Off-Site After School Classes & Childcare

In addition to LASER, which operates Bryant’s on-site after school care, there are other local options for after school care, some of them offering transportation options from school. If you’re an after-school child care provider, or know of childcare facilities please let us know to include you on the list. Inclusion on this list should NOT be seen as an endorsement by Bryant administration or PTSA.

Mat Chess Mixed Martial Arts, walks Bryant students to facility 3 blocks away. Care available until 5:30pm, with flexible scheduling

Seattle’s Littlest Performers, offering transportation

Seattle Parks and Recreation (select Childcare & Out-of-School Time in navigation), at various community center sites

Wunderkind offers after-school creative programs and walks kids from the school to their facility on NE 55th St.

Momentum Sports lets kids outside for fresh air and exercise after-school. Programs operate out of Wunderkind on NE 55th St.

Local YMCA Kids U, offering limited transportation to certain site(s).