Bike Month tallies!

The numbers are in, and Bryant was in fine form for Bike Month, logging 831.5 trips in May! That was not quite enough to meet Ms. Loftin’s Close Shave Challenge of 1000 trips, but mileage-wise students logged somewhere between 809 and 1499 miles. That latter number would get you to Alaska – amazing!

Congratulations to Ms. Bodine’s class, which was the bike-iest group, clocking 108.5 trips. This wins them bragging rights, and a shiny crank arm trophy. Ms. Kearney’s class came in 2nd place, with 81 trips, and Mrs. Bernard’s class 3rd with 67 trips. Way to go!

In all 64 students logged trips in May, and we want to send a shout out to the every day riders — all 28 of them! These students each rode 20 trips total in May, either to/from school or to other destinations. They are: Nicholas Archer, Henrik Arnold, Sonja Arnold, Naomi Blake, Walter Blake, Matthew Brewer, Charlotte Campau, Marina Caputo, Milo Cericola Benoit, Kate Eleveld, Rian Fitzpatrick, Emma Fogg, Vaughan Foss-Roos, Jackson Hsu, Jackson Huntington, Nick Huntington, Evan Jakubek, Vivienne Lawrence, Maddie Mitchell, Diadora Sherlock, Linus Skucas, Ramona Skucas, Audrey Smith, Gavin Wells, Max Whitaker, Pola Zablocka, and Zoja Zablocka. They will be receiving a t-shirt prize in the next week or so.

We were so happy to see all the bikers come out for Obstacles and Popsicles, and their skillful demonstrations of pedal and popsicle-eating power. Thanks to everyone for participating in Bike Month, and for keeping biking in the culture of Bryant and the surrounding neighborhood. If any of you are interested in helping with walk or bike to school activities in the next school year, please let us know!