Bryant PTSA Board Meeting Minutes – April *DRAFT

Approved Feb Board Meeting Minutes


  • Online Auction raised $27,000
  • Update on budgeting proces

Bryant Leadership Team

  • Budget
  • Staffing

Principal Report

  • Funding was restored for:
    • for two teachers
    • Fulltime librarian
    • Vice Principles
  • Still at risk of not be able to fund
    • Math specialist
    • 2 teachers
  • Great that we’re coming out of the dark but this does not mean our budget crisis is resolved. Our work is not done and we need to continue to push for state funding of public education.
  • Expecting an update on enrollment numbers in June which may add more funding

Special committee reports

  • Online Auction
    • Original goal was $12,000 we bumped it up to $18,000. Total raised was $27,000.
    • Worked well to split the workload between 5 or 6 people
    • Suggestions for next year to form the committee May/June
  • Bryant Blast
    • All key volunteers have been recruited
    • No theme, no t-shirts, no crazy hats
    • Blood drive: sign-up @ Donate get free entry!
  • Nominating Committee Open Positions
    • Vice President
    • Co-Secretary
    • Co-fundraiser
    • Co-volunteer coordinator
  • Laser Member Chad Barnes
    • Board is in Mission/Vision statement process
    • Moving towards a paperless systems for parents night out, camps,
    • Sign-up for Laser will be online, look for info in May
    • Still availability in Spring Break and Summer Camps

New Business

  • Ms. Salisbury asked for an additional to fund 4th grade class fieldtrip to the Zoo $650 – Approved
  • Nelly asked for $63 to support 5th grade Book-it – Approved