PTSA Financial Summary

Bryant PTSA Financial Summary – 2016 to 2021

This page provides year over year Bryant PTSA financial overview from 2016 to 2021.  It’s divided into three sections:

  • Source of Income: Percentage breakdown of Bryant PTSA Income sources by year.
  • Annual Spending: Overview of categorized spending by year. For the current fiscal year (2020-21), the data is based on the approved budget.
  • Staff Wages: Breakdown of annual spending on staff wages (The top spending category in PTSA budgets).

For more details,individual annual budgets can be found at the Monthly PTSA Meetings Page.

Please email PTSA treasurers for questions and feedback.

Source of Income

For the last 5 years, 60-70% of our income is from Annual Campaign, 5% from Blast, 10 – 12 % from Silence Auction, and we reply heavily on our carry over from previous year (15 – 20%). 



Annual Spending

In the last four years, 75% of our spending goes to PTSA sponsored staff positions at Bryant. 

For Fiscal Year 2020-21, to better address remote learning we have:

  • Increased additional tutoring support.
  • Tech instructor who is tech supporting the Bryant staffs.
  • Library Support to make library checkout possible.
  • Removed all non-remote spending including playground supervision.
  • Reduced Artist in Residence spending until we are back to in person learning.
  • Doubled Family-in-Need Budget

We had initially allocated  ~$50K for a one time pandemic trauma counselor position for this school year, assuming school would be in person.  This is currently being split up:

  • $20K in Community for any social emotional support proposal that would work in remote environment
  • $30K remaining in Staff Wages  to support the counselor position if / when we are back to in person learning.



Staff Wages

About 30% of total staff wages now goes to Math / Reading Specialists. Over the last five years we have steadily increased our support for Math / Reading Specialists who provide intervention and extension services.  Artist in Residence program spending has been steadily decreased due to Bryant now has a full time Art Teacher.

For 2020-2021, we have:

  • Reduced Artist in Residence until School is in person.
  • Removed playground supervision.
  • Added library support since library can no longer use parent volunteers to check in / check out books.
  • Increased tech teacher hours to support Bryant Staff in remote learning environment.
  • Tripled tutoring budget to have tutors helping teachers in remote learning.