Keep up the biking in May!

It’s time to log your child’s trips during May 9-13 on our online trip tracker. A round trip to and from school counts as one trip. Biking to other places, like the library or grocery store, also counts. Trips from Week 1 may also be recorded on this form, if needed.

Our awesome Bryant bikers rode a total of 184.5 trips in the first week of Bike to School Month. Certainly impressive, but at that rate, Ms. Loftin will probably keep her hair. Hmmm, can we get to 1000 trips?

Other highlights from the week:

  • Did you know Bryant’s librarian, Ms. Aliverti, is riding in May? Give her a high five next time you see her!
  • Biking is a great way to notice things you might not when going by car. One family reports seeing tadpoles, a kingfisher, and ducklings at a pond they biked by on their way back from swimming lessons at Meadowbrook.
  • Mrs. Bernard’s class is in the lead with the most trips so far. Do not underestimate the pedal power of 3rd graders!

Please let us know if you have questions, and thanks for participating in Bike to School Month!