Seussical Costumes

Hi Cats and Hats Cast Parents! I am writing to share important costume information for this year’s show. PLEASE READ THIS THOROUGHLY. 
It is time to start looking in closets, talking to friends and family and finding your local Goodwill. is where I found a lot of Julius’ costume last year but you need to allow time for shipping. After reading this, Let us know if you have any questions about your childs’ costume needs or need help finding pieces – please don’t wait until the last minute.  And remember– there is a $25 limit per child. No need to go all out and this shouldn’t be stressful!
Costume Parade is Monday, February 24.  We need your child to bring their costumes to rehearsal that evening. That is your deadline.
Each child has a main role and they are playing a WHO except for HORTON and the CATS.  MR and MRS MAYOR and JOJO are always Whos so they don’t need an additional Who costume. This year’s company t-shirt will be a Who shirt and we are providing that. We are also providing the Fish and Weather costumes so if your child asks, we have that covered.
If your child’s costume has a button down shirt, tricky zipper, anything that is hard to get on and off, you may want to consider rigging this piece of clothing, replacing buttons with velcro, simplifying ties, buckles, etc.  If you would like help figuring this out, let us know.
Look here to find your child’s character and you will see a picture and descriptions (don’t forget to look at the Who page). These give you an idea of what kind of costume pieces we are looking for for each character. You don’t need to get exactly what is pictured.  We provide pictures to give you an idea but do pay attention to color requests!
Costume Plan:  ALL CAST AND CREW will come to dress rehearsals and show nights in what we are calling a base layer.  Black shorts, leggings or pants and a black t-shirt or tank top. When they arrive, they will get their costume box which will be stored at Bryant and add their costume pieces OVER their base layer (there will be no dressing room).  If they have more than one costume and a quick change, the may need to wear a couple of layers at once. When the show is done, they will take off their costumes, put them back in their box and wear their base layer home. Ideally they would wear black shoes but any dark shoes they can dance in will work.
Any questions?  Send them our way! Thank you so much for taking the time to costume your child.  We really appreciate it and hope you and your performer have a good time doing it.
Liza and Jessilee (Production Manager and Crew Supervisor)