Strike News

With Seattle teachers on strike, the first day of school will be delayed indefinitely. We will try to have major updates here and on our Facebook page. For all of our posts about the strike and school closure, visit our Strike News area. To support teachers, view this parent-generated Google doc to sign-up to supply teachers with meals and support while they picket. Email Carrie Pruitt, teacher and staff liaison, to receive updates from the teachers.

Update 9/21: SEA members voted Sunday night to approve the tentative contract agreement reached by their bargaining team and the district.

Update 9/16: School’s on for Thursday! The SEA’s executive board and representative assembly (union reps from each of the schools) voted Tuesday to recommend the tentative agreement reached by the SEA and SPS to the general membership, and to suspend the strike. Teachers are back in school Wednesday prepping for the first day of school on Thursday.

Update 9/15: The SEA and SPS reached a tentative agreement early this morning. Union leadership still needs to review the terms and come up with a recommendation on whether or not the membership (teachers) should vote to approve the contract. Terms of the agreement have not been released, and SPS is saying they’ll need time to figure out transportation logistics (busing).

Update 9/13: Schools will remain closed Sunday. The SPS site has a FAQ about bargaining issues and operational matters like the school calendar. The SEA has strike and bargaining updates on their site.

Upcoming school events that may be affected:

1st Day Welcome (Sept 17 in the Lunchroom right after the first bell)
Ice Cream Social (Fri, Sept 18, 6:30-8pm)
5th Grade Curriculum Night (postponed)
5th Grade Islandwood trip (week of Sept 28th will take place as planned)

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