Technology at Bryant

Together, Bryant and the PTSA fund the Technology Coordinator position. Our students spend an hour every week in the Tech Lab, where the 30 PCs can accommodate full class lessons. There, every Bryant student acquires valuable computer and research skills, while integrating technology into primary teachers’ lesson plans.

In addition, every classroom is equipped with multiple PCs (2-8 machines depending on grade level), and has access to internet, media players, projectors and visual and audio recording devices. Lessons that are started in the Lab often continue in the classroom, and students are encouraged to continue exploring our technology resources at home through the technology portal.

The library is equipped with an additional 14 computers for students to access the collection catalog or to work on their individual projects. The library’s Macs, coupled with the PCs in the Tech Lab and classrooms, enable students to practice on both operating systems. The Teacher-Librarian also collaborates with the Technology Coordinator and classroom teachers to teach computer research skills.

Although the school is well-endowed with tech resources, the school’s philosophy is not to simply use technology for technology’s sake. Rather, the objective is to integrate technology into the curriculum where it assists student learning in a broader, deeper, or more productive manner. Technology is integrated into all aspects of the curriculum including science, art, mathematics, writing, research, and presentation.

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