Bryant PTSA General Meeting Minutes – March 2019

Welcome and Introductions Kim Love & Whitney Griesbach 

Approve Meeting Minutes
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Officer/Standing Committee Reports  

  1. Treasurer’s Report: Brita Willis & Lorraine Sawicki 
    • Continuing to collect Annual Campaign funds, on target to collect target of 179K
    • Received Q2 invoice from School District for 33k
    • Beginning Annual Budgeting process, working to balance and meet needs of community
    • No other changes
    • (See report)
  2. Legislative Chairs: Jean Charette, Yvonne Roberts &  Diane Fryc
    • Post-card letter writing campaign to fundraise
    • Announcement written in weekly to inform/educate people on why money is needed
    • Looking for prime opportunities to catch parents to write cards and continue education on budget
    • Will leave literature LASER sign out as well as scoping out other places

Special Committee Reports  

  1. Auction Recap: Jen Kennedy 
    • Total: 31,993.50
    • Late requests can be completed through the donate button at top of Auction page
    • 263 participants (+22 from last year, +57 from 2017)
    • In-Kind donation from Office Depot, gave us all signage for auction ($600 in signage). Signage can be used each year
    • 207 total items, last year 280 items
    • Top Money Makers: Fall Kegger 3K
      • Moms in Margaritaville: 1500+
      • 2nd grade Cineplex: 1100
      • Treehouse Crawl: 1k
      • Trivia Night 840
      • Gallagher Kids Dance Party 80
      • Takeaway: experiences are the top moneymakers
      • 12 people on Auction Committee, ended up with 10 members, 12 is ideal

New Business  

School Budget: Principal Charmaine Marshall 

  • (see reports)
  • Cuts across district illustrated in packet presented
  • Bryant is a Tier 4 school (budget is determined by tiers, tiers based on test scores
  • Bryant losing 1.5-positions/Assistant principal reduced by .5/Cert Core reduced by .5)
  • District is going back to legislature and hope is to restore 2.5 mil, which would restore .5 of Assistant Principal and .5 of Cert Core
  • Week of 4/28 will be week of decision from legislature
  • Reduced .5 PCP (PE/music)
  • Bryant filled out a waiver to get a .5 interventionist and .5 Librarians, waiver denied
  • Scenario voted on and approved by staff thus far for budget is to have a ½ combo and 4/5 combo
  • .5 Librarian/ .5 PCP reduction/Counselor position eliminated

Selection of Nomination Committee :Tammy Shorr 

  • Candidates for Nomination Committee:
    • Clare Kealy
    • Kelli Hessler
    • Marlene Weiss
    • Nelly Goodnoe
    • Tammy Shorr
  • Motion made and approved

Constant Contact Payment Kim Love

  • Constant Contact has previously been paid for by a graduated parent (Kim Blakely)
  • Motion made, approved to pay her back for this past year (55.05 x 8 months= $440) (up to $500) and also increased line item to $1000 to cover paying back and paying other Constant Contact bills

Playground Steering Committee: Mary Strazer 

  • Discussion with SPS to renovate playground, immediate concerns of grass field replacement and new wood chips under play area to be paid for by SPS.
  • Work to start in the spring, possible field closures. Holes in field are being filled March 30th.
  • Talking to students and staff about what structures and things that are needed on the playfield.
  • Looking at matching grant of 50k from a local playground supply company- require deposit from matching before getting funding. No timeline.
  • Neighborhood matching fund grant has dropped to 25k
  • If we receive both grants we would still need 50-90k to rehab playground
  • Possibility of requesting some funds from LASER
  • Consideration to be given to Field Day and Blast
  • Irrigation provided by SPS only is on for 2 years. Last irrigation was 10 years ago, so way overdue.
  • Discussed fundraising strategies for playground- looking at 50k +. Fundraising then depends on when we want to execute playground changes
  • Wunderkind/LASER/PE all involved in committee efforts
  • Grass is already funded by SPS

MIXER for PTSA March 26th, Pizza provided 6:30 No kids

  • Please indicate attendance on Facebook

Superintendent Juneau will be visiting at 9am on Friday the 15th

HIP Committee has only 3 people signed up for 1st grade – it is on Friday the 15th 7pm

5th grade science fair March 13th 7pm

LASER Update:

  • LASER is currently hiring. 
  • Summer camps are being planned
  • Jump Start being planned as well