Bryant PTSA Board Meeting Minutes – Feb 2019

Welcome and Introductions Kim Love & Whitney Griesbach

Approve January Board Meeting Minutes

Officer/Standing Committee Reports

Treasurer’s Recap Report Brita Willis & Lorraine Sawicki

  • Collected 158k so far from Annual Campaign
  • Closed Home Street Bank Account
  • PTSA has collected 6,200 for instruments, goal is 10k
  • Bank fees = 5600 so far
  • Artists in Residences approved for $700, not used yet
  • Unallocated balance = 10,800
  • Reserve = 82k
  • Surplus = 11k
  • Have discussed meeting with Committee Leads at the beginning f the year to discuss process of collecting cash

Legislative Chairs Report Jean Charette, Yvonne  Roberts & Diana Fryc    

  • Levies passed!
  • Gerry Poulett does localized meetings, idea to show up with Bryant Spirit Wear on and bring specific issues to discuss
  • Focus Day cancelled due to weather, so above meetings are thought to take the place of Focus Day
  • Jean and Sam will work together to come up with scripts and meeting times with Gerry Poulett and Rep. Valdez to discuss various issues around special ed, etc.
  • Personal stories can make a huge difference in swaying Reps.         

Bryant Leadership Team Kim Love

  • Continuing to work on smart goals for next two academic years: SEL and Reading as well as Math scores
  • Starting to focus on and refine action plan, making goals more specific for grade levels

Principal’s Report Charmaine Marshall

  • BLM learning has been very exciting
  • Adjusting schedules due to snow days

New Business

Bryant Directory App for 2019-2020      Ann Sonnen

  • App to download for free, you put in your own info (as much as you want)
  • Still offer soft cover directory
  • Can update your own info if it changes in the year
  • Free App, but there are ads within app
  • Interface is easy
  • Info is locked down so that not all people can see info
  • Discussion about centralizing all info for school: directory, sign-up, fundraising, etc. Not affordable at this time.
  • Roll out app within the Board to see if it is tenable- suggested and tabled

Yearbook Editor Report Loree Melens

  • Proposal to get a book for $14.50 for a bigger book and in color/hardback
  • Currently books are 12.50 and we charge 15, proposal to go with 14.50 book and charging 20
  • Sales to start Tuesday @ $20 per book
  • No free books for 5th grade, but there will be extras delivered to each classroom (to be returned if not needed)

PTSA community outreach/ social media presence Kim Love

  • Best Practices for passwords
  • Discussed LastPass as option for passwords
  • Facebook/social media/newsletter Best Practices and guidelines
  • Recommendation to form Committee to figure out expectations and roles and responsibilities
  • Communication Chair for Board suggested