and Field Day in the following year’s book. That’s right, we’re already working on the 2017 yearbook! Email your photos to

Keep up the biking in May!

It’s time to log your child’s trips during May 9-13 on our online trip tracker. A round trip to and from school counts as one trip. Biking to other places, like the library or grocery store, also counts. Trips from Week 1 may also be recorded on this form, if needed.

Our awesome Bryant bikers rode a total of 184.5 trips in the first week of Bike to School Month. Certainly impressive, but at that rate, Ms. Loftin will probably keep her hair. Hmmm, can we get to 1000 trips?

Other highlights from the week:

  • Did you know Bryant’s librarian, Ms. Aliverti, is riding in May? Give her a high five next time you see her!
  • Biking is a great way to notice things you might not when going by car. One family reports seeing tadpoles, a kingfisher, and ducklings at a pond they biked by on their way back from swimming lessons at Meadowbrook.
  • Mrs. Bernard’s class is in the lead with the most trips so far. Do not underestimate the pedal power of 3rd graders!

Please let us know if you have questions, and thanks for participating in Bike to School Month!

Feature your reader for a month!

First grader Olympia is our featured reader for May!
Did you know the Bryant Library participates in the nationally recognized Read poster program? Our posters are featured just off the main school entrance in the Library every month and on the library blog. Now’s the time to get your favorite reader featured for a month next school year. Purchase your poster slot on the Bryant Blast online auction and you’ll get a fabulous photo shoot with Bryant parent and photographer Audrey Lee and a personalized Read poster treatment.