Bryant PTSA Board Meeting Minutes – November 2017

Bryant PTSA Board Meeting Minutes
November 14, 2017
Bryant Library

Welcome and Introductions, Julie Ohrazda & Kim Love

Approve September Board Meeting Minutes

Officer/Standing Committee Reports

  1. Treasurer’s Recap Report (7:10-7:15) Nelly Goodnoe & Brita Willis
    1. Annual campaign collected $111k in donations thus far/should be 158k with fulfilled pledges
    2. Q4 contract under budget
    3. Spirit-wear tracked online through square, 6k total thus far
  2. Fundraising Chair Report (7:15-7:20) Leeann Huntington & Sara Fenzel
    1. Next year we will try combo of pledge cards and on-line donation ability
    2. Will gather requirements for on-line payment methods next month
    3. Create more clarity around pledge cards
    4. Prize for 100% classroom participation next year = pizza party. Feedback was this year’s goal was too vague
    5. Will coordinate pledge card with movie night: turn in your pledge card and PTSA will pay for your popcorn
    6. Thank teachers ahead of time next year with donuts, also have luncheon a week earlier
    7. Amount now is 111k, set to be 158k compared to last year’s 116k at this time last year
    8. Lower fundraising in general across the school system
  3. Volunteer Coordinator – verification fee request (7:20- 7:25) Ann Marie Paterson
    1. New vetting procedure: if you are not a WA state resident for at least 3 years then you are background checked on a national level by a service hired by the district. This is at a cost of $31/person. Will soon be recruiting UW students that will more likely be from out of state. Request for fund in reserve for reimbursement for these background checks. Challenge is other schools that do not have the ability to establish this type of fund and potential volunteers that are likely out of state/homeless/recent immigrants/etc. Payment is due via credit card, which is also a challenge.  This is clearly an equity issue. Volunteer Coordinator will speak to District Board Member at Zoka office hours to discuss equity conversation that occurred at this meeting. Comments, thoughts, and concerns are welcome to add to conversation.
    2. Motion to set aside $300 to cover funds for college students applying to volunteer and fit into above category. Motion approved.
  4. Legislative Chairs Report (7:25- 7:30) Shelley Prosise & Jean Charette
    1. Co-legislative chair from Eckstein invited us to co-host an event at Eckstein on November 30th at 7pm titled: “Are our schools amply funded?” Co-sponsor entails having name on flyer and helping to market the event. Possible funds needed for flyer.
    2. Variety of resolutions at assembly:
      1. Mental health needs of children
      2. Trauma informed care
      3. LGTBQ inclusion
      4. Increasing access and affordability to secondary and higher education
    3. 663 people responded to survey that led to these top four issues
    4. Looking for feedback and thoughts around on these top four issues. Proposal to have another meeting to discuss this further and how we can address these concerns.
  5. Bryant Leadership Team (7:30-7:35) Kim Love
    1. Discussed calendar for early release days. Calendar is being finalized soon. If you have questions about calendar, see Kim Love.
    2. Discussed building goals and what we would like to accomplish as a building including
      1. Engaging more families is a big topic. Especially for lunchroom volunteer recruitment. Ideas included a video series showing what the role of lunchroom volunteer is. Not understanding the role is a big barrier for volunteers.
      2. Also changing Curriculum Night to more of a connections opportunity between families rather than a one-way conversation. More concrete plans coming soon.
  6. Principal’s Report (7:35- 7:45) Dan Sanger
    1. BLT is focusing on 3 primary goals:
      1. Implementing new literacy curriculum with fidelity. Challenges come from assessment increases yet general perception is that this is a thoughtful program.
      2. Becoming more culturally competent as a building. This is a major component of the literacy curriculum.
      3. Meet students where they are on their individual learning progression.
    2. BLT has set of tasks-
      1. Create a budget
      2. Create a professional development calendar.  On early release days teachers get an additional hour of work and assessment time. The other hour is for professional development.  This is a new and exciting development that is coming out of committees. Committees are really focused on meeting primary goals set out by BLT. The umbrella of all committess is belonging and inclusion. This is streamlining quite well with what the district is planning and the district goals.
    3. Announcement: new choir teacher! Article in Bryant Weekly. Choir will happen on Mondays.

Special Committee Reports

Special Orders

New Business

  1. Grant summary, Nelly Goodnoe
  2. Grant request (sub time & volunteer coordinator), Nelly Goodnoe
    1. Motion to increase budget for sub days. Motion approved.
    2. 2 K classes and 4 1st grade classes asking for payment for Splash Math. Motion to change budget line item from A-Z  reading to Classroom Software.
  3. Teacher assessment days’ budget request, Julie Pearson (absent)
  4. School of Excellence survey results, Julie Ohrazda
    1. Create a culture and climate to include all families.
    2. In line with BLT and District goals.
  5. Winterfest format (8:25- 8:30) December 14th, Kim Love
    Instead of just music, idea to make it a literacy and music focus. Sing along a possibility for each class and possibly choir will perform a little bit. Author visit will occur before music piece. Idea of inclusion and community participation came up in order to recruit more members. Idea to get 5th graders to have a bake sale. More concerted effort to get people to come. Parents can drop off kids and shop book fair during the Winterfest.
  6. School Supply Initiative, Kim Love
    Instead of supply list coming home from kids, have PTSA buy supplies and parents give money for supplies. Kids would only be responsible for backpacks and lunchbox. Idea is to get a little extra money to donate to other schools. Will save money overall.
  7. Laser childcare for General Mtgs, Kim Love
    1. Request to LASER to provide childcare for general meetings and speaker nights. LASER requests that we provide pizza. Motion to set aside $600 for pizza funding for LASER speaker nights.
      Motion approved.

November 30th Eckstein Event

December 14th Winterfest.