Piano Keyboarding

Music Lessons on Wheels
Instructors: Brian Nagurny and Abby Kitchen
Grade range: K-5
Time: Monday – Wednesdays, Fridays, by appointment
Location: TBA

Play. Read music. Compose. Whether engaged in traditionally formatted private lessons or our beginner’s twinned lessons format (designed to teach 2 children at a time, each with his or her own instrument), our approach delivers action-packed lessons that will introduce key concepts and develop the musician in your child. For more information about Music Lessons on Wheels, go to their website.

(For a complete listing of lesson dates for each lesson day please visit their Bryant Piano homepage. Session lengths are 8 or 9 weeks from April 18th to June 17th depending on your day selection.)

Between $170-$190 for twinned piano lessons depending on your day selection. Private 30 minute lessons are between $290-$325 depending on lesson day selection. (includes $10 ASE registration fee)

To register:
Registration is open March 21st until April 5th.

Email: MusicLessonsOnWheels@gmail.com
Phone: 206.818.4784