Can you make a plant ID chart?

We need a volunteer to make a plant identification chart with photographs of plants and weeds in our Learning Landscape. The chart would need to list common invasive weeds in one section and native plants that need to stay in our Learning Landscape in another section.

Having this chart would make it easier for classes to come out into the Learning Landscape, and for volunteers who would like to work in the Learning Landscape on their own schedule but want clarity about what can stay and what should go.

If this volunteer opportunity is of interest to you please contact Sam Fogg and Pamela Kuhtz.

Three ways to help garden at Bryant

Contact Sam Fogg or Pamela Kuhtz  for information about how to help with Bryant’s Gardening programs.

Weeding Volunteers Needed

Did you know that the Learning Landscape is maintained by parent volunteers? The school district mows the lawn and occasionally will prune larger trees, but all weeding and managing of the grounds is done by volunteers! Please, help us keep our Learning Landscape. Just dig in and start weeding, or come to a Fun Family Gardening meeting on Fridays after drop off.

Join us for Fun Family Gardening!

Every Friday after drop off, meet in the Hands on Garden for organized group gardening. Help us keep the Learning Landscape ready for students! No experience required and younger siblings are welcome.

If there is a rainy day dropoff, we will not meet that week.

Classroom Garden Volunteers Needed!

We’re looking for volunteers who are able to help garden with classes during the school day. Please let us know if you’d be willing to help out! Contact Sam Fogg at or Pamela Kuhtz at

Garden Committee Spring update

The Garden Committee invited Kindergarten classes out to the garden to make chamomile tea. Thank you to Mr. Gallagher, Ms. Kereluck, and Mr. Jones for bringing out your students and letting them get a taste of the Hands On Garden.

Plants are sprouting and flowering and fruiting all over the Hands On Garden. We’d like to remind everyone that this is an outdoor classroom. Please visit often, but do not pick unless invited to do so. The students who have planted plants are excited to see them grow, and to harvest.

Some things you may notice in the garden when you come through:

  • Ms. Bernard and Ms. Bodine’s classes’ radishes, carrots, and lettuce are growing! These students are excited for when it will be time for them to be invited to pick their radishes. It won’t be too much longer!
  • Ms. Spata’s class’s pea plants are growing well!
  • Thursday morning before the bell student garden buddies planted scarlet runner beans! They’ll be climbing up that trellis in no time!
  • Ms. Fahselt and Ms. Eeds’ classes have planted nasturtiums, potatoes, and beans. They also have started seeds under grow lights and are eagerly awaiting the right time to put their zucchini, bell peppers, and tomatoes into the garden.

Join us! Garden volunteers are needed on Thursday mornings! We offer gardening activities for any students who want to participate from 9-the bell. After the kids go in,adults continue working to maintain the learning landscape until 10:30. NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED. We have tools and gloves. Young children are welcome!

WANTED: watering cans. All of our watering cans have been broken. Many students enjoy watering using the rainwater we collect. Contact Samantha Fogg or just leave a watering can in the Hands On Garden by the rain barrel.

Garden Buddies Begins with Carrot Harvest!

Our PTSA Garden Buddy Committee, Pamela Kuhtz and Mark Benoit have been busy cleaning up the garden from the summer growing season, and getting beds ready for fall planting. Last week they hosted Ms. Bodine’s class out in the garden to harvest the carrots her class had planted last spring.

“Hey, these beans are the same color as my shirt!!!”
“How come this cucumber is so much more crunchy than at home?”

This year the Garden Buddies will work with our third grade teachers to create meaningful ways to interact with the popular Plant Growth and Development science unit.