Time to plan your grade-level bash!

Now that the weather is starting to turn reliably warmer and dryer, it’s the perfect time to think about an end-of-the-year party for your families.

The Bryant PTSA is excited to be offering grants for you to hold an event for families in your grade level. Bryant PTSA will grant up to $500 to each grade level to build engagement. The grant is intended to help you meet and form connections with each other, in the hopes that stronger social relationships will translate to a stronger school community for our children.

Some ideas for FUN ways to spend your grant:

  • Hold a potluck cookout at a local park
  • Host a game night at a community center or at school
  • Host a movie night with free concessions (the PTSA has a movie license that would cover this!)
  • Put on a talent show
  • Host a summer-time event to get families together outside of the school-year

Download the grade-level grant info sheet, or email ptsaexec@bryantschool.org for info today.

Bryant PTSA General Meeting Minutes – March 2019

Welcome and Introductions Kim Love & Whitney Griesbach 

Approve Meeting Minutes
October Minutes ApprovedJanuary Minutes Approved

Officer/Standing Committee Reports  

  1. Treasurer’s Report: Brita Willis & Lorraine Sawicki 
    • Continuing to collect Annual Campaign funds, on target to collect target of 179K
    • Received Q2 invoice from School District for 33k
    • Beginning Annual Budgeting process, working to balance and meet needs of community
    • No other changes
    • (See report)
  2. Legislative Chairs: Jean Charette, Yvonne Roberts &  Diane Fryc
    • Post-card letter writing campaign to fundraise
    • Announcement written in weekly to inform/educate people on why money is needed
    • Looking for prime opportunities to catch parents to write cards and continue education on budget
    • Will leave literature LASER sign out as well as scoping out other places

Special Committee Reports  

  1. Auction Recap: Jen Kennedy 
    • Total: 31,993.50
    • Late requests can be completed through the donate button at top of Auction page
    • 263 participants (+22 from last year, +57 from 2017)
    • In-Kind donation from Office Depot, gave us all signage for auction ($600 in signage). Signage can be used each year
    • 207 total items, last year 280 items
    • Top Money Makers: Fall Kegger 3K
      • Moms in Margaritaville: 1500+
      • 2nd grade Cineplex: 1100
      • Treehouse Crawl: 1k
      • Trivia Night 840
      • Gallagher Kids Dance Party 80
      • Takeaway: experiences are the top moneymakers
      • 12 people on Auction Committee, ended up with 10 members, 12 is ideal

New Business  

School Budget: Principal Charmaine Marshall 

  • (see reports)
  • Cuts across district illustrated in packet presented
  • Bryant is a Tier 4 school (budget is determined by tiers, tiers based on test scores
  • Bryant losing 1.5-positions/Assistant principal reduced by .5/Cert Core reduced by .5)
  • District is going back to legislature and hope is to restore 2.5 mil, which would restore .5 of Assistant Principal and .5 of Cert Core
  • Week of 4/28 will be week of decision from legislature
  • Reduced .5 PCP (PE/music)
  • Bryant filled out a waiver to get a .5 interventionist and .5 Librarians, waiver denied
  • Scenario voted on and approved by staff thus far for budget is to have a ½ combo and 4/5 combo
  • .5 Librarian/ .5 PCP reduction/Counselor position eliminated

Selection of Nomination Committee :Tammy Shorr 

  • Candidates for Nomination Committee:
    • Clare Kealy
    • Kelli Hessler
    • Marlene Weiss
    • Nelly Goodnoe
    • Tammy Shorr
  • Motion made and approved

Constant Contact Payment Kim Love

  • Constant Contact has previously been paid for by a graduated parent (Kim Blakely)
  • Motion made, approved to pay her back for this past year (55.05 x 8 months= $440) (up to $500) and also increased line item to $1000 to cover paying back and paying other Constant Contact bills

Playground Steering Committee: Mary Strazer 

  • Discussion with SPS to renovate playground, immediate concerns of grass field replacement and new wood chips under play area to be paid for by SPS.
  • Work to start in the spring, possible field closures. Holes in field are being filled March 30th.
  • Talking to students and staff about what structures and things that are needed on the playfield.
  • Looking at matching grant of 50k from a local playground supply company- require deposit from matching before getting funding. No timeline.
  • Neighborhood matching fund grant has dropped to 25k
  • If we receive both grants we would still need 50-90k to rehab playground
  • Possibility of requesting some funds from LASER
  • Consideration to be given to Field Day and Blast
  • Irrigation provided by SPS only is on for 2 years. Last irrigation was 10 years ago, so way overdue.
  • Discussed fundraising strategies for playground- looking at 50k +. Fundraising then depends on when we want to execute playground changes
  • Wunderkind/LASER/PE all involved in committee efforts
  • Grass is already funded by SPS

MIXER for PTSA March 26th, Pizza provided 6:30 No kids

  • Please indicate attendance on Facebook

Superintendent Juneau will be visiting at 9am on Friday the 15th

HIP Committee has only 3 people signed up for 1st grade – it is on Friday the 15th 7pm

5th grade science fair March 13th 7pm

LASER Update:

  • LASER is currently hiring. 
  • Summer camps are being planned
  • Jump Start being planned as well