Annual Volunteer Report 2017-2018

Bryant Elementary School
Annual Volunteer Report 2017-2018

Volunteer Hours September 2017-June 2018
Ann Marie Patterson, Volunteer Coordinator

Community Volunteers: Academic Support/Health Room Support/Event Support
Volunteers participated from several programs at the University of Washington such as Work/Study and Pipeline. We welcomed other UW volunteers from various academic departments plus 26 Science Fair Mentors from UW departments in the sciences, engineering and the environment. University of Washington pre-nursing students and community volunteers staffed our Health Room. A University of Washington Instructor and UW students from the UW Center for Philosophy for Children engaged weekly with Ms. Satzinger’s 1st grade class. Students from Eckstein Middle School, Jane Addams Middle School and Roosevelt High School volunteered for the Bryant Blast, the Play and Arts Night. Community volunteers attended an orientation presented by Ann Marie Patterson and completed the SPS volunteer requirements.

Classroom Tutors — Academic Support
College students and community members tutored students in the classroom on a regular weekly basis at the request of teachers. Tutors from the community included a retired high school teacher and a semi-retired university history/law professor. Tutors provided support in math, reading and writing in 12 classrooms.
22 tutors • Total Hours: 1,058 hours    

Community Volunteers — short term classroom engagement
A Roosevelt High School Drama class and their teacher, plus a Seattle Children’s Theatre staff member, volunteered 4 sessions in Mr. Jones Kindergarten class. A UW Math for Elementary Teachers professor and her class engaged with Mr. Arrowsmith’s 2nd grade classroom for “math interviews” with Bryant students.
Volunteers: 63 • Total Hours: 124 hours

Health Room Volunteers
University of Washington pre-nursing students and two community volunteers (retired pediatrician and retired nurse) staffed our Health Room all day (9:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.) on Monday, Thursday and Friday when our school nurse is not working. They addressed first aid/ health complaints from students and supported our office staff. UW pre-nursing students and community volunteers assisted our school nurse with the fall vision/hearing screenings for all enrolled students.
Health Room Volunteers: 14 • Total Hours: 451 hours

Community Event Volunteers — Blast, Play, and Arts Night
Bryant Blast volunteers included students from Eckstein Middle School (2), Roosevelt High School (7) and community volunteers (3). Bryant Play volunteers included students from Jane Addams Middle School (1) and from Roosevelt High School (1). Arts Night volunteers included (7) Roosevelt H.S. students.
Community Event Volunteers: 21 •  Total Hours: 120 hours

5th grade Science Fair Volunteers
Science Fair mentor scientists from the University of Washington led small groups of 5th grade students in our annual Science Fair program. Teams met weekly for 8 weeks to work on a science fair project that applied the scientific method to a question posed by the mentors/students. Mentor scientists participated from the following programs at the University of Washington: Aeronautics/Astronautics,  Chemical Engineering, Bioengineering, Public Health, School of Environmental and Forest Sciences, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Oceanography, School of Marine Science & Environmental Affairs, Microbiology, Biology and Neurobiology. Bryant parent, Lauren Abraham, served as the Science Fair Coordinator. Bryant parent volunteers assisted during the 8-week Science Fair Sessions.
Community Mentor Scientists: 26 Mentors          
Bryant parent support volunteers: 17
Total volunteers: 43  
Community Mentor Scientists Hours: 598 hours
Total Science Fair volunteer hours:  619 hours

Bryant Parent Volunteers
Bryant parents served as outstanding leaders on essential school committees such as the PTSA Board, BLT and Arts Committee. Parents also provided leadership and support for numerous programs such as the Annual Campaign, Drama (school play), Art Docent, Arts Night, Bryant Blast, Bryant Auction, Hunger Intervention Program (HIP), Field Day, Weekly Editors, Yearbook Editors, Writer’s Celebration, Reflections, Chess Club, 5th Grade camp Islandwood chaperones, Garden Buddies, Room Parents, Playground & Lunchroom Supervision, Bike to Bryant, Running Club and many other vital committees. Parents also volunteered in the classroom supporting academics and volunteered as field trip chaperones. All parent volunteers completed the SPS volunteer requirements and had the opportunity to attend an orientation. I gave two New Parent Orientations assisted by the PTSA Volunteer Coordinators. In addition, I met individually with parent volunteers to answer questions and give mini-orientations.
Bryant Parent Volunteers: 448 • Bryant Parent Volunteer Hours:  16,000 hours
Total Community Volunteers: 146 • Community Volunteer Hours: 2,351 hours

Grand Total Bryant Volunteers: 594        
Grand Total Bryant Volunteer Hours: 18,351

National Independent Sector Values   volunteer service hours @$24.14/hour = $442,993