October is WALKtober

October is International Walk to School Month, and we are ready to celebrate Bryant’s walkers! On Friday mornings of Oct 7, 21, and 28, we hope you can join us at one of 4 walking bus stops.

7:30 am Gather at one of the 4 meeting points. Meet other Bryant parents and kids while enjoying a fall time treat.
7:40 am Start walking to school along the routes outlined in blue.
7:50 am Arrive at Bryant in an awesome display of kid-powered transport!

Meeting points (stars on the map):

  • West Station: 30th Ave. NE/NE 60th St.
  • South Station: 33rd Ave. NE/NE 55th St.
  • North Station: 32nd Ave. NE/NE 65th St.
  • East Station: 36th Ave. NE/NE 60th St.

north-stationLive NW of Bryant? On Fridays in October, Bryant parents are organizing a walking bus to school from the neighborhood, west of Third Place Books.
* 7:10 – 68th at 16th Ave
* 7:13 – 68th at 19th Ave
* 7:15 – 68th at Ravenna Ave
* 7:22 – 68th at 29th Ave
* 7:25 – 68th at 32nd Ave…then South to crosswalk
* 7:30 – 32nd at 65th St. Pause at the North Station to enjoy a treat before finishing the walk to school with the group!

Questions? Contact Michele Solis or Will Mitchell.