Race and Kids: 2 part speaker series with Jasen Frelot



Talking to our kids about race is hard. Race still matters in America today. How can we raise children who go beyond the superficial notion of colorblindness to see and challenge the ways privilege shapes our lives? How do we seize the teachable moments that arise when we least expect them? These sessions will use a combination of lecture and open discussion to show how we unintentionally give our children views of people of color that detrimentally affect both white children and children of color.

These events are geared for parents and caretakers, not children

Part 1: Changing the Narrative
Thursday, December 7
Narrative/Counter-Narrative, Race in Media, Racial Identity Development, Colorblindness and Racial Identity Education, Action Steps, & Q&A

Part 2: Power and Privilege
Monday, January 22
MondayRecognize misuse of power and privilege in children, the tendency towards exclusion and how to move children towards inclusion, authentically giving voice to children of color and other marginalized groups & Q & A.