Bryant Elementary Presents Willy Wonka Kids

Bryant’s 4th and 5th graders have been memorizing, singing, lighting, set-painting, rehearsing, and creating a magical musical for our community to enjoy! Tickets are $5 per person and can be purchased at the door on the night of the play or on the playground after school March 21-22. 
Play times are:

  • Thursday, March 21 at 7pm
  • Friday, March 22 at 7pm
  • Saturday, March 23 at 2pm or 7pm

Baked goods will be offered for sale before the show and at intermission; bring cash if you want to purchase delicious treats.

We look forward to seeing you at the play!

Bryant PTSA Board Meeting Minutes – Feb 2019

Welcome and Introductions Kim Love & Whitney Griesbach

Approve January Board Meeting Minutes

Officer/Standing Committee Reports

Treasurer’s Recap Report Brita Willis & Lorraine Sawicki

  • Collected 158k so far from Annual Campaign
  • Closed Home Street Bank Account
  • PTSA has collected 6,200 for instruments, goal is 10k
  • Bank fees = 5600 so far
  • Artists in Residences approved for $700, not used yet
  • Unallocated balance = 10,800
  • Reserve = 82k
  • Surplus = 11k
  • Have discussed meeting with Committee Leads at the beginning f the year to discuss process of collecting cash

Legislative Chairs Report Jean Charette, Yvonne  Roberts & Diana Fryc    

  • Levies passed!
  • Gerry Poulett does localized meetings, idea to show up with Bryant Spirit Wear on and bring specific issues to discuss
  • Focus Day cancelled due to weather, so above meetings are thought to take the place of Focus Day
  • Jean and Sam will work together to come up with scripts and meeting times with Gerry Poulett and Rep. Valdez to discuss various issues around special ed, etc.
  • Personal stories can make a huge difference in swaying Reps.         

Bryant Leadership Team Kim Love

  • Continuing to work on smart goals for next two academic years: SEL and Reading as well as Math scores
  • Starting to focus on and refine action plan, making goals more specific for grade levels

Principal’s Report Charmaine Marshall

  • BLM learning has been very exciting
  • Adjusting schedules due to snow days

New Business

Bryant Directory App for 2019-2020      Ann Sonnen

  • App to download for free, you put in your own info (as much as you want)
  • Still offer soft cover directory
  • Can update your own info if it changes in the year
  • Free App, but there are ads within app
  • Interface is easy
  • Info is locked down so that not all people can see info
  • Discussion about centralizing all info for school: directory, sign-up, fundraising, etc. Not affordable at this time.
  • Roll out app within the Board to see if it is tenable- suggested and tabled

Yearbook Editor Report Loree Melens

  • Proposal to get a book for $14.50 for a bigger book and in color/hardback
  • Currently books are 12.50 and we charge 15, proposal to go with 14.50 book and charging 20
  • Sales to start Tuesday @ $20 per book
  • No free books for 5th grade, but there will be extras delivered to each classroom (to be returned if not needed)

PTSA community outreach/ social media presence Kim Love

  • Best Practices for passwords
  • Discussed LastPass as option for passwords
  • Facebook/social media/newsletter Best Practices and guidelines
  • Recommendation to form Committee to figure out expectations and roles and responsibilities
  • Communication Chair for Board suggested


The Bryant online auction is now OPEN!

Our 2019 auction will be open all week and close at 10 p.m. on Monday, March 11. That gives you plenty of time to check out all of our offerings and bid, bid, bid. Remember, it’s all in support of Bryant’s PTSA.

So get in there and have some fun! You can also share this link with your friends and family, even if they’re not Bryant families. Everyone is welcome to participate!