Call to action: Support Bryant through Annual Campaign and advocacy

Thank you to those parents who were able to make it to the Fall General Membership meeting.  It was great to see so many new faces along with our returning members.

So, what’s next?  We need you to act now.

  1. Support the annual campaign: The vast majority of the PTSA budget is provided through our contributions to the campaign. Thanks to you, we are off to a great start at a third of the way toward our 100% participation goal. By continuing toward that goal and giving to the campaign, we will ensure ourselves of having the necessary resources to continue with the tradition of funding into the next school year all the programs we as a Bryant community feel are important.
  2. Advocate at the local and state level:
    • Email Joan Crooks to join the Bryant Advocacy list and receive regular updates on how you can help raise the volume on the need for Seattle Public Schools and Washington State to properly fund education.
    • Join forces with other Seattle Schools in an effort to develop a strategy to put a full stop to the current staff cuts due to take effect this week. For more information about how to get involved visit #kidsnotcuts.
  3. State your intent: Jason Smith & a few other parents are spearheading a grassroots effort to gauge the interest doing additional fundraising this year to increase support for the Extension and Intervention program.

Thank you again for everyone’s participation and efforts to support Bryant Elementary school. A special thanks for Principle Sanger for taking the time to go deeper in his explanation of Professional Learning Communities and how that teaching model impacts both the staff and our students.  It was also helpful to hear how the Intervention and Extension specialist is plugged into the PLC model and how the Intervention and Extension program will need to evolve without a dedicated specialist coordinating the team.

Leeann Huntington
PTSA President